Random thoughts from the AZGOP Mandatory Meeting on Saturday, January 25, 2020:

Here's how we did predicting winners for the Board positions and other events:

Pam Kirby walked away with 1st Vice Chair, as predicted.  Not a true conservative, the woman is pragmatic, fair-minded and willing to work toward solutions.  If Ward has the good sense to pay attention, Kirby could breathe new life into the AZGOP.  The two are friends so this should work out to be a synergistic pairing.

Ray Ihly took the baton away from the really frightful Cindy Coleman, a dreadful supporter of LGBT sex ed for young kids in school.  This was likely to have been the easiest replacement of the day.

The only announced candidate for 3rd VC was Ren Ramsey, a loose cannon if there ever was one, in our considered opinion.  He was unseated by Leanna DeKing who withdrew as a candidate for Sargent-at-Arms and ran for that seat from the floor.  Judging from the vote totals, we are not alone in our assessment of this guy.  We are told, but have not bothered to check it out, he's been kicked out of all the best places!

Sargent-at-Arms has been held for over 20 years by a straggler McCain holdover from the Robert Graham/J Lines/R Pullen era.  Time to go?  Guess not!  This guy, Alberto Gutier, was retained by the biggest margin of anyone.

There was a bit of an ugly fracas for Assistant Treasurer.  Candidate Sheila Muehling had put her name in the pot for that job.  She holds the job of Treasurer in Maricopa County Republic Committee but it seems she and the Chairman, Rae Chornenky, don't hit it off.  Actually, that is a gross understatement.  Onlookers described the relationship as "Rae HATES Sheila."  We don't question that, knowing that Sheila was appointed to fill a vacancy as State Committeeman from her district, LD23.  The County Chairman approves or disapproves these appointments.  In our experience, it's rare that a choice of a district is overridden by the county Chairman.... and it shouldn't be without serious reasons.  That is the role of the district chairman and in this case, the county chairman was correct in how she handled the appointment!  Well, Chornenky refused to approve the appointment of Muehling, rendering her ineligible to be on the state Board.  It appeared to be a floor fight in the making.  However, Muehling decided the uproar would be injurious to the process and pulled out.  Good for her.  That job then went to  Josh Askey, McCain holdover.

Assistant Secretary went to Shirley Dye.

Two - no, three- interesting items from the day:

1.   In a quest to be sure the Resolutions were brought forward for a vote to avoid what Chornenky did two weeks earlier, parliamentary expert, Joe Neglia, sought to juggle the agenda to vote on those first.  That went down in flames but Chairman Ward, not wanting the bad press from the previous county meeting staining her day, promised that ALL resolutions would be addressed.  Even the ones that volunteers brought to the floor, the very ones the Chairman had thrown out along with Russell Pearce, the Chairman of the Resolutions Committee for a brief time.  There was some tension about that knowing Gov Ducey was adamant about not having his babies resurrected.  Good as her word, the Chairman did allow all of the Pearce Resolutions and all passed, defusing what could have been an ugly blot on the AZGOP.

2.   Gov Ducey was introduced early in the meeting (usually, speakers come first, to set the tone for the rest of the meeting).  He took the stage among cheers and some boos.  When he launched into a rhapsodic cheering section for Martha McSally, the boos came out.  Not once, but twice.  State Committeemen made it known: they don't like McSally and want someone else.  That someone is Daniel McCarthy.  Ducey gutted through the boos.  What else could he do?

And speaking of Dan McCarthy, the funniest part of the day surrounded him.  Funny may not be the right word, but we like it!

3.   McCarthy got to the meeting very early and got a choice parking spot right at the front door.  He was driving a YUGH red RV/bus emblazoned with his name and campaign slogan.  It is impressive.  He was parked right adjoining the handicapped spots that were roped off. (Note: it's not legal to rope off handicap parking spots without good cause.  This cause was so the food trucks could park there later in the day.  Uh, no.)  The gatekeeper was constantly shooing parkers out of that area until along came a huge black SUV and parked right next to the big red McCarthy bus.  The SUV belonged to Mike Crawford, running for Maricopa County Sheriff.  When he was asked/directed to move his truck (plenty of parking spaces nearby), he flat out refused.  He was not in a handicap space and he stood his ground.  He had every right to do that but it was not in keeping with the intent and a tad mean-spirited.  The McCarthy team was steamed... their choice location was now partially hidden from view.  Proving it's better to get even than to get mad, McCarthy made a phone call.  Within in 30 minutes, along came another truck emblazoned with the McCarthy campaign message.  He parked right alongside of the big black suv.  Viola`!! Without whining, McCarthy simply applied a solution to his dilemma.  Now ask yourself, is that not what we need in politics?  A solution oriented lawmaker!

Bottom line for the day:  Ward was smart enough to take heed of the mood of the State Committeemen regarding her ill-timed decision to remove Pearce from the Resolutions Committee.  Whether she had a "come-to-#%-meeting" with the governor or not, we don't know.  But they got their resolutions and Ward kept her promise that she would allow them from the floor.  

Next, when Neglia moved to strike some of the language in the rules, he was shot down.  Some appropriate items were proposed and the chairman ruled them out of order when they were not and it caused an ill feeling among the body.  She used a mix of a velvet hammer and a sledge hammer to control the body.

It worked.

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Great Analysis! Nevertheless, the most important part is that when Ducey started speaking at least 100 people stood up with signs, No Red Flag Laws! chanting the same, and then another 100-200 people joined in. The look on Ducey's face was priceless. After about one minute Ward threatened to take away our Oatmeal if we did not stop chanting. Since we like Oatmeal, we soon quieted down. several left wing newspapers reported about a dozen protesting, however,  at least 1/2 the room of over 600 Committeemen were chanting, not a dozen, get your facts right children journalists. We will clean house in the fall. One other observation, Lesko, and Gosar got a standing ovation both before and after talking. AndyBiggs would have gotten one, but he was ill. He has been working very hard in DC.  The LD23 group did not give much of an ovation to David Schweikert. Ducey and McSally got no great cheers either from the audience.  McSally sounded like a valley girl speaking to our group. The wrong person at the right time for Freedom. God has a plan! Jesus is My Liberty. Thanks to all the great Patriots at the event. Wait till next year. You ain't seen nothing yet!

 I and another gentleman went to the microphone wanting to address Gov Ducey. Of course, we were polite and waited for permission. Moral of the story cannot be polite when you are activists.  The permission never came and he walked off the stage .  I got a few words in  ( I hope ) asking the Governor not to sign any Red Flag Laws .

There are two of them sponsored by  REPUBLICAN SENATOR  K BROPHY 

I was at the meeting and sitting well off to the side.  I heard the boos and noticed the signs.  However, I think the number of signs has been over reported.  It looked to me to be mostly from one LD, not equally spread around and I don't believe that half of the hall stood with boos against the governor. Not that he doesn't deserve it.  No one around me booed or held signs but they were visibly p.o.ed with the gov.  I do agree with the lack of enthusiasm for Schweikert, the description of  McSally as a valley girl is right on, all giggly.  Made me wish i had some rotten tomatoes to throw.  I appreciate the upbeat report by AFA and not dwelling on the negatives because there were not as many as most of us expected.  I credit ward for her chirpy demeanor.  She may have pulled off a miracle.

Proud for all who showed up early to obtain resolution petition signatures and to all who made the effort to sign. You all are my heros.

Despite the gaveling down of No Red Flag Law(s) chants you who stood to wave the sign flyers and make your voices heard you too are my heroes. Kudos to Ward for speaking up that she too supports No Red Flag. I was pleased that Ducey left the stage kinda like a whipped dog with his tail tucked between his legs. There was a growing line of people in the lines to the microphones. 

Unity is needed for 2020 but that unity hinges on 2 things 1) stop trying to cull "true" constitutional conservatives from the GOP and 2) address trust issues both at the state and county GOP's.

 Great idea for the No Red Flag law posters. Congratulations Patricia Gillenwater and Rose Sperry

Glad Mark Singer mentioned the good work Rep Andy Biggs has been doing as Chair of the House Freedom Caucus. I hope Biggs recovers quickly. Also elated that Chairman Kelli Ward made room for all the the Resolutions from Russell Pearce's Committee…big win.

 Chair Kelli Ward is in a very difficult position. She is dealing with the corrupt McCain, Ducey faction within her own party and the Conservatives who seem to want more from her than they would ever get from RINO Jonathan Lines.  AZ GOP is full of corruption and we saw that last year when Lines was the Chair.

Dr . Ward, always the cheerleader has to be one for  McSally when she knows full well that Daniel McCarthy should be the candidate but is forced to treat him like a terrible Uncle at the holiday dinner.    Governor Ducey is the defacto head of the AZ GOP not Dr. Ward.  She is  owned  by him and the rest of the corrupt swamp just like all the Chairs before her.

I disagree that Ward has to be a cheerleader for McSally.  Whatever happened to no favorites in the primary and Ducey was sickening when he acted like she was the second coming.   Ward needs to stay neutral as tradition demands (not an intentional advertisement for Daniel who I hope wins the primary over giggle-girl).  MM is not up for re-election and that seat is considered an empty seat because there is no incumbent to re-elect since she was not elected.  Treating Dan like the ugly uncle is unnecessary.

 Jaspergoat and Linda

There is no neutrality. McSally was appointed, not elected.  Therefore McCarthy should have been allowed to speak but was shunned. by the AZ GOP and RNC who gave stand down orders that he not run. President Trump endorsed McSally which was premature as there were no other candidates at the time.  Chair Ward went to many events promoting McSally and then along came McCarthy.    If you have participated in Republican clubs, they will  talk neutrality but do the opposite. Their magazines would show only McSally and never show Ward at the time they were both running for the Republican Senate seat. 

The AZ GOP is corrupt and all the chairs are owned by the McCain Ducey machine.  Being a volunteer has nothing to do with it.  Not everyone has Republican values. If they did, then why did Gov Ducey introduced Red Flag in 2018 and all the AZ Republican Senators vote for it ? Why is it now in 2020 , Katie Brophy has two antigun laws ? If they have Republican values, they would have given voice to McCarthy   What values does Rae Chornecky have when all of sudden she ran out of time and didnt let McCarthy talk at the Maricopa meeting.   At this time, you are out of touch with the pulse of the people. McSally is not liked and we know she will lose to Kelly. No  it is not laughable that Ducey is the defacto head of the AZ GOP. He decides where the  money goes and who gets what. Believe this that the liberal and conservative papers know this . Perhaps your head is in the sand not wanting to know that the party is corrupt. 

My head is not in the sand and I realize that there is corruption on both sides of the isle. But to accuse  everyone of corruption who disagrees with your assessment is self defeating and will ultimately tear us apart.

McSally was legally appointed, endorsed by the President and who stands by her even now. McSally acknowledges that the background check system could be improved, and she did not endorse background checks for purchases at gun shows or over the Internet. She is also pro-life, but allows for abortion in cases of rape. She votes with President Trump 96% of the time and thats not to shabby. McCarthy keeps accusing her of being pro-choice and pro red flag, but he is not telling the entire truth.

Daniel is inexperienced, believes that he is in an Jimmy Stewart movie where he can filibuster all day and all night to get his way. I have seen where he makes pretty good speeches, but have also seen him out-debated by a 15 year old. So my confidence level in him is not very high.

Thank you Myrna for the opportunity to express my views without insults. We'll just have to wait until after the Primary to support the winner. To do otherwise, will be to elect Mark Kelly. We cannot let that happen!

I just suggest you go back in time and watch the video of the "endorsement"  No enthusiasm there and mcSally has voted against Trump on key issues and you can find that out yourself by going to votesmart.gov  research research

I do wonder how you know what McCarthy believes.  does he confide in you?  Myrna may not have been insulting but really, you have been very insulting.

Look at McCarthy's campaign material and listen to his speeches.

If he confided in me, do you think I would put in print?

I don't take what people write as a personal insult.  If you do, then all I can say is get a thicker skin. Arizona has a very big problem with corruption and that includes the AZ GOP.



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