There comes a time when sitting around and singing the blues is clearly useless.  There comes a time when each of us must make a decision: crawl in a cave and hibernate for the next few years.  Or fight.  Get off the sofa and FIGHT... just like Trump has done for America.  It's your decision but don't wait.  Time is of the essence!


Join the Republican Party Alliance (RPA) to take back the GOP and then America. 

Patriots from around the country are joining the RPA to organize the GOP from the ground-up.
The RPA is educating, organizing, and mobilizing America First Republicans in neighborhoods and communities to build a critical mass of Patriots in every State.
  • Bottom line, we are using disciplined, organizing strategies and tactics of the LEFT for all RIGHT reasons.  
  • We have created a model, driven and based on America First Principles. 
  • Join the Tuesday, January 26th RPA National meeting to determine what you can do to be part of this movement.  
Instead of targeting the GOP's decision-making apparatus, we focus on Republic2n clubs in every American community. 
GOP Clubs are free from the constraints of the Republican Party and are a hotbed of Patriots ready to act and support the America First Agenda. 
While there are hundreds of conservative groups and organizations, their ability to reverse the growth of totalitarianism in American does not compare to what the GOP can do if the 74 million President Trump supporters are in charge. 
But we cannot change the GOP unless we organize and build the New GOP from the Ground-UP! 
From multiple sources, it does not seem likely President Trump will form a third party.   
Therefore, it's time to stop begging the GOP National and State Leadership to do the "right thing" and instead transform the Party from the bottom to the top as an American First Party. 
To join the Republican Party Alliance National meeting this Tuesday, January 26th.  Sign-up at
Once you sign-up, you will receive the link for the Tuesday, January 26th meeting.
Remember, you must sign-up to be part of the meeting. 
The meeting begins at 5:30 pm (Pacific) --  6:30 pm (Arizona)  --  8:30 pm (East)
Sign-up Today at 
There is no time to waste!
Thank You!
Dr. Yale Wishnick
President, Republican Party Alliance

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The definition of insanity is...

The same mistakes will happen again and again if that decision-making apparatus is not changed.  We need to effect change, not be the newest enablers of a failed party.

Wishnick needs to tell everyone how his organization will change anything.  What does it do to take decision power out of the hands of the very few party leadership in congress, the ones who make all the decisions we've been getting all these years?  What does it do to prevent them from being corrupted or otherwise compromised?  Is all it is just another GOP with new "rah rah" energy -- which, like all the energy we had for Trump, will be sunk by the same powers?

Without a very major change to the party structure and how its members of congress are controlled, you'll only end up with the very same situation we have now, only with a new name.  Instead, look for something like this:

So you guys have a better solution?  Naysayers are a dime a dozen but I applaud someone doing something and I wonder if any of you have investigated what it is that is being planned?  Or is this the usual kneejerk reaction?  What is the difference in pulling together the good guys in the party, tearing it down in its current state and rebuilding on the same foundation which I believe was one of constitutional principles?  What's the difference in starting with nothing but that same foundation?  Both would be on the right foundation.  I hope they make something happen and thanks to AFA for opening the door to this idea.

Enabling our enemies is not a plan. It's insane. The voting machine audit is rigged just like the election was riggged. The Republic Party doesn't care about Republican Principals. I have been Precinct Committeeman for 10 years and all the EGOP has done is try to defeat our efforts. If the elections are rigged, it doesn't matter anyway; the Deep State will always get the candiate of their choice. We will be left with the illusion of choice. You can't get good fruit from a rotten tree. You have to plant a new tree.

Pat J, check this out:

In progress...

Without competition all things corrupt and atrophy. Just look at the schools. They have become a threat to humanity itself. School choice creates pressure on the system by breaking the monopoly. The same needs to happen with the Republicans and Dems (The Uniparty). Yes, time for new party alternatives

This link from Jeff is not correct.  It should be  Even better would be freedompartyamerica  Note: this is not a secure site for those of you who care.

So you admit that it makes no diffference. Who is winning here? They are all traitors. Should we rejoice that Ducey is our governor? Is that a victory? Should we be happy that the Ed-cartel is stealing us blind thanks to Ducey? Is it a victory that the GOP certified the fraudulent election and is now frauding the audit? There is no victory in any of this. We may as well have Democrats running things if the Republicans don't do any better. It makes no difference except that good people are being fooled into believing that they are being represented. You are not helping anyone by enablineg these grifters

We cannot allow the past to control us.  Just because other third parties did not succeed does not justify with a GOP that is getting worse.  We need to replace them with a new, conservative party--conservative being something the Republican Party has never been (at least during my lifetime).

Great observation, Frank.  However I would submit that the new party will be a "second" party.  There's only one in Washington now.





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