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[Editor: This should outrage every voter because they will do this to your candidate, my candidate, your neighbor's candidate and for the Democrats in the general.  Voter fraud at its worst!]

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I feel sorry for Donald Trump--I feel he is running as close to a CLEAN campaign as possible.   He is learning the hard way how corrupt our voting system can get.  But I feel more piety for us the voter!!  We essentially have lost our republic and now our party (Repub).  Politics has always been a dirty business, but today's elections are made for the elites, and the voter be DAMMED.  If the NWO folks managed to destroy the convention and elect a DUMMY our society will turn into total CHAOS.

Candidates who run relatively clean campaigns are at a YUUGE disadvantage.  You have to think like a snake to act like a snake.

@Gayla  The moral Rafael Cruz: http://washingtonspectator.org/rafael-cruz-ted-cruz/

Ted Cruz: Closet Pentacostal and Dominionist.  See video of Cruz being anointed (this is before Beck etc performed the same ceremony of anointment in Utah)  http://eastorlandopost.com/ted-cruz-closet-pentecostal

Understanding Dominionism and how it would affect America:  http://www.politicalresearch.org/2016/02/14/dominionism-is-the-new-...

The Dems have been doing a little homework on Rafael  Sr. too.  Seems sonny boy isn't the only one with "immigration issues"


Yes, Ms. Joanne.  I have read that article and others about Heidi, some written several years ago.  I've been wondering if that or a similar article would be posted here.  When people interrogate me on why I don't support Mr. Cruz, I just refer them to one of these articles.  Mr. Cruz is and long has been a globalist advocate.  It is why he cut his political teeth with the Bush family, the kings of globalism for three generations.  I so often see how difficult it is to get people to abandon their preconceived ideas of these very untruthful chameleon candidates.  Perhaps it is because I've been around politics too long but I can spot them immediately.

In case you haven't seen this article on Cruz and globalization.
What is wrong with the religious right? I believe all conservatives were described within that group. This is a left leaning position who are claiming David Barton believes we are a Christian nation. I agree with that we are a Christian Nation founded on Christian Judeo values. The constitution was written based on the Bible. Our founders were very religious. I don't know why that is a problem. I'm glad we have a candidate who isn't afraid to speak about God or Pray. Finally a man who is following in our founders footsteps.

David Barton believes that we are a Christian nation just not his version of Christian.  You need to do a little research on the Dominionists and the 7 Mountains.  It is beyond religion-- it is a cult.  

They are no better than the marxists who want to control business or the communists who want to control everything..... which is exactly what they want to do because they can do it so much better than mere mortal men....  

These same people believe that once a dominionist has control over the 7 mountains-- look it up--  and the King is anointed--that would be Cruz becoming POTUS-- then Jesus Christ will return.

I'm all for the latter but  don't need or want someone who thinks he is a "King" in every sense of the word in the White House.  One absolute monarch in my life time is enough!

Oh, Ms. Joanne.  I never heard of Dominionism until I saw it on this site.  I found it most intriguing so I did look that up.  I was never so shocked.  There is so much there from so many sources, some religion sites and some not.  Sometimes I see articles just repeated on a lot of sites but on this Dominionism, I saw no repetition but new articles each place I went.  I was very scared when I read just what Dominionism really is.  It is a cult, as you say, and the sect that gave rise to the phrase, "don't drink the kool-aide" after David Koresh, a Dominionist preacher did that awful thing in Africa.  Then I found a site with photos of several men surrounding Mr.Cruz with heads all bowed laying hands on as they anointed Mr. Cruz.  And the site where Mr. Beck and Mr. Cruz and his father - who is not really an ordained preacher, you know, and didn't really fight in the Cuban revolution because he was just a mischief kid at that time - were in the exact same pose.  These articles were dated several years apart.  No, this is not what we need in America, a man who thinks he's king.

Oh, I still had that article about the father open on my browser: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/12/insider/getting-the-story-on-ted-...


 You said, Our Christian Nation founded on Christian Judeo values. This is not correct. The whole concepts came from the founders which were of the DNC Democratic National Committee.

Eric Arthur Blair, was one

Alfred Emanuel Smith, DNC Party

It came out of theory linking in the  Second Temple Of Judaism, of which Israel Rabbis reject the whole theory.

They also claim Jesus was a Rabbi, Jesus was a Son Of God.

This this Judeo/Christian Nation, to predate its past 1927 or 1945, it is note noted in 1776.

The theory is based on Judeo, which is Jewish Law. Christ was not bound by such a law.

 The Bible came from Greek Scriptures around 1250 BC. The Talmud came from Greek Scrolls.

America is a Nation Under God, and is not bound to any one group of people within Religion. In other words We Are One Nation Under God.




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