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[Editor: This should outrage every voter because they will do this to your candidate, my candidate, your neighbor's candidate and for the Democrats in the general.  Voter fraud at its worst!]

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What a YUUUGE surprise.  We already know the RNC and now the Cruz camp are in concert to take every illegal step to stop Trump.  The saddest thing I've seen is the number of Republicans who support Cruz simply no longer care about these efforts.  I'm ready for the republican party to meet it's doom because they are too corrupt in its present form to survive.  "Free and fair elections" my arse!  Worse yet, they are convincing Cruz supporters that it's OK because they have a common enemy.  And they tell us Cruz is the "Godly" man!  NOT!

I agree voter fraud in any form is wrong. I stand against that when eecer where it happens no matter who the candidate is.

PAt J.,
But there is no evidence of Cruz doing anything illegal. He is not committing voter fraud. Please don't make claims based on rumors. If you have proof I'm sure we would all gladly examine that information. But you sound angry and your attacks against Cruz to many go unnoticed.

OK, so who do you think is the beneficiary of the fraud planned in NY and probably PA next and all the fraud we ave already heard about in NV, NH, Utah and Texas?  All benefiting Cruz.  It's kinda hard to dig up proof without a warrant but adding 2+2 is easy.  Cruz is always at the epicenter and the beneficiary.  Any time voter fraud is committed and justified everyone should be angry as I said in my first post.  I automatically excuse you from that since you have consistently parroted the RNC message.

You would blame Cruz if the sky fell down. So it's impossible to speak with you. Cruz has done a great job in collecting delegates, because he studied the process and placed workers in the right place at the right time. Trump is inept and has no clue nor did he do his homework to learn how the process works. Don't be a sore loser and call Cruz a cheater. That's a false argument, blame your idol trump for his lack of commitment to the process.

OMG you gayla just described yourself in defense of Cruz.  Cruz has done a great job in stealing delegates.  Very moral of him... being the best cheater is your litmus test because he is the best at using a corrupt system?  Where do I begin?  I think by ignoring every uninformed statement you make.  Some people are just willfully blind.  Cruz is a cheater!!  A womanizer.  Anointed the next Messiah by his father and that stupid Beck.  Deja vu all over agan re: Obama.  exact same background and path to the presidency.  my eyes pop out.  And this is my last response to you because no one can talk to you with out getting blasted.

The rules are the rules. If trump had played it that way you would be defending him. I can't control the process blame the old RNC. This should have been addressed years ago. I've learned from the experts, (Levine who had a delegate expert on his show to explain the process),they can't change the rules unless the candidates agree to the change at the convention.
There is no proof of the allegations you stated about Cruz. Trump is the dirty candidate not Cruz. Trump started the rumors to take out Cruz. That's now backfiring on Trump. It's Trump who is a womanizer he admitted to cheating on his wives along with the many affairs with married women. Not my words those are trump's words that he admitted to in his books. Cruz, his Dad & Beck are honorable men but l digress you will never believe that. The enquirer is such a reputable news sorce for the information you receive. I didn't blast you at all. It's the other way around. Either way we don't agree on the candidates. I think trump is a nut job who knows Nothing about the constitution. I'm looking for someone to restore the republic Cruz is that man, he's the constitutional expert. Trump is a NY progressive liberal his colors change from ABC to NBC to Fox all in the same day. Can't you see that it's right before your very eyes and ears to hear?

Ms. Gayla.  You don't seem to understand that the rules are not the rules, you see.  The rules are made up to prefer the chosen candidate of the RNC.  Of course, your facts about Mr. Cruz and Mr. Trump lack any validity.  It has clearly been established by Breitbart and other outlets that, in fact, the Mr. Rubio campaign started the story that I believe not to be rumors, so really, dear, it doesn't matter much who first printed the story, does it?  No, I think not.  In the end, dear, it won't matter because the RNC will never let Mr. Cruz be the nominee and if they are pushed into it, they will do to Mr. Cruz what they did to that Dr. Carson. And that nice Mr. Cuccineli in Virginia.  They will make sure the Democrat gets elected. Because, you see, both the RNC and the DNC teamed up to be sure their trillion dollar gravy train continues to chug down the tracks unabated.  They dislike Mr. Cruz but they fear Mr. Trump.  Yes, the smell of pure fear is in the air now.  Fear drives men to destruction, just where our country sits upon the edge of right now.

Lou Dobbs agrees with you, AFA!


Alleged fraud aside for the moment, Trump did win AZ by a large margin. Is it AFA's editorial position therefore that Trump should get all of AZ's convention votes on every ballot instead of just the first? Or maybe the first two ballots? Three? More?

Is it too late to change the rules? Perhaps these could be (re)set at the April 30 state convention? 

If AFA is (implicitly) endorsing Trump because of his landslide AZ victory, might it be more productive to argue for such a rule change in addition to accusing the RNC of fraud? That pro-Trump rule change could nullify the effect of the alleged fraud, no?

Yes, Trump should get all the AZ delegates on every vote because it was an overwhelming majority. BUT there are delegates that were chosen specifically because they were Cruz supporters in precincts that Trump won  YUGE. There is an email going around sent by Sam Stone that says if you are a Cruz supporter get yourself elected to as a State delegate and we will see that you get to Cleveland...... so Cruz will pay for airfare, hotel, food, incidentals and what ever else it will take to get just the Cruzers as State delegates.  So if you lose a State just go bribe the Repub delegates they will fold.

Yes, there will be rule changes BEFORE the national convention because the RNC is going to do exactly what they did the last time.  Last time it was Romney delegates that agreed to change the rules to keep Ron Paul out.  

The voter fraud doesn't matter anyway because all the delegates going to the convention will be bought and paid for again...... no scruples in the RNC or the Repub party period.  Get ready for a Hillary victory because this is becomeing very well known and the voters are pissed.......  not willing to hold their  noses again.......


David:  Perhaps if you could tell us why the State Party of Arizona had a Presidential PREFERENCE Primary they didn't intend to honor, we could have a rational discussion.  When people care enough to vote - a precious freedom in this country - THEIR CHOICE, in this instance, and the RNC explicitly and directly tells these people their vote counts for Zero, do you think that is the moral position?  If so, a lot of time, effort and money went into a sham preference election.  You do know that Curly Haugland has been on the RNC Rules Committee for several election seasons and he recently said in the media and on MS TV that the voters are wrong to think THEY have any say in this process because they don't!  The RNC will tell us who we get to have as our nominee, exactly as they did with Dole, Bush, Bush, McCain, Romney, etc.  Rules:  these are written at and FOR THE NATIONAL CONVENTIONS to favor the RNC's chosen candidate and can be changed right up to and beyond the moment the Gavel drops.  This is how the RNC has selected our candidate every election year for decades with the exception of 1980.  Even then, they only "allowed" the people's choice by forcing a deal with Reagan to name GHW Bush, the globalist who met the agenda of the RNC, as the VP and why he became the next president and signed us onto the Rio Treaty just before leaving office.  Elections have consequences.

What AFA endorses is a moral and principled agenda that serves we the people of the United States of America. You know, “...that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”  See anything in there about of, by, for the RNC?  Those who actually think we the people select our nominee to run the government are dupes for the RNC because we don't hold ourselves to the same principles we expect from our Congress, Legislature and other elected public servants.   As delegates, each of us was elected and has made a contract with the voters to represent THEM the way they asked us to do.  How hard it that?

Really, is it at all appropriate for any campaign to bribe delegates away from the voters, for any candidate to thumb their noses at those who cared enough to go vote in their respective primaries or caucuses?  Because if it is, then why do we complain that the Democrats hold "early ballot" parties, provide dinner and beer and entertainment to their attendees and then take their ballots and either vote them, take them away or, usually, both?  What is the difference?  Because that happens right here in AZ every election year!

"Let the voters decide" is so antiquated!"  Let's all be co-dependents for the RNC.  Yeah, that's the ticket!!!



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