What I Learned While Organizing the Special Meeting

To Remove Chairman Jonathan Lines

I am the person who has organized and planned the Special Meeting to Remove Chairman Jonathan Lines. I began the process in early March. Now, I am working with others all over the state to gather the signatures of State Committeemen on the Official Call that I have prepared.

It is significant that this meeting is being officially called by the membership of the State Committee, in accordance with the AZGOP By-laws. It will be the first time in history that the membership has felt the need to exercise its absolute authority to remove any elective official by a simple vote to that effect.

Everyone’s first question is why I took on this project. I must thank Jim Ehl, the Arizona Town Crier, for his clarion voice on the indispensable Republican Briefs. Jim Ehl is a tireless servant of liberty who deserves all our thanks for throwing himself repeatedly against the wall of the AZGOP fortress for I know not how many years.

It was one of Jim’s stemwinders that motivated me to do something about the horrible dereliction I have seen increasing, for years, in our Arizona GOP. Jim was talking, for the twelfth time, about the $220,000 or $250,000 of so-called “debt” that Robert Graham announced to his former Treasurer, Jonathan Lines, about two weeks after Lines was elected our new chairman.

But Jim Ehl’s excellent brand of righteous indignation was second to mine, after I read his post, that day. Something snapped in me, and I realized I could not sit still and watch it all unfold, any longer. I could no longer participate in a party whose systemic dysfunction, I believe, makes a mockery of every PC, every State Committeeman, every voter in the state! Nor could I abandon the party! I knew that Republicanism, or what it once stood for, is our only chance to save our nation, which is also drowning in corruption, and—let me put a point on it—disgrace! We need to rediscover, and re-embrace the spirit of republicanism.

Since March third, of this year, I’ve steeped myself in the myriad details and By-law requirements involved in organizing a Special Meeting. I’ve reached out to experts in a variety of areas, and arranged for the location of the meeting, and all the related details. During that time, I have developed significant new friendships with an eclectic group of conscientious conservatives from different counties--people of intelligence, skills, and integrity--and the determination to put the party back into the hands of the membership.

This post is intended only to announce our effort publicly and to provide an introduction to the story we have to tell. Over the next week, or two, we will present The Case for Removal in a series of articles to appear simultaneously on ArizonaFreedomAlliance.com and in The Briefs. See Part 2 on Monday. If you are a State Committeeman and wish to sign the Call, please email to: Advocacy@indepthcritique.com



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Drain the swamp

If anyone needed to be recalled it was Robert Graham.  Thank you for taking the lead, this needs to be done.

YEs it is about time.

I joined Jim Ehl several years ago to drain the AZGOP swamp.  The special use by Graham of Roberts Rules of Order licensed parliamentarian to rule petitioners out of order, etc. and control the meetings - all to retain the power grab of the McCain stooges - RINOs.  The second censorship of McCain was shouted down  as out-of -order.  And then McCain was emboldened to purge conservative PCs in Maricopa county.

Yes Graham should have been recalled long before the January 2017 elections gave us Lines look alike of Graham.

I must join Marianne in her effort.  When I ask honest and legitimate questions; like who authorized the quarter million dollar expenditure, why it was a surprise, or ask ask for bylaw committee member contact information, or ask why our existing bylaws are not followed, why instead of handing over the secretary's records, who is exercising improper control over the secretary to the point that the new secretary cannot do her job, I eventually arrive at the point of being forced to admit that the leadership of our party needs to change.

In just one instance of the many, the issue with our secretary being denied access is a clear violation of our bylaws.  The bylaws read: 

"...He/she {the secretary} shall be responsible to preserve all permanent records of the state committee and relinquish them to his/her successor."

Now, my question: Who has decided to prevent Gabby from being responsible for the permanent records of the state committee, when was this decision made, and how does ANYONE view the above bylaw statement feel that they have any right to prevent her from being responsible, exactly as the bylaws suggests she should be;; AND in the precise manner she feels is appropriate?

I have not received ANY answers to any of my questions.  Instead, I have been accused of being hateful, among other things.

When I, as a committee member, cannot even get a contact list of bylaws committee members, from someone who has been appointed by our state chairman, and after having addressed the issue directly with him, and STILL getting zero responses from him, then it is time for a change. 

Sooner than later.  And, it is not about hate, it is about openness and honesty from our leadership.

As I understand this, the person who wrote this post is anonymous. On board to sign the call!

No, see the author's name is at the very top of the page right under the title.

Thank you, wasn't certain.

Thank you, Marianne, for your courage and determination to seize the proverbial bull by the horns with diligence and dedication to Truth and the foundational republican values upon which Our Liberty under God stands.

As an LD25 State Committeeman, I look forward with great anticipation to learning more details of the actions of some of our officers in the light of your in-depth research and Plan of Action!

The putrid waters of the Swamp are not limited to Washington, D.C.!  They extend throughout our Land, and they are just as pernicious in our Great State of Arizona as they are in D.C.

If our party leadership includes swamp denizens, as Precinct Committeemen elected to serve as State Committeemen holding fiduciary authority and responsibility for protecting the integrity of our State Republican Party--for ourselves and all Party Members--let us learn the truth and seek God's Wisdom to discern how we must ACT.

ADDENDUM:  I forgot to say that I am extremely curious about someone I don't know named John Backer having my name and email as a State Committeeman, and sending me emails, when our Secretary, Gabby Mercer does NOT have it!!!  IS

BRAVO, Marianne.  You are doing what so many of us only talk about.  I am in 100% support of your effort and willing to jump in and help!  Any state committeemen who are in the Republican Party, because we believe what the party platform lays out, will work with you gladly to restore the party to its rightful place as the Constitution-driven party it was designed to be.  McCain, Flake, Graham, Pullen, Lines and other distant chairs have mangled the AZGOP into an unrecognizable lump of "me me me" opportunists to be used to abrogate the party of Lincoln.  I suggest everyone read the party platform for 2016.  Restoring the American Dream

By those words we will know the Republican Party as the true arbiter of political light in America.

Thank you Marianne Ferrari! Please, let me know how I can help you.

Well done!

I urge all State Committeemen to support Marianne in this important effort. Lines and his Yuma County successor Russ Jones would never allow me to be a State Committeeman, so my position is limited. I've had so many dealings with Jonathan Lines, I would be reluctant to recommend him for any position in which he could succumb to influence. The word "Leadership" is not in his vocabulary. It was replaced with "Grandstanding."



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