What the Heck just Happened???

    As a newly appointed Precinct Committeeman attending his first official “Maricopa County Republican Committee Mandatory Meeting” held on January 11, 2020 I was simultaneously astounded, dismayed, disappointed and utterly angered at the political shenanigans displayed at that meeting. In my humble opinion, the nearly 8 hours spent in the pomp and ceremony in voting for issues that very well could have been more effectively handled by Committee edict were hollow attempts at making it appear as if “we were all involved in the process”.

    For instance, the nearly two hours spent in debating and voting for the 3 “Amendments to the by-laws” was an onerous exercise for little gain. When all was said and done these amendments added up to nothing more than determining if the family Ford we were thinking about painting was going to be painted red or blue.

    One of the more uplifting moments in this nearly 8 hour exercise in futility was a 5 minute phone call that Congressman David Schweikert managed to coordinate with President Trump. Over the loud speaker system, the President offered his good wishes and encouragement to all attending this meeting. A feather in the cap for Schweikert in pulling this one off! It was a respite from all of the posturing and confusion that had apparently been the theme infiltrating this gathering.

    What I and other true Conservatives were waiting for was the three floor resolutions that were promised to be addressed. Earlier that morning an effort lead by Senator Russell Pearce and Conservative leader Vera Anderson was underway to gather the necessary 100 signatures to three resolutions. Two of these were resolutions previously voted upon and passed by the infamous and now disbanded “original” Resolutions Committee chaired by Pearce. These 100 signatures were the minimum number required in qualifying for a “floor vote” slated for the end of the meeting. The Resolutions (in abbreviated form) were:

  1. The condemnation of any policy allowing for the establishment of “refugee settlements” within Arizona.
  2. The condemnation of ARBOR for setting policy in granting a “special category” of discounted tuition for Illegal Aliens at AZ Universities and Colleges.
  3. The condemnation of any “Red Flag” gun confiscation schemes.

    You would think that these Resolutions would be “no brainers” based on solid Conservative principles and Republican ideals. You would think that Maricopa County Republican leaders would be chomping at the bit to champion these resolutions and be heroes in demanding NO to any further seepage from the Swamp infiltrating the pristine waters of the Arizona Republican Party platform…………WRONG!!!

      The actions of Chairman Rae Chornenky in creating stalling tactics designed to wear down the clock was epic! I was very much expecting her to produce a deck of cards at one point and perform card tricks for the rapidly dwindling and frustrated audience.

       When he had reached the end of his patience, Senator Pearce moves to the microphone and beseeches Chairman Chornenky to please address the resolutions and to call for a vote. Chornenky denies his request and cited certain “by-laws” that justified her refusal. Pearce was totally disrespected. The only thing missing was a cane to materialize in yanking him away from the microphone.

       She then turns to the newly appointed Resolutions Committee Chair, Barry Wong and allows him to address the floor. I was amazed of how articulate this man was in further muddling the issues at hand. He too cited “violations of by-laws” to justify the quashing of these Conservative Resolutions. Bottom line: The meeting was convened and these Resolutions were never addressed or voted upon. I’ve never seen hindering tactics like this ever before in my life. It certainly was a spectacle to behold!!!!

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Thank you for the "insiders" viewpoint on the CRAP that goes on in the state GOP. For the "leaders" to be such a sham to the rank and file is astounding !!! How do they expect anyone to want to be a PC when this CRAP goes on?? Most want to be servants of the voters and involved in the process by being a PC, but this shows just why see this as a "McCain" like tyranny. The GOP is a sham ... and ARE ... Republicrats ... castrating themselves for the future "illegals" voting for themselves, and Governor Ducey stands with Democrats on this issue as well.

John, "Republicrats" aka "RepublicanCrapCrats".

I do hope that good conservative patriots are poised and ready to fight for right at the state mtg. May I suggest 

  1. When the Blue Dog Gov speaks on the stage a resounding msg is given by SC's "No Red Flag Law"
  2. Demand Daniel
  3. Demand ALL resolutions be brought to the floor

Be cautious about bylaw changes. If a call for resignation of the Chair comes up vote for right.

It's time for Conservatives to speak out and to demand that their voices be heard. We have been too complacent as a whole!

I am seeing more and more Conservative PC's signing up than ever before. It's just a matter of time before we will have enough numbers to perhaps tip the scale in favor of a more Constitutionally Conservative AZ Republican Party. The important issue here is that we continue to fight and never give up in effecting this goal!

Thank you for sharing this. I agree 100%. Restoring conservative policy in Arizona is never going to be easy. I'll pass this info on to the people I know.

Thank you Joann!

Vince, I have long thought that "true" conservatives hope to alter the path of the RINO in the party we register with, R, is to try and make a difference from the inside. That aspiration may not be doable. Yet I try.

Well Patricia.....there are a hundred cliches I can come up with to address your skepticism. The one that comes to mind is to "Never give up the Ship". Hope this helps......LOL!!! 

Thanks Clair.......Wise words from a guy who has been in the fight for a long time!

McCain still lives on in this great State.  Tragic!!! We must keep fighting, we can't get discouraged.  

Thanks for not giving up.....oh glory!

We must continue to oust these deep state Republican in name only political hacks





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