Sitting back and thinking about all the disruptions in Washington DC this week revolving around a baseball field, I was struck as to why … why … is the national discourse so pervasive against anything Republican and conservative?  
     Forward thinking led me to a very little talked about premise … that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy … is said to retire this summer and the ramifications that would result in Trump appointing a second Supreme Court Justice. Clearly the Demoncrats, the progressives, those who favor socialism, and the leftists would have so much to lose by that, for Kennedy is considered a moderate liberal on many issues, and on others a cross between the two factions on the bench. 
     Remember in 1992, it was Kennedy who joined justices O'Connor and David Souter to form the troika (a Russian vehicle pulled by a team of 3 horses) who delivered the plurality opinion in the case of Planned Parenthood v. Casey which re-affirmed in principle of the Roe v. Wade ruling by the court.
     Kennedy also cast the deciding vote in Boumediene v. Bush, holding that noncitizens detained at Guantanamo Bay had the right to seek habeas corpus review of their detainment in a federal court, striking down section 7 of the Military Commissions Act which effectively suspended the writ of habeas corpus for the detainees at Guantanamo.
     In the case of the Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, he voted to say that the Boy Scouts of America was free to express its anti-gay views by firing a scoutmaster who it had found out was gay. For that Kennedy was not yet prepared to give sexual orientation a protected status. He has supported conservatism when he voted to strike down every affirmative action program that has been reviewed by the Court during his tenure. So what is next?  
     What remains for these deceiving Demoncrats is that they have been humiliated in the arena of ideas, first when they lost the election to Trump, and now they’d loose a 2nd Supreme Court Justice to Trump, oh my ! Their utopian dreamland is going under the seas of a domestic resurgence for an American lawfulness. That is foreign to those who supported Obama, Hillary, Biden, Kane, and yes the global warming advocate Al Gore, and for that, they hate.
     Let us also remember that the 9th District Federal Court in San Francisco is one of the most overturned federal courts in the land and whose cases would land in the Supreme Court for final adjudication all of which would favor the Trump administration without a justice Kennedy present today.
His statement “I think fiction is very important because it gets us into the mind of a person” says all we need to know about a “fake investigation” of Trump in the media, and in the crop circles within higher education. It’s all a fiction novel that Stephen King would write for public consumption …. and dollars. Maybe there really is no “leaker of information” but only an author of a fiction novel with more than one co-writer. Who knows about that? Not the FBI, nor a special counsel crony against anything Trump.
This we do know, time is ticking away for the current Supreme Court which will be on recess until the first Monday in October when a new session starts. By then we will know the Kennedy decision, and if … IF … justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has made it through another “summer of recovery” that Obama never delivered on, but Trump has.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg has had pancreatic cancer, which is one of the deadliest known, and made the decision to stay on the Court for a Hillary replacement … but now that will never happen. Ginsberg lost that bet with Hillary thanks to America's desire for a real change, and at 84 “she’s running out of gas”. 
     In conclusion there WILL BE just another victory lap for Trump to use, and most likely it will be the Trump Card placed on the table before a defeated Demoncrat  party once again. Now only if the Republicans would stand united to trap and jail those scavenger alligators in the DC swampland on the Potomac River.
As the song goes “celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music”. 

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Amen! This is one very well laid out article. Spot on.

Thank You Jim. Inspiration has a place and time ... all spiritually given. That Spirit uses the thoughts, the words, and the particular circumstances to inspire mankind to inform us of Truths found only in the Bible. If only we read more of it for it completes our worldly mission giving understanding and wisdom to make proper and good choices that benefit a future mankind.  

I had not really thought about that until I read this, but it really makes perfect sense as to why the left have just totally lost their minds. Excellent point. Makes much more sense!! Thank you.

Excellent article, John.  I've been hoping for some time that Trump would have at least another shot at the Supremes.  And now, perhaps, there will be two more.  Deadly poison for the Dems.

I think the Dems showed their hand on their recent vitriolic, time-stalling resistance to Scolia's replacement, who was really just a one-for-one substitution.  Now ramp that up by 10X, and throw in every media-provided form of hysteria that exists (or will soon be developed by the media). The Progressives fully know the Constitution end run they have been enjoying will be stalled by the replacement of a reliable Lefty (no matter what the applicable law provides) with a reliable Constitutionalist.  The goal of Socialism would suffer. 

I hope that McConnell has the fortitude to handle this without folding (or quietly agreeing with passive aggressiveness).  This, of course, assumes that Trump doesn't fold to the relentless media pressure and Dem hyperbole and nominate another Kennedy-like 'moderate', which means 2/3rd Left and 1/3 center-right, in the hopes of "working with the Democrats".

Good to know the landscape, thank you! We encourage and exhort all Republican lawmakers and Americans to unite behind President Donald J. Trump.

With or without another so called "conservative" on the Supreme Court the fact remains that unless and until the US exits the UN, brings monetary policy into compliance with the Constitution and sheds itself from the unlawfully created and unpayable debt we theoretically owe nothing of real substance will change.

Way down deep there is no difference between the two major parties.

Not a chance the owners of the Fed would allow any of that.  That fix probably started under the Wilson administration, with the creation of the Fed, the federal income tax, and direct election of senators, and almost the League of Nations as a precursor to the UN.

So who owns the Federal Reserve?

"If the Fed were actually a federal agency, the government could issue U.S. legal tender directly, avoiding an unnecessary interest-bearing debt to private middlemen who create the money out of thin air themselves. Among other benefits to the taxpayers. A truly “federal” Federal Reserve could lend the full faith and credit of the United States to state and local governments interest-free, cutting the cost of infrastructure in half, restoring the thriving local economies of earlier decades". That will never happen since we are the whores to the PIMPS in control of our government which has bastardized our Unalienable rights making us subject to their ...  Inalienable rights.

While that is so true at present, we do know that time changes our lives, and our politics, for they are both connected. Islamic appeasement and its non-assimilation with the west has led us to a generation of terror incidents. President Trump needs to crawl out from under the toadstool of a CEO and into the reality that Demoncrats will never give up, as Islamic radical terrorism will never give up TO DESTROY those unlike themselves. The GOP needs to clean up the mess that it created with those Demoncrats, which means throwing out of office McConnell and Ryan.

He needs to start thinking more like a feisty politician bent on defeating the Democrats.  He doesn't have any, or very many, Conservative advisors who warn him on how the Progressives will lie, cheat, and steal to defeat him.  Time for the Republicans to go for hard-fought, and bitter if necessary, wins rather than trying to get along.  Can you imagine if we tried to fight WWII that way?  Hitler and the Japanese would have rolled over him like the Dems and the media seem to be successfully doing right now.

I highly recommend the reading of "The Big Agenda" by David Horowitz.  Very powerful description of Trump's intent.  He may be much foxier than a "feisty politician".  My take is that he's planning his moves very quietly, keeping his own counsel, adapting as he goes and refusing to be moved from his long range intentions.  The book also lays out a war plan for ALL Republican pols, especially the Conservatives.  The question is, "Are they prepared to go to war?  To counter attack at the DemoProgs who attack?  Not only at the Federal level, but right down to the local levels?  As the book points out, Conservatives in particular and Republicans in general do not like getting involved in noisy battle and back down when the arguments get nasty.  Their manners are more ingrained and, often, the DemoProgs are from a very different level of society, willing to openly get into your face, shouting, pushing, throwing things and yes, even committing murder, the acknowledged intent of the " baseball" shooter who would have killed more had he not been stopped.

In that vein, let me pass on an offer made by the creator of one of the best gun training firms in the nation, in business over twenty years and producing many male and female shooters (over a million at last count) at a level way beyond what most police and military achieve.  He's willing to train - FOR FREE - any politician who wishes to be able to directly protect him/herself with a concealed weapon.  Any level of government.  A fabulous offer by a fabulous patriot.  a href="" target="_blank">>; ; And he does the basic training in five days!!!  I cannot recommend Dr. Piazza, himself a four gun expert, more highly..nor his staff.





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