Stephen Bannon's "Trump at War" Shame on the MSM pundits & Dems who have incited so much hatred & violence against our  POTUS and his supporters. THEY WANT US DIVIDED. Watch it for free here:

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I just watched this movie. Aside from the foul language at the beginning, it was EXACTLY RIGHT!! GOOD PRESENTATION. IT IS SO SAD THAT peopleHAVE STOOPED SO LOW. The socialists in this country have no idea what they are talking about. The Democratic party is not the party of JFK! It has become so vile and hate filled. Soros is behind all of this and is buying these people to fight his fight! If you don't know the truth about him, there are MANY videos of him talking about his real feelings! He is very proud of the Natzi party and his part in it! It's way past time for him to be put in jail for life.  On ly problem is that will not get rid of his poison. He has children that have been groomed to take over for him. The only way to really stop him would be to convisgate his assets. All of it. In case you didn't know Adam Schiff and his family have very strong ties to him. Several of Afdam's family members are married into the Soros family. Also Schiff has a very sorid background and there are several videos on him and his motel/hotel. Sickening!!!!!!





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