[Editor:  Looks to us like Robert Graham's effort to disenfranchise 119 legal state committeemen electors from the state meeting this Saturday is backfiring on him.  He probably thought LD23 would cave in as other districts have done against his tyrannical behavior over the past four years.  Now he has state committeemen across the state up in arms over his collusion with candidate Jonathan Lines.  Just a note here:  On Saturday, January 21, Lines was speaking at a Pinal County meeting.  The subject was raised about his association with Robert Graham.  Lines danced around saying he hardly knows the man, they aren't close, etc.  Strangely, this exchange occurred:

From: barbaraespinosa
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2017 9:12 AM
To: Robert Graham
Cc: Iragavarapu Avinash ; Tim Sifurt 
Subject: Would you care to comment
On Jan 24, 2017, at 9:12 AM, [...]wrote: [we protect email accounts]
Would you care to comment on your trip to Yuma earlier this month with staff to help Lines with training him for the job as chairman. Reports from PC’s indicate you were there for the better part of a week. I’m doing a story on it. be

RESPONSE was quick which is also odd considering Nancy Ordowski reported early in January that Graham never responded to any of her emails saying to her, many days later after she sent a certified letter, that he never got her emails.
From: Robert Graham
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2017 12:18 PM
To: barbaraespinosa
Cc: Iragavarapu Avinash ; Tim Sifurt 
Subject: Re: Would you care to comment
Thanks for the email requesting clarification.  The only time that I have visited Yuma was January 1st  and 2nd  of 2017.  My family and the Lines have known each other for many years.  The Graham family was invited to go shooting on January 2nd with the Lines family and friends from Yuma.  We arrived late on January 1st and I personally left late afternoon on January 2nd.  I have never conducted any training in Yuma for their county, the PCs or Jonathan as Chairman.  All training has been done at the AZ GOP and has been conducted to benefit everyone within the AZGOP Executive Committee.  In short I spent less than 24 hours in Yuma to usher in the New Year by exercising our First Amendment rights.   Take a look at Facebook for photos and time stamps on my comments and those that commented on the posts.
It appears that there are more dishonest comments regarding time in Yuma.  Sad that people can’t focus on the issues surrounding the AZ GOP and the future growth of the state party.  Fight the left and focus on victory for conservatives.
Robert Graham
How strange that the Grahams and the Lines families have been friends for years but Jonathan Lines hardly knows Graham!  Graham's last sentence is almost prophetic given what you will read below.  

The charade being played out by Graham has come full circle.  Lies have a way of revealing themselves over time.  Graham's have finally caught up to him.  But make no mistake.  McCain's fingerprints are all over this.  A look at AZGOP's current FEC campaign finance report shows all the big donors to Graham are also the big donors to McCain.

This morning, MCRC Briefs has posted the following letters.  It gives great insight as to what Graham is up to and has been all along.  We will note that Graham's first letter on this matter came on the same day as the letter from Lines, post marked in Phoenix but Lines lives in Yuma.  [See that envelope here]   In fact, EVERY letter from Lines has come with the same Phoenix postmark as well as the one that came from "LD23 Precinct Committeemen."  We compared those with the envelope postmarks from AZGOP but they are not the same because AZGOP uses bulk mail machine.  We suspect that AZGOP mailed all letters because we know that every application of postmarks from different post offices carry distinctive trademarks created by the stamp that is used over and over.  No postmarks from two different post offices in Phoenix [or anywhere] will be exactly the same, and these are particularly distinctive because of the smears of the ink as the envelope goes through the machine.  To add to the non-mystery is a message we received from a couple of people saying they received an email from Lines yesterday.  One claimed it went to an email address that is set up to use for online business and no political entity or person has been given that address except the AZGOP.  Another claims finding Lines email in an old, no longer used email address that has been mostly abandoned.  And AZGOP has that address.
From MCRC Briefs, January 26 edition:

LD16 State Committeeman Kay Reardon to SC's/Officer's and Chairman Clingman: Our LD16 State Committeemen have either not received their Call letter or they received a letter from the Arizona Republican Party addressed to another SC's with their address on it. Some SC's didn't open the letter because it was not addressed the them, which could be a violation of the law. As soon as I received phone calls and emails regarding this, I called the AZGOP Headquarters about at least getting an Official Proxy because we have people not able to attend and was told to go to the website to get one. It is not on the website. On January 21st, I received a fellow SC's call letter opened it, scanned and emailed it to all of our State Committeemen so they would have a Call letter. The Bylaws Committee is supposed to have their first meeting today 1/25/17 at 5:15 pm. It seems that Chairman Robert Graham is too busy fighting to get his hand-picked Candidate Jonathan Lineselected and hurting Candidate Jim O'Connor and the SC's of LD23 than taking care of AZGOP business and running a honest meeting and election. PC's have had issues with every meeting or election that Robert Graham has run. We demand that he run the meeting honest and fairly or resign.  Reardon is the LD16 secretary.

Chris Morrill, LD 27 State Committeeman: AZ GOP Collusion -Courtesy of  AZ GOP a very interesting occurrence has transpired in LD 27 that demonstrates collusion between Graham's AZ GOP HQ and Jonathan Lines, candidate for state chair, and also creates a very dubious arrangement for some alleged LD 23 State Committeemen. Most of the LD 27 State Committeemen have received three pieces of mail in recent days in the following order: the AZ GOP Call to Meeting, a campaign letter from Jonathan Lines and a letter supposedly from LD 23 that excoriates the good name of Jim O'Connor.  The address labels for EACH mailing had the SAME identical errors demonstrating that they were all sent from the same AZ GOP corrupted mailing list. The physical addresses on each label were correct, but all three letters were addressed to the SAME incorrect state committeeman.   So with each letter, "A" received "B's" three letters, "B" received "C's" three letters and so on.  How can this be unless the letters were sent out by the same entity or at the very least using a shared mailing list?  Take a look: https://www.facebook.com/groups/270001356728389/permalink/318166991911825/. Ironically, the first sentence of the junk mail letter sent allegedly by "GOP Precinct Committeemen Legislative District 23" reads, "First, we hope we're addressing you correctly."  The answer is NO you are not, but you are addressing me in identical fashion as AZ GOP and Jonathan Lines. Robert Graham has no business utilizing AZ GOP recourses to help Lines or anyone for that matter succeed him in office.  The RIGHT to elect the next chair is the state committeemen's, and their RIGHT alone.  It is not too late for Robert Graham to do the honorable thing and resign.

LD26 State Committeeman Joe Neglia: I don't know if the AZGOP Chair has hired a Professional Registered Parliamentarian to preside over Saturday's meeting, but if so, I sure hope it's NOT this one, who shut down the Graham Censure and the Anybody But McCain Resolutions at our 2016 meeting: https://youtu.be/OXPActjtR7g

Former Maricopa County Republican Chairman A J LaFaro to Gov Doug Ducey: I saw you last evening on CBS Channel 5 where you made the statement "everyone knows I'm against discrimination in all its forms". Why would you say something like that when you've turned your back on the hundreds of dedicated, hard-working, grassroots conservative, Republican state committeemen in Legislative District (LD) 23 et al. Influential members of the Republican Party in America, Arizona and individuals you will more than likely try to reach out to when you run for reelection. Not only are you Arizona's Republican Governor, you are the highest ranking member of the AZGOP yet you continue to look the other way while these respected members of LD23 et al. are being harassed, discriminated against and disenfranchised.   For the sake of the Republican Party's future and survival here in Arizona, I beseech you to intervene in this serious situation and help end the dirty tricks and underhanded backroom behavior at the AZGOP so all of our duly elected state committeemen can vote on Saturday at the AZGOP statutory meeting.

LD23 Chairman Nancy Ordowski To LD23 PCs: What's really going on in LD23? You have all received communications from AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham making various allegations of impropriety related to the nomination and election of our 119 State Committeemen.  Despite his various unfounded claims, Graham has no legitimate basis nor authority in state law or any bylaws to justify or support his actions.  LD23 Republican Committee has done nothing wrong and your elected officers continue to actively pursue all reasonably available options to defend the rights of our 119 legally- and duly-elected State Committeemen to participate fully in the AZGOP  Statutory Meeting on Saturday, January 28. If you haven't already done so, please take a few minutes to watch the videos linked below with our First Vice-Chairman, Tim Horn, explaining what's really going on in LD23.  Please share these videos and let every State Committeeman and PC in Arizona know what's really going on! Video 1: What's really going on in LD23? Video 2: What's really going on in LD23?

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I can see it coming and every state committeeman better be ready.  Remember reports back last spring where Graham clearly cheated Trump people out of being delegates by switching votes on his Simply Votes electronic voting?  He's running out of maneuvers and he's now totally exposed so his last time to be sure Lines gets "elected" is through cheating the vote.  Interesting since McCain is screaming there is no voter fraud. Yes, there is, right in the AZGOP HQ.  SCs better be prepared to demand a fair vote count. You know what that means if you have been around a while.  Don't let him get away with this again.  With people like him & McCain, who needs Democrats?

Let's see ... denied and deflect. This all sounds so much like the words of an Obama who sat in the church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright who called on God to "damn America", then denies the fact we know, that Obama has proven to be just like Wright.  Well Mr. Lines that doesn't sit well for your future. Birds of a feather do flock together ... and Donald J. Trump has arrived, not you, not McCain nor Flake for your days are numbered by your past acts.

In Mr. Graham's message confirming his family shooting day with Mr. Lines he states they were "exercising our first amendment rights." Evidently the outgoing leader of the AZGOP doesn't know the difference between our First and Second Amendment rights. Somebody give him a copy of the Constitution. If he doesn't know that - it's no wonder he doesn't know enough about State law to follow it.

I see that as a Freudian slip. He surely meant that they did talk about how Jonathan should continue to run the AZGOP into the ground.

Robert Shaw Graham's bad record of securities violations can be seen here: https://brokercheck.finra.org/individual/summary/3126485#disclosure...

He also has had several Superior Court cases against him 

And a complaint with the fec.gov campaign finance reporting

You can find more on this information by searching Robert Graham on this site.



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