The Statutory Meeting of the Arizona Republican Party started off like these meetings always do.  A little business, introductions, a five minute speech by Gov. Doug Ducey, the titular head of the AZ Republican Party.  This gave no hint of what was to come.  And come it did.

When it came time to vote for new Chairman and Secretary (Treasurer had no opposition), the credentials was finally announced.  This is usually announced early in the morning but for some reason, that was delayed this time.  We could speculate as to why that was, but we won't.  Credentials showed 1236 State Commmitteemen there in person or by the dreaded proxy.   There was a tension in the room, an air of suspicion.  Everyone remembers the past two elections that were mismanaged, some even said were cheated by Robert Graham and Jonathan Lines.  It was widely suspected it would happen again.

Campaign speeches were given, candidates were upbeat and enthusiastic.  Chairman candidates Kelli Ward and Doyel Shamley gave very positive uplifting speeches.  Lines spent all of 60 seconds at the mic, feeling pretty

perky.  After all, he controlled the electronic voting system!

Photo courtesy of Arizona Daily Independent

Speeches done, time to vote.  The electronic voting system was revved up and ready to go.  But wait.  State Committeeman, Joe Neglia, [had earlier] approached the floor mic and called a point of order.  Reading from the bylaws and brandishing a copy of Robert's Rules of Order, he stated he was calling for a roll call vote.  He was in no mood to wait until after the vote was taken electronically.  Two years ago, the electronic voting was highly suspected to have been invalid and the losing candidate, Jim O'Connor, refused to call for a roll call vote with only a 34 vote margin for Lines. That was still hanging heavy in the hearts and minds of the faithful conservatives.

The fun begins!  There was no way for Lines to wiggle out of a roll call vote.  Neglia had the upper hand and everyone knew it.  This is when the wrangling began.  Like Republicans do, everyone had a different opinion.  Some inaccurately said a roll call vote would destroy the concept of the secret ballot.  It wouldn't.  It was as simple as each voter writing the name of their candidate on a piece of paper and dropping it into an envelop or box to be tabulated with all Chairman candidates observing the count.  As simple as that might seem, the wrangling went on for nearly an hour.  Finally, the vote began as a roll call within each district/county with plenty of people for all sides watching like the earth depended on it.  The Republican Party did depend on it!  Voting took up another nearly an hour.

In the end, with no electronic voting system already stacked in favor of the incumbent, McCain candidate Jonathan Lines, the tally was announced.  Ward won 633-526.  The last 65 votes went to the late entrant, Doyel Shamley.  There was no expectation that a candidate would win 50% + 1 on the first round.  This is a testimony to how hard Kelli Ward worked to win this election.

For faithful Republicans in Arizona, this is a watershed moment.  McCain had a firm grip on the AZGOP for too many years to count.  He momentarily lost that grip from 2011-2013 when grassroots candidate, Tom Morrissey, won against all odds.  Today, Kelli Ward replicated that feat.  According to Arizona Daily Independent, it was reported that Ward said she was "deeply humbled and honored to have the support of so many" and graciously thanked Lines for his service.  Others were joyously celebrating the end of the McCain Reign, dancing their happy dance.

Now, the real work can begin to salvage Arizona for 2020.  Many thanks to Joe Neglia for his courage to stand up to the establishment regime and hold his ground.  And, Go, Ward!

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I am soooo excited! I absolutely cannot believe McCain is really out of our politics! Go Ward, Love and Cahill!!!!!!! What an exciting time, maybe we can stop the damn infighting and become a cohesive entity with one thing in mind, taking back Arizona!

I only wish it was true Marilyn. The people that were behind McCain and Flake are still about and very much in charge of the organization/organizations they have run for years. Just one finger in the hand has been pried off the levers of power and they will be coming hard at all who have done this. It will be up to us all to get more of the real Conservative PCs in place and Kelli will prove herself worthy if she puts the good people in place and not those Gov. Ducy/McCain would have. This is an opportunity to take back Arizona for the good of our country and our President. We must build support for both in the face of the recent elections which have turned our state Blue. We must recruit real PCs not just proxy votes as we need the committed people in the trenches turning out the vote for real good candidates in the primary or we won't have them in the race in the general, more voting for the lesser of two evils, we must avoid this or the McCain Flakes win again. Best way I know to do this is to wake up and activate many others who know right from wrong, good from evil, right from left. We need to vet the candidates better and know that those who will and have voted for the NPV and other programs designed to wreck havoc on our State and Country can not be trusted in office regardless of their excuses for doing so. These are dangerous people. Kelli has a chance to prove her worth if she will be guided by our side, truly conservative, and not allow herself to be wooed onto the others that would corrupt her. It won't take long to see if we truly have a good choice in Kelli or not. I am praying she is, as she has claimed to be, a true Conservative and not just using the moniker to obtain office. Who she puts in as her staff, executive director, will be telling. Who she includes in meetings and decisions and who she is including in her team to build the party will be crucial to actually getting the state of Arizona Republican Party back in shape in time for 2020. We need to make sure the party does not endorse RINOs in the primary or funnel funds to support one or two candidates at the expense of loss of the entire state slate. We need to know if some of our candidates are making deals with the Democrats behind closed doors to avoid challenge in some districts. Kelli will be all she has claimed she will be, I pray now in the Holy name of Jesus.

So do I agree with you because in my heart I believe Ward is using this as.a stepping stone to higher power. She has gone back on her word many times and has shown that she is mostly in favor of herself. I am very hopeful that she will realize what an important job she has won and that she will help unite the party not continue the divide which she is in a large part responsible for. There are incredible, hard working people in our party that have been ostracized for not following EVERY mantra and it is disgusting to divide us because we do not agree with every single issue! this is not speculation on my part, I have spoken to the aggrieved hard working members of our party.

I think Kelli Ward heart is in the right place. AZGOP Chair win we all good conservatives won big time on Sat. What Kelli may do at some later time I can't predict. She is in the right place now. I have full faith in her. 

I make a habit of not falling in love with anyone running for anything.  It has a way of blinding me from facts.  I hope Ward does well.  She has stuff to overcome.  She needs to open the door to those who have been booted to the curb. I'm awaiting her first eblast and then what happens after that. I hope she won't be like Lines and never come in to the HQ. She lives as far from there as Lines.  But we are all happy that Lines is OUT.

Jasper, Honestly at times you have a way of throwing wet noodles. I do like Ward and my loyalty to her runs deep. Blind no.

Thanks Jasper.  I am the same way. I refuse to get blinded by adoration. We can't hold our elected officials accountable is all we do is sit at their feet all googly-eyed.  It distorts the vision. We are at war and we better be damn serious about what our chairman does, or doesn't do.

I just press the like button

Pat, I took your comment as a personal dig at those of us who hold Ward in our hearts.  Holding a personal like for Ward in no way keeps me from holding her accountable and Ward would not expect that I would not just do that.

Were you at the Sat meeting?

Patricia, I don't see any mention of your name on Pat J's post.  Please don't jump to conclusions.  Thanks

Jasper true my name not specifically mentioned and my post made that pretty clear when I said "personal dig at those of us who hold Ward in our hearts." I was being inclusionary.

I honestly think many on this blog are not deserving of some of the innuendos made.

I work each day to be an activist as I know others do as well.

I agree with all of your points, John Powelson. As an Investigator and a member of AFA, I have been asked, several times, by other solid members, to properly vet (run background checks) on some of the AZGOP, because of the actions of members and leadership. What I found was massive "Aggravated Identity Fraud" taken from Public Records Reports, by the definition of Robert Mueller himself. I have all those files and The Maricopa PC's list. Not hard to tell the difference! So, this is an open invitation to anyone who wants to clean house. I will be happy to help...and that especially applies to Dr. Kelli Ward! This is how some "Party of Crime" Liberals won Arizona in the Mid-Terms...Voter Fraud! I say this in Jesus' name. Amen!





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