Please don't get too excited over this but it's possible the Congressional Republicans finally came to their senses and have started to excercise their authority as elected Congressmen and women.  We may be going out on a limb here.

You probably noted yesterday that these folks gathered together - they like to say 'united' - to storm the secret meetings of the so-called Impeachment Inquiry.  Inquiry = seeking the truth and facts.  That is laughable on its face but let's just go along with this for the moment.  We know President Trump has informed these reprobates in the dem party that he will not cooperate with this dreadful attempt to co-opt moral precedent.  Good for you, Mr. President.  Call their bluff just like you called Syria's and Turkey's.  We hope those 129 spineless republicans are red-faced today over your success there and their truly unpatriotic behavior.  But that is another issue.

Congressman Andy Biggs tweet:

Rep Andy Biggs

This morning, I joined dozens of my colleagues to storm Adam Schiff’s secret, Soviet-style, Stalinist chamber to demand truth, transparency, and due process. We may have received threats for attempting to hear from today’s witness, but we are more resolved than ever to fight.

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Now, doesn't that just make your heart sing?  Can't you just imagine the look of shock on the faces of Schiff and Pelosi when that door burst open?   They were just about to hear from Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary Laura Cooper. Cooper was expected to testify regarding President Donald Trump's phone call with Ukraine President Zelensky.  We can also imagine what that testimony would be like since they only lined up anti-Trump witnesses.

You probably also heard that Congressman Biggs, Chairman of the Freedom Caucus, gave them a tongue-lashing for their one-sided partisan "inquiry."  Delicious.  We wish we had been a mouse in the corner watching this audacity of the Republicans.  Biggs called them out for what they are and rightly accused them of acting to deny the public and the Republican Congresspeople information on what they were doing.  Not that we all don't know their insipid plan!

Congressman Biggs rightly argued the total lack of fairness and the dems - aka Pelosi and Schiff - tried to claim they had violated security by storming the room.  The only thing Biggs et al violated was the bad behavior from the dems to try to overturn a valid election to keep our President from running in 2020.

Run, President Trump, run.

Run, Congressman Biggs and all who stormed the room, run!

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May this just be the beginning...

I second the motion, Mike!  Must have SHOCKED Pelosi and Schiff.

Is it time to pray they (the GOP congress personnel) find enough "backbone" to surface the real issues that must be successfully satisfied if America is going to be in control of its own destiny and in a position to MAGA; i.e., getting the US out of the UN, bringing monetary policy into compliance with Art, 1 Sec. 8-5 of the Constitution of 1787, and shedding America and Americans of the ungodly and unconstitutionally created debt of which there is NO chance of repaying under present policy? Such action would require more than "backbone"; it would require knowledge.  honesty, and integrity; characteristics I'll wager none of them will display.

Bwaaaa ha ha ha, Walter.  You are funny.  It's a miracle they did this much.  Doing more will tax their sensibilities.  Let's send YOU to congress to get this started. What district are you in, I will draft you and be your campaign manager.

You too are funny Jasper.... At 87 and finding that a nap isn't a luxury but a necessity I don't think I could stand the pace. And if that isn't enough, I spent 1 and 1/2 years in the arm pit of the world as a division chief in a project managers office and found that I couldn't tolerate the place. It takes a special person to stay there; one who has little common sense but a great ego in need of a daily stroking to remind them of how great they are. 

It's time to turn up the heat on that kitchen stove folks. How many times have we been disappointed by the acts of conservatives only to see that the establishment and moderate Republicans sit on their hands as other take the fall for their weakness of PRINCIPLES.

Senate leader Mitch McConnell will sit this out until it dies down so as to let it be swept under his rug of seeing no evil and speaking no evil against RINO's. He will not call this secret "inquiry" what it really is ... unconstitutional Acts of Sedition! Impeachment "inquiry" starts in the House Judicial Committee NOT IN the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, or Oversight committees. It starts with a full House VOTE, then discovery if inquiry not the reverse ... unless your on a fishing trip ... where no follow-up questions are asked in the open for the public to see.

The Democrats call out "Russian interference in the 2016 election" so they can then use Russian communist tactics in the run up to the 2020 election.

Tweet from Scalise:


I am wondering if this is the only thing these GOPers will do and if so, it was just for show. They better stand straight on this until this witch hunt stops






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