In response to the post “January 3, 2019 –Mr. Biggs (for himself, Mr. King of Iowa, Mrs. Lesko, and Mr. Gaetz) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce.”

No one is more pro-life than I am and I don’t believe government should be funding murder factories disguised as “Family Planning Clinics”.  But how is it that a committee supposed to deal with “Energy and Commerce” get so side tracked as to devote time and effort on something that isn’t even a function granted to Congress under the constitution?

This is a perfect example of what is wrong with our government.  They worry more about getting elected by jumping on the women’s right to choose movement with cleverly worded statements like “Whereas women of all ages should have access to comprehensive, convenient, compassionate, life-affirming, high-quality medical services” while supporting “pro-women’s healthcare centers” in the country.  I too support this, but it isn’t a function of the federal government!  

Didn’t the Republican controlled house just this last budget year vote for a continuing resolution that kept money flowing to abortion clinics?  Where were they then?  Why didn’t they stand their ground and not support this by fighting to remove it entirely?  They have no constitutional authority to fund anything medical in the country yet now we hear the Democrats say they want everyone to have unconstitutional Medicare and eliminate private insurance.  This resolution only further ingrains in the minds of the American people that congress has authority to interfere with and control our healthcare.  They don’t.

Debbie, you are our representative and your purpose is to represent the people of Arizona only!  We elected you as our representative and not for the people of every state in the nation.  Do you really believe you have the right to continue the fight for national interference of our healthcare and take away the state sovereignty of Arizona to decide for ourselves?

 We need a border wall, immigration control, a halt to the abuse of “Asylum” by the border invaders, the elimination of federal funding for “Family Planning Clinics” and someone to stand up and address the lies and inflammatory rhetoric from the Democrats dividing our country.  Also, how about defending our president from the unconstitutional and diabolical Mueller which hunt.  This is the democrats criminalizing political opposition and using our justice system to bully and destroy those that stand in their way.  How about a resolution for this?


Randy Miller

LD21 Constitutional Republican

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