I am not usually writing for AFA, my job is a researcher, but I see problems that are self-made and I want to address some of what I see happening that are running off the best workers in our party.  You don't think we have too many good conservatives, do you?  What we have is not enough.  That has to change when we are on the cusp of losing our party. There is a guy on AFA who frequently quotes James 4:17 and it's a good verse to live by.  Here is the King James version: “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.”  Being truthful is a good thing. So here goes.

I am going to address the problems I am seeing across districts with the expectation it will make a difference if we know what is going on. I got interested in this when LD30 was taken away by J. McCain using the Republican party paid staff and democrat money.  Suddenly, there were non-English speaking PCs winning the elections there.  I understand that didn't last but one term, and the conservatives are back in control. That is a hopeful sign.  Their story is extreme but some measure of that story is told in other once conservative districts.  We are losing our conservative PCs who actually have read & believe in the Constitution & the party platform.

I did some of the research on the Yuma Republican Committee and that Jonathan Lines illegally, I believe, certainly unethically, rushed appointed PCs into office in time to vote out the conservatives as State Committeemen.  Why aren't all district chairmen up in arms over this? Not one of the loyal workers in that Yuma Committee got elected as State Committeeman.That alone could have changed the state election the following January.  I hear none of those PCs ever showed up again.  This is not the way our party should be conducting themselves.  I can say the same about LD15, Robert Graham's district, that did the same and very few of the loyalists got elected as State Committeemen.  Robber Barons own too many of our districts and fake State Committeemen controlled the elections in January.  Is it right to stay silent about these things?  Should we support district leaders who deceive by commission or omission? NO.

Two very ugly and insufferable occurrences have garnered my attention. It's ugly and should never happen even in the split party we now have in Arizona.

1.  Navajo County.  We have already read that the leaders of the NCRC have attempted to hold their elected Senator accountable.  We read earlier that Sen. Allen called an invited guest speaker a Nazi. She also tried to strip the Superintendent of her authority, co-sponsored Natl Popular Vote Compact, tried to run legislation that would keep her son-in-law out of jail and referred to our 'inalienable” rights in the Constitution even though she owns or started a charter school in her county.  This barely scratches the surface of the bad votes she has made but she is one who votes like she is told by CQ.  As if that wasn't enough, now she has started a second Republican Committee trying to make it the real one - and denied it.  When that didn't work, she is gathering up her herd of family to vote out the NCRC leadership who rescued that Committee from a bunch of Libertarians.  Libertarians should not be running a Republican Committee.  How much real effort do this herd of family members spend to help the party? None.  I recommend that the current leadership get busy lining up PCs even if they are proxy PCs so they can prevent this herd mentality take-over.  It's a bad day when the elected politicians can throw out the very people who put them and others into office.  It's supposed to be the other way around.  I certainly commend the existing Chair, S. Slaton, for standing his ground against a Senator who refuses to stand up against the disgusting behavior of our current state Chairman, J. Lines.  She will protect that thief but try to throw out those who stand for the right things.  She is unfit to represent anyone. She might learn the difference between inalienable and unalienable, for starters.  It's significant.
 At this point, I believe Steve Slaton should run for AZGOP Chairman in 2019 and for 1st VP this year.  He would win.

2. The second and equally grievous activity to rid our party of the hard workers happened in LD23 where one of the hardest workers in that district was forced to uphold their honor by leaving the district.  Full disclosure requires me to tell you that person is on our AFA team and that is how I know, along with others in that district.  It's a dismal story.  That district was completely establishment for many years.  The handful of conservatives suffered the cold shoulder from the leaders.  Then, some light bulb must have gone off because over the past few years, the establishment became the minority and the conservatives took the leader position and LD23 was one of the most respected and conservative districts in the state.  That is not the case now as the newest elected Chairman has systematically handed the district to the establishment again. Here's what I know.  The new chairman and maybe at least two other officers pushed the conservatives out by insulting them and impugning their character.  One was a PC and SC who had served on past Boards, was always there to help out, is very knowledgeable.  I know this from the various friends I have who are PCs there.  There allegedly are more than one but in the one of which I speak, this is what I just heard.  This PC made a nice sized donation to the district to help pay off legal expenses that the membership never knew were being run up and they never voted for.  Everyone of the PCs I asked said it was unnecessary and unethical to run up such a bill without telling the members.  It seems this new chair, N. Ordowski, is very secretive and does not communicate well and stands accused of giving the district to the establishment. Here's what I find unbelievable and unacceptable. This PC of which I speak asked for a return of the donation due to not having been told they, the leaders, were planning to attempt to ruin the PCs reputation.  They lied by withholding material information and made the accusation of dishonesty against a PC is the only way I can think to call it.  With the PC then aware of this, a request for a refund of the donation was made.  No answer was given yes or no.  A second request went out and the PC was told a refund might be made if the MCRC and/or AZGOP picked up the cost of the expenses unethically incurred by the Chairman. Now I ask you rational people, why would either of those boards pick up expenses run up by a district board when they didn't even alert the membership about what they were doing until they had done it?  This PC has publicly supported the board during a difficult time.  Then got the boot later.

Here is more to the story.  Several members I spoke with said at least two of the board members are probably very upset the way the district is being run and their refusal to refund monies paid in good faith to help leaders who have not shown good faith themselves, have not been forthright and have been secretive as though the PCs had no business knowing what they were doing.  I have also been told by several old-timers that no one goes to the district meetings anymore due to terrible leadership.  I've heard attendance of anywhere from 30-40 people show up.  Until this board took over, more than 100 PCs showed up, 120+ if there was a really good program. Although I am not a PC due to being a registered Independent for much of my time in Arizona, I have attended some meetings over the years and I can attest that the room was always packed. Today, I would stand out as an outsider.

The rest of the story is simple. When elected officials like Sen. Allen and John McCain actively work against the precinct committeemen, it's bad.  When the Chairmen actively make decisions so bad that good people drop out, that is really bad.  This is how we are systematically losing our party.  These are the people I think are turning our state blue by bad leadership and bad treatment of our workers.  There are efforts by leaders in other Lds doing the same such as LD17, LD24, LD25 and so on.  Oh, and I should have said something about the horrible way LD28 functions. They don't function. They just ignore any real republican who happens to show up which most of them don't bother any more. K.Petsas is a mess as a leader. More like a dictator, similar to LD23.

Just like I have had enough of the rotten establishment Republicans, I've had enough of the feeble district leaders.  Doing the right thing is hard but they can do better than they are.

Power corrupts absolutely, even a tiny bit of power.  Power is fleeting but the people who get trampled live on and go somewhere else to spend their energy.  Step up, PCs and protect each other against the bad leadership we endure for the good of the state and country. It's time.

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We the people see the corruption and have very little power over the entrenched corrupt carbahal except at the ballot box .
Drain the swamp

Most people just think - Well that is the way Govt is

I commend you for getting this all down on paper. People's actions are the more truthful indicators of their intentions than their words or promises. What you trace, here, are actions that paint a clear picture of the disarray in which our party finds itself. 

The day I decided to commit to organizing the special meeting to remove the chairman, it was because I had come to the point of such disgust with what was going on that I felt I either had to leave the party or do something about it. I realized that I could NOT leave the party, because republicanism is the only thing that can save the nation. So I decided to make an absolute commitment to forcing Chairman Lines to a meeting and a vote to remove. I was very gratified to receive more signatures than were required. I mention this by way of letting you know that there remain in this party some hundreds of  courageous people who were willing to put themselves on the line against those who are working to end republicanism in Arizona. I salute every one of them.

Thank you, Marianne for your message. I have been trying to decide whether this article has merit to send out. I was kind of getting stuff off my chest I guess.  The primary admin leaves it to us team members to make those decisions and I'm the lone Independent but very conservative. I think I will, thinking about both of the comments here and the 3 likes.  I'm glad you had the guts to do the recall. It matters.

Team2-- As a conservative person, I know myself and my brethren well. We always think twice before speaking out. It's the way things ought to be. Unfortunately, the time in which we live has turned it all upside down. We can't live the way we know we ought to , till we flush these tyrants out. I have come to understand that it is a fatal error, given the dynamics of the struggle we are in, to hold back communication in any way. Here's why: Our opponents have been winning for many decades only by stealth. If people had realized what they were doing, they would have been rejected at the start. They have done a great job of keeping their true nature and motivations hidden, and we have tried, over the decades, but have NOT done enough to expose them for what they are. Equally as important, we have hesitated to call them by their names. We need to call them out as RINOs, as globalists, as autocrats, as liars, as traitors to the republic. Whatever the truth is at the time!  I know it does not come naturally to conservatives. We need to convince ourselves that it is deleterious to our nation and ourselves to be polite to traitors working from within to undermine and destroy our party, our government, and our nation state. 

There is only one cure for that. EXPOSURE. As conservatives or conservative independents, we need to dedicate ourselves to exposing the corruption all around us and the people responsible for it. But also, we must make certain that we constantly expose our conservative ideas, in every way we can. it's the only way to make other people aware of the dynamics that we see clearly.

Communication as the most important contribution we can make! We need to make a whole lot of noise, to win this. In your case, the combination of research AND communication is unbeatable! 

I'd like to ask you a question, Team2, Having researched this quite thoroughly, what do you anticipate will occur at the mandatory meeting? I believe the RINOs are planning some gambit that will shift power even more away from the conservatives in the party, making it even easier for the remaining LDs to be turned RINO, freezing out conservatives. 

I'll second that question.  Been thinking about that myself.  We need to be prepared.

Hello again, Marianne. I have been pondering your question and asking around. I think you have put your finger on the button.  The people in the AZ GOP office are weasels. Think of the most underhanded thing and that is what they will do. I think that J. McCain's illness, and I think, death (at least where he's active in the party again) in a few months, will have an impact in the short term. It sure seems he is still pulling the strings now.  I expect they are looking for a palace coup but I can find no real action that will happen. There does seem to be some kind of motion in that direction but no one wants to talk about it which makes me think it's not serious enough to do any damage to the RINO rats in AZ GOP or rogue districts.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with so many of our district chairs. They lazy? Lack creativity? Have control issues? Think being a district chair is a highfaluting accomplishment? (most of them run unopposed bc the good guys don't need the aggravation.) But whatever it is, Team2, you are sure right.  we have some second-rate people running the party. I applaud Slaton for being the really good guy and agree he should run for AZGOP chairman. But whats up with LD23? That was my old district a dozen years ago. Is it worth shooing off someone who works and helps over a few dollars? Give the PC their money and keep them happy. OK, they are probably already not happy but get them back.  Do it for the rest of us to benefit from someone worth having!  How hard is that. Of course for LD24 & LD28, it's a hopeless case. And poor Yuma. Lines has relatives to take over until the next century. That is also a lost cause.

Excellent article, and I agree wholeheartedly, but have one quibble.  Quoting the article:

"... rescued that Committee from a bunch of libertarians.  Libertarians should not be running a Republican Committee."

I'm sure you already know this, but the important distinction between lower case 'l' libertarian and upper case 'L' Libertarians needs to be emphasized here.  Barry Goldwater, Rand Paul, and other of our principled Republican allies were/are lower-case 'l' libertarians.  We need more libertarians like these in the GOP. 

Upper-case 'L' Libertarians, however, are members of the Libertarian Party. 

You make a good point Arthur. As I said, I primarily do research for this team and these were definitely black-hearted Libertarians as the leaders, not libertarians.  I made that change.

Okay, now for a comment from the bleachers. I was a PC years ago. I quit for all those same reasons. It was very obvious to me, at the time, that the leadership did not agree with my conservative principles.

That's the problem in a nutshell. Too many different ideas among the leadership people. Remember most of us have grown up through a public school systems, thus most of us still think the great ideas that they were taught are good ideas. Well most of those ideas are in fact communism.

And of course there is the outright corrupt people that are taking your monies.

Solution: learn how to weed out the communists! There must be some questions that the communists will always fail on and once they do they can be weeded out.





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