By Marianne Ferrari
To everyone who has helped in this effort: 
The task isn't over, but we have arrived at one of the larger benchmarks, along the way. On Tues or Wed, we will ship the call and the signatures to Secretary Mercer. And she will, in turn, ship them to the people whom Robert's Rules refers to as the "threatened parties." Though I know perfectly well what Robert's Rules meant by that, I wish to correct that language: 
It is we, the conservatives, who are the threatened parties. 
It has come to light, this week, that the purges of conservatives in Arizona are not an occurrence unique to our state. They are certainly NOT in retribution for the censuring of McCain, as many of us have thought. They can't be, because identical purges have happened elsewhere! A conservative friend in Kentucky told me Thursday that he is the very last conservative state committeeman in the state of Kentucky. He said that Mitch McConnell is for Kentucky what McCain is for Arizona. "McConnell OWNS Kentucky," he said. He controls the Kentucky GOP. 
Time to ask ourselves a couple of questions: 
In an article some weeks ago, I said it feels as though we have entered an endgame scenario. Now, I have no doubt that is true. 
When I set out to organize this special meeting, I had no thoughts of endgames. Fatefully, serendipitously, we find ourselves within reach of having a special meeting scheduled in the nick of time to prevent the endgame from unfolding. We can cut their access to the levers that control our party in one vote on September 30th. 
Thanks for getting us here. 
[Editor's note: Please read this in the context of Brent Bozell's article posted yesterday on this page and on Kelleigh Nelson's article posted earlier today.  THIS article was written on Saturday morning, before either of the other two were published.  There was no interaction between the three authors - they all came to the same conclusion about the republican party based on factual information.]

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Let's face facts John Mc Cain along with many in congress have committed TREASON with their support of UN Agenda 21!.

Did Lines ever give Secretary Mercer the list of State Committeemen so she can send out the call?

NO!  I imagine there is a plan B in the works.

Unless we all believe that there is no cost to replacing Lines & the cabal he runs with, or that you believe that the Republican party is going to pay for the repeal effort against this cabal, we all need to pony up.

The costs are mounting, and Marianne is so far, footing the bill.  We need to help her.  The bill likely is going to be in the neighborhood of $10,000 - which she does not have, nor should be expected to cover.  Marianne has no where near what she needs to cover the cost of renting buildings, doing mailings, hiring security, finding an honest parliamentarian, and all the other expenses that will be involved.  Right now, she is traveling the state on her own dime, and fast running out of dimes.  It is my understanding that she has sacrificed her paying job to a considerable degree in order to accomplish this recall task.

I think there is a good chance to actually throw the cabal out of OUR Republican Party thereby helping Pres. Trump drain the swamp, but we cannot rely on Marianne's pocket book to accomplish this task.  it is not insurmountable, but she cannot do it essentially by herself.  We certainly don't want her to be put in a position of losing her home over this!

So, if you are serious about draining Arizona's swamp, decide to help Marianne by sending your donations to her at 

Marianne Ferrari
16044 N. 30th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85053

Before you decide you can't afford to write her a check, ask yourself if you would rather have the cabal continue to run the party, OUR party, or you would like a do over and work to get leaders who would lead the party where we want it to go.  Rather than lead us where they want us to go.

Thanks for that reminder, Russell. But it's not just about saving our party, it's about saving our country. The people like Mccain who owns the AZGOP are the ruination of our nation (no pun intended) When he goes, there will be another right behind him: Fluke, Ducey, and all the rest. True Lincoln republicans must take a stand. Forget worrying about your fear of what "they" might to do you.  What can they do?  Replace you with a paper PC? Sure but that is a small price to pay to have a chance to rid the party of McCain/Graham/Lines. And more than that, this will reverberate across America, giving courage to those in KY to rid their party of McConnell and other states.

Oh, I understand all to well!  It's pretty obvious to anyone looking that the swamp is a lot bigger than most realize.  By taking on those that ignore our local state bylaws, we can help Pres. Trump drain the swamp.  Our state's swamp is many.  McCain, Flake, Lines, and the many manipulators around these people.

I just don't want to see Marianne, who has put her life on hold to do this amazing challenging job, even to get this far, to lose her home, or wind up holding the bag for what is going to be a cost of around $10,000 to get these swamp critters out of our party.

When Jim Ehl suggested a couple of weeks ago that we should consider just why we needed a bylaws committee in the first place, when our bylaws spell out exactly how to change them WITHOUT such a committee, it started me thinking just why would Chairman Lines do such a thing?  Why all the hush-hush for this committee?  What are we going to do if we don't stop these swamp critters if/when they show up at the state convention with a new set of bylaws, created in secrecy, and suggest their committee has approved it, and it is now our new bylaws - and it doesn't even need a vote of the body?  Think this is far fetched?  I don't think so!  Remember, a couple of years ago, that the resolution committee showed up with a report and THEY decided the merits of the resolutions presented?  They are ALREADY ignoring our bylaws, what's to stop them from pulling the same stunt again with our bylaws?  Why else would they isolate bylaws committee members from communicating with one another in the manner they have done?

We don't have any choice but to replace these crooked manipulators, if we are to restore the party to the people.

AND, we cannot financially break Marianne in the effort!  We MUST support her efforts.  She has put her life on hold, AS WELL AS her financial status.  We need to provide her with more than just applause.  We need to help wiith our hard-earned money as well.  She has devoted months to this effort.  Now, it is time to help her pay the costs she was brave enough to make financial commitments on OUR behalf to get this recall in front of the people.

We need to financially help Marianne in her effort to help us drain our own swamp!

That link is no longer good.  Send to the address in Russell's post.

I used the link. Any info you can give me about what to do please.

Marianne told us to write our checks out to "Indepth Advocacy".  She once again drove to Payson this morning because I forgot to sign the back of my petitions and get them notarized.  I was not the only one.  So she is driving all over the state chasing after petitions.  Now we need to pray that the count is above the minimum needed and more+++  God Bless her exhausted heart!  You see.... One person can really make a big difference!  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  And send those checks!!! 

Really appreciate your work on this issue.  Stunning when we realize the impact to America and our Constitution.

This is getting bad, people. Members of the GOP in Yuma are leaving the party under duress -- duress! These are good, strong conservatives, good workers, and we're losing them because they won't go along with the establishment. They're frightened of what might happen if they don't submit to the wishes of the "New Order." It has to stop and NOW!

That same threatening MO may cause us to fail at bringing Baby Jonathan and his cohorts down. I picture them going to the state committeemen and, using intimidating methods, harvesting their proxies for the meeting. People are afraid, very afraid, and in my book, "Fear" is a 4-letter word beginning with "F." It doesn't belong in our vocabulary.

Okay, folks, like the famous Minister said, "Open your hearts and your pocketbooks!" The time is nigh. A few moments ago I made my 2nd donation to the cause. If we all do the same, we can make this thing happen and take major pressure off Marianne. Any amount will be appreciated. Believe me, it adds up. [link deleted by Admin by request of site owner] and the site should come up. You can pay by credit card.

Remember those men who signed the Declaration of Independence, willing to sacrifice their lives and fortunes. I feel we're rapidly approaching that point.





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