What I Learned While Organizing the Special Meeting

To Remove Chairman Jonathan Lines

I am the person who has organized and planned the Special Meeting to Remove Chairman Jonathan Lines. I began the process in early March. Now, I am working with others all over the state to gather the signatures of State Committeemen on the Official Call that I have prepared.

It is significant that this meeting is being officially called by the membership of the State Committee, in accordance with the AZGOP By-laws. It will be the first time in history that the membership has felt the need to exercise its absolute authority to remove any elective official by a simple vote to that effect.

Everyone’s first question is why I took on this project. I must thank Jim Ehl, the Arizona Town Crier, for his clarion voice on the indispensable Republican Briefs. Jim Ehl is a tireless servant of liberty who deserves all our thanks for throwing himself repeatedly against the wall of the AZGOP fortress for I know not how many years.

It was one of Jim’s stemwinders that motivated me to do something about the horrible dereliction I have seen increasing, for years, in our Arizona GOP. Jim was talking, for the twelfth time, about the $220,000 or $250,000 of so-called “debt” that Robert Graham announced to his former Treasurer, Jonathan Lines, about two weeks after Lines was elected our new chairman.

But Jim Ehl’s excellent brand of righteous indignation was second to mine, after I read his post, that day. Something snapped in me, and I realized I could not sit still and watch it all unfold, any longer. I could no longer participate in a party whose systemic dysfunction, I believe, makes a mockery of every PC, every State Committeeman, every voter in the state! Nor could I abandon the party! I knew that Republicanism, or what it once stood for, is our only chance to save our nation, which is also drowning in corruption, and—let me put a point on it—disgrace! We need to rediscover, and re-embrace the spirit of republicanism.

Since March third, of this year, I’ve steeped myself in the myriad details and By-law requirements involved in organizing a Special Meeting. I’ve reached out to experts in a variety of areas, and arranged for the location of the meeting, and all the related details. During that time, I have developed significant new friendships with an eclectic group of conscientious conservatives from different counties--people of intelligence, skills, and integrity--and the determination to put the party back into the hands of the membership.

This post is intended only to announce our effort publicly and to provide an introduction to the story we have to tell. Over the next week, or two, we will present The Case for Removal in a series of articles to appear simultaneously on ArizonaFreedomAlliance.com and in The Briefs. See Part 2 on Monday. If you are a State Committeeman and wish to sign the Call, please email to: Advocacy@indepthcritique.com



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I joined Marianne Ferrari efforts over a month ago to remove Jonathan Lines from Chairman of the Arizona State Republican Party. I was also motivated by Jim Ehl to do something about the horrible dereliction of conduct in the offices of the AZGOP. Under Robert Graham and now Jonathan Lines the AZGOP has been under excessive influence by Senator John McCain.

The McCain farce of purchased manipulation of the state GOP party started when Tom Morrissey was elected. They ( McCain stooges) requested Tom fire all AZGOP staff and allow them to install their own selected RINOs.

I have seen the manipulation in our Arizona GOP increase for years. A prime example of duty dereliction was the $220,000 or $250,000 of so-called “debt” that Robert Graham announced to his former Treasurer, Jonathan Lines, about two weeks after Lines was elected our new chairman.

Unbelievable an elected treasurer would not know anything about legal fee debt for ballot harvesting. I had a phone call conversation with Lines in the Fall 2016. He could not or would not tell me the name of a CPA firm for an audit engagement of the AZGOP finances. Then Lines appoints Matthew Kenney who harvested ballots for an AZGOP meeting

The state Republican party systemic dysfunction, I believe, makes a mockery of every PC, every State Committeeman, and every voter in the state!

Every State Committeeman/woman should sign the recall petition.

Taken from a FaceBook thread, the group, Republicans of the Great State of Arizona.  For those of you who understand FB better than I, you can probably find the entire thread there.  It is sort of interesting, if you like reading comments from a block head.

per request, my excerpt of this thead:

Russell Sias, La Paz County Chairman

I have been carrying on a conversation with a person on FaceBook. It explains part of the problem we have with those that would manipulate our bylaws. Read the twisted reasoning in this excerpt.

Gayla Coletto … I won't answer your claims when you have no proof of any wrong doing. I've read the bylaws no actions have gone against the bylaws….

Russell Sias ….the pertinent bylaw in Gabby's case is listed under the duties of the secretary (last sentence). It is as follows: "...He/she shall be responsible to preserve all permanent records of the state committee and relinquish them to his/her successor."

Russell Sias ... How come the previous secretary didn't just hand over the ... records ... as the bylaw directed...? The bylaw clearly states that this is supposed to happen, why didn't it? Was the previous secretary prevented from doing their responsibility the same way...? How long has this bylaw been being ignored ...? WHO IS BEHIND THESE CLEAR VIOLATIONS OF OUR BYLAWS? ... perhaps it is time we ALL figured out why our bylaws are being ignored.

Gayla Coletto They were available to her she just can't remove them from the office.

Russell Sias ... someone has decided that she cannot remove them. WHO??? BY WHAT AUTHORITY??? ... WHOEVER is denying her access, is in CLEAR violation of our bylaws! WHY were they, ... not handed to her by the previous secretary when she took over???

Gayla Coletto I've worked in corporations for years the companies records were never permitted to leave the building. ... The bylaws don't state she can remove them from office. ... I'm not wasting anymore time on this you're pig headed.

Gayla Coletto?  Is she back again? She been hiding under a rock since her dearest love, Cruz, got his butt whipped?  Trying to have a civil or intelligent conversation with that woman is like skydiving without a 'chute!  It's just painful.  Based on what she says here, she has no idea what the bylaws require and what the H??? does her job with a corporation have to do with anything? AZGOP is a club.  I see she still has her charming style about her.  Please don't let her back on this site or I will have to go back on anti-depressants.

She isn't, I am!  Sorry I raised your BP.  Just relating an ongoing (I think it's ongoing) thread created by <Jill Arizona> of FB, if you should care to tune in.  It is almost comical.

Why don't you just report to us Russell. Save us the aggravation of having to endure her charming discourse but we still get a belly laugh out of her twisted logic. I don't have a facebook account so I can't see it anyways.  One of life's blessings.



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