It seems that every two years, the Maricopa County Republican Committee finds a new name.  A couple of years ago,  Chairman Tyler Bowyer changed the name to the Republicans of Maricopa County.  Not to be outdone, last year, Chairman Chris Herring renamed it again.  This time it is the abbreviated Maricopa County Republicans as if they just couldn't raise the energy to add that last word, Committee.  One might think the chairmen are embarrassed to be called by their name: Maricopa County Republican Committee.  Since this Committee is closely tied to McCain and got elected by McCain sycophant, Robert Graham, former AZGOP thug, we don't blame them for wanting to try going incognito.  They have a blog that has not been updated in five months. In hiding?

To our point, the Watchamecallums are having their annual meeting on January 13 at Church for the Nations.  The primary business at hand, other than telling all constitutional conservative precinct committeemen that they are "out of order," is to elect new Members-at-Large.

To that end, the Watchamecallums have floated their establishment slate.  We don't know who paid for the full color flyers but it would be unseemly for the Watchamecallums to use party money to do that. We have to ask, "Whatever happened to party neutrality in party elections?"

For your voting information (if you are a PC in Maricopa County, the fourth largest county in the country that Chairman Herring thinks is the largest), these are the candidates to vote for if you prefer a status quo, establishment, anti-Constitutional, anti-Bylaws board:

Wally Campbell (female) (LD13), Dino Eliades (LD18) (who we remember once being a conservative), Van Di Carlo,  Johnny Melton (LD21) (LD22, arguably the most liberal LD in Maricopa County) and Columbian-born, Monica Yelin (LD1).  This is your "we will vote just the way we are told" candidates for the Member-at-Large seats.

There are a total of 16 candidates.  Of those 16, only FIVE (5) - FIVE - are true conservative, anti-establishment folks who do not run for every and any office they can find, just for the fun of it:

Tristan Manos (LD24), Joe Neglia (LD26) (Parliamentarian), Janell Soyster Buchholdt (LD23), Kay Reardon (LD16), Elwood "Butch" Kuentzler (LD4).

If you are happy advancing the politics of establishment Robert Graham, vote the first group. 

If you would prefer to help return the Republican party to its roots as the party of Lincoln, vote for the second group.

If you don't give a rip, vote for any five of those not named here.

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Maybe they should call themselves the Confusion Party of Maricopa.  Expect the first group to be cheated into office as has been usual since they went to electronic voting.  They can't ballot stuff but they can proxy stuff. Last year the new officers were voted into office by people who were not even there.  Remember that? Swamp.

At a minimum, I hope there is at least one thoroughly reliable person closely involved in the election process who can report on how many proxies there were, how many proxies per person, and exactly what the counting and auditing processes there were.  Also, any decisions made by staff or leaders that may have biased the voting process.  If everyone involved knows that there will be complete transparency, then the odds of manipulation should be reduced.

Drain the swamp

Thanks for the info on the MCRC meeting.  I  never got anything else about it. Some of my buds got emails and snail mail, some got nothing, same as me.

Thanks for the info.  I will be voting for our five conservative candidates.

Anyone here remember the "AZGOP United 4 Victory" website that went up during the proposed Lines recall?  It is a proclamation which stated in part: "We reject ... the attempt to recall our duly elected chairman Jonathan Lines. ... we stand with Chairman Lines. ..." ?

Three of the above five Establishment slate MAL candidates' names appear on that proclamation.  They are: Wally Campbell, Johnny Melton, and Monica Yellin

As of today (Jan 6, 2018), that proclamation is still up at , and those three names still appear on that proclamation.

BTW, when it was originally posted, the signing statement read: "I support Chairman Lines and join him in growing our party and winning elections.  Please add my name!"  Sometime since then, the statement has been changed and now reads simply: "I am interested in becoming a PC.  Please send me more information."

Electronic voting is a scourge upon us.  Let us remove it and go back to paper ballots.  As far as the people who have been controlling Maricopa that has to be totally cleaned up by the people there.  If they don't do something quick I see more destruction ahead for them and the party. 

The reason given at our last EC meeting for not using paper ballots in the future was that it's too time-consuming. With the Republican Committee knowing that voter fraud is running rampant why would they not want to take the time to hand tally the votes? One can only hope they rethink this. 

Jeeezz, Rose. What is wrong with you and your thinking?  How are they going to cheat the vote with verifiable paper ballots?  Get with it, lady.

I am in LD16 not 25. I am a Constitutional, Conservative, Patriot that has been a Republican since 18 years old, PC an SC in Iowa then moved to Arizona in 1985. I still stand by our President Donald J. Trump after working almost all rallies in AZ. I feel that we need good representation at the County meetings that is why I am running for MAL.

Wally Campbell is absolutely a RINO, I have seen her and many of her cohorts at work in LD 13. I do think you are wrong about Monica Yelin. I know she is a proud American Citizen and has been a Trump supporter from very early in his campaign unlike Wally and her friends. I believe she would make a very good Member At Large to help the Republican Party, and President Trump, "Make America Great Again".

John, just my 2¢ worth again.  All five of those on the flyer I saw posted on Briefs are RINOs put there by the MCRC Board to close the conservatives off from access to the BOD.  Give this some thought: Phil Lovas, running for CD8 is a McCain guy, connected and close to R Graham and J Lines but he did go in big for Trump. And I see that his primary campaign is based on that, not issues so much.  I don't think you can figure anyone and everyone on board with Trump is a constitutional conservative at the local level.  I will vote just as recommended by this article.





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