There has been wild speculation as to why so many Republican incumbents are not running for re-election.  Here are some of the theories we have heard:

1.  They are involved in the deep state and don't want to be outed.

2.  They hate Trump to the point they don't want to be part of his government.

3.  They are concerned for their safety fearing ANTIFA or other hate group will target them.

4.  All 26 of them along with 10 democrats are just sick of the state of government and our country.

Those are all good and possible reasons.  While some of those may be secondary reasons, they are not, for some, the real reason.  The real reason is far less sinister.  Some of these names most of us don't even know.

Bill Shuster, PA - Chairman, Transportation Committee, (Final year allowed)

Bob Goodlatte, VA - Chairman, Judiciary Committee, (Final year allowed)

Charles Dent, PA - Retired mid-term

Chris Collins, NY - Executive Committee member, Trump Transition Team; charged with insider trading, withdrew from re-election

Darrell Issa, CA - Chairman,  Committee of Oversight and Government Reform (Final year allowed)

Dave Reichert, WA - Chairman, Subcommittee on Select Revenue Measures (Final year allowed)

David Trott, MI - A two-term Congressman, no committee chairmanships

Dennis Rose, FL - No reason for retiring, no committee chairmanships

Edward Rice, CA - Chairman, Foreign Affairs Committee (Final year allowed)

Frank LoBionda, NJ - ChairmanAs I am term-limited as Chairman of the House Aviation Subcommittee

Gregg Harper, MS - Chairman - Committee on House Administration

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, FL - Retiring due to "personal considerations."

Jeb Henserling, TX - Chairman, Financial Services Committee

Jim Bridenstin, OK - Left Congress in April to serve as NASA Administrator

Joe Barton, TX - Resigned under allegations of sexual mis-conduct in November 2017

John J. Duncan, JR, TN - No reason given

Lamar Smith, TX - Chairman of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee, "I have completed my 6-year chairmanship of this committee."

Lynn Jenkins, KS - No reason given

*Paul Ryan, WI - Very unpopular as Speaker, reported to be looking for the presidency in 2024; formerly Chairman, Ways and Means Committee

Rodney Frelinghuysen, NJ - Chairman, Committee on Appropriations

Ryan Costello, PA - Finds it hard to serve under President Trump

Sam Johnson, TX - "Just time to retire."

Ted Poe, TX - No reason given, not a committee chairman

Thomas Garrett, VA - Retiring due to having a problem with alcohol; was accused of using his staff for personal interests

Thomas Rooney, FL - A reliable Trump supporter, Rooney gave no reason for his retirement. 

Trey Gowdy, SC - Chairman, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, retired from ethics Committee in January 2018

Do you see a pattern?  Every election season, Congress men and women retire.  It's a natural rotation.  Never before have so many retired in the same year.  While some did not give a reason, it's reasonable to believe any of the reasons we listed.  But here is the rest of the story:

In the Republican party in the House, there is a requirement that no one Congressman can hold a chairmanship for more than six years. There is no such rule in the Democrat party in Congress.  They can - and do - hang on to chairmanships until they die, are run out of Congress or get too old to know what they are doing.  Having a term limit seems a good idea.

The downside that we see this year is not helpful to Republicans.  The reason for so many retirements from current chairmen is that they don't want to give up their power and prestige only to go to the back of the line on a new committee.  Rather than losing their exalted status, they will just take their ball and go home.  And this is the reason we are in jeopardy of losing the House and why President Trump is in danger of being impeached.

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I’m still voting Red

The swamp in being drained! Just because they are Republicans doesn't mean they are patriots! The Red tsunami is going to kill the tiny Blue wave. Democrats are walking away from their party in droves. 

I've been watching the #WalkAway movement and it now seems to encompass people of all stripes in the Dem party. Praying it's enough.  I hear there's a big country wide march on the weekend before the election.  If so, does anyone want to bet that it won't be covered by most media?

I didn't know there was a limit on how long a R pol can hold a chairmanship.  I kinda like that except for now when we need all the Rs who could get reelected to stay to support our president. I reject them for that and disgusting they are more concerned with their personal status than the status of the country.  Or maybe they know it doesn't matter either way. 

I reject the comment by Clair. The lesser of two evils is not the issue because most of the time we only have evils to vote for. Not voting is the evil. Just vote your conscience but vote. For instance, I had to vote for McSally because I believe she always had the best chance to defeat the communist.  Is that evil of me when the supreme court is at stake?  I don't think so.  If Trump can appoint at least one or two more, that guarantees the Constitution comes back into play.

And who is the orbiter of who is or isn't evil?  You?  I think not.  In the case of Ducey & David Garcia - who are you going to vote for?  If you voted for Bennett in the primary because he was not the evil, then who is not the evil with those two?  Things need to change but as has been consistently pointed out, there are many times when there is no lesser of two evils but all are equal there. You say you always vote, I guess you are voting for... the Green Party?  None of them ever have a voting record so you would never know how they would have voted on anything.  Is that your idea of the lesser of 2 evils?  A known quantity and an unknown quantity?

Green Party is aka Watermelon party. Green on the outside and pink to red all the way through. They are the new Communist Party. They get a lot of play in California and some have been elected which is one of the reasons even the Democrats are spouting Communist propaganda openly in Cali.

I just hope that there are enough of the electorate knows the truth AND gets out to vote. One big problem with government is the unelected bureaucrats. The elected officials have find ways to control the parasitic bureaucrats.

I hope you are all geared up. The next Revolution is close at hand. Between the Antifa/Communist/Progressives/Democrats and etc. etc. we will be forced to protect ourselves and families as well as our way of life with arms. Obama was training the Brown Shirts and has stuck around to command them when it happens. This stuff has not happened by accident.

First of all .... NO-ONE is going to come out and admit that they're leaving because they're part of the Deep State whose objective was to put the U.S. under a One World Government.  All those 'no reason given' and 'just time to retire' speak allot to me.

Interesting! Would also be awesome to expand the list and research where they landed (no I am not volunteering). Some may have actually retired due to reaching a decision that I am just to old. Bet that additional information would be revealing.

Jason Chaffetz, of UT also should be on this list, I think.  He retired VERY abruptly, not so very long ago.  In my opinion, under very strange circumstances...almost like he or his family had been threatened.  I have no idea if something like that did happen, but the abruptness of his retirement certainly has raised the question.  At least in my mind.

You are right, Russell. He retired more than a year ago so I guess that's why he's not on the list and the appointed/elected incumbent is probably running for a full term.   I thought that was unusual too.  Same way I felt when Justice Roberts voted the wrong way on Obamacare.





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