It was our abundant hope that  Jonathan Lines would realize he is the worst AZGOP Chairman in recent memory.  We think he does know that but like his mentor, John McCain, he doesn't consider that a problem.  After all, Lines broke every promise he made to get elected in January 2017 while denying he was connected to McCain, hardly knew the guy, he claimed.  AFA was having none of that and you can check that in several articles we published then. (Search Jonathan Lines AZGOP)

Now we have three candidates running for that position.  The election will be held on January 26, 2019.  It will go as planned for the past several years.  Here is how we predict it goes;

Lines and the McCain/Ducey Machine carefully placed precinct committeemen in many districts in Arizona to give their vote (via proxy) over to the Lines camp.  Together with the sincere McCain lovers in the party, of which there are many sycophants, and add in the electronic voting system Robert Graham installed to control who gets power in the Republican party in this state, real conservatives have scant chance of a win.  Formerly conservative districts elected State Committeemen who won't vote for anyone but Lines, while leaving true conservatives waiting at the alter of election!  McCain lives on!  

But it can be done.

If you read Republican Briefs, you have seen a couple of articles submitted by Tim Horn laying out his ONEgop© plan for Frank Thorwald.  AFA declined to publish those articles.  For whatever reason, Tim thought Thorwald could be brought into the conservative camp.  We at AFA, and others, told Tim that Frank is joined with Robert Graham, who promised him the AZGOP Donor list if he would run.  Tim, being a loyalist to the core, fell under Thorwald's spell for a few weeks, not knowing that a snake is a snake, donor list or not!

Well take heart, right-minded Republicans.  Tim has seen the light and we won't be seeing any more of those "support Frank Thorwald" messages anywhere now.  Tim has taken his plan to the Ward camp.  Hallelujah!

Here is the message from Tim Horn, who wants to be the Executive Director of AZGOP:

This is a message from Tim Horn, designated Executive Director of AZGOP for the Thorwald 2019 AZGOP campaign. My recent Republican involvement includes working on public and Party campaigns, being a Precinct Committeeman, a Precinct Captain, a State Committeeman, and past 1stVice Chair of LD23. I also was part of our AZGOP delegation to the Cleveland National Convention, hosted a conservative talk show, worked for the Tea Party, drove in the Trump motorcades, had millions of YouTube views of my conservative commentary as “Joe American”, wrote and recorded about ½ million conservative robocalls in 2018 and wrote the Amazon book “Ruling the Elite”. I am a “NON-Establishment” Republican. As those of us who are very involved in politics know, it is that surprising things tend to happen. The election of the Chairman of our Party is no exception. Like many others, I am very troubled by our Party’s continued demise in Arizona. Much of it is caused by our battling with others within our Party, instead of battling our actual opponents, the Democrats. Unless we make immediate change, 2018 results will likely be repeated in 2020.
In an effort to reverse our direction, I devised a 17 point strategy I named ONEgop©.A couple months ago I discussed this plan with Frank Thorwald, who offered some details. Frank wanted to run for AZGOP Chair. Since I see Frank as an Establishment guy, but open to the views of my side of the Party and also noting his willingness to adopt ONEgop©tenets, I agreed to work with him to deliver a “combination” competitor against the present Establishment AZGOP Chairman, Jonathan Lines. If victorious, ONEgop© would provide both sides a place at the administration table to heal our Party. Frank then announced his campaign to run against Lines, and if elected, he would appoint me Executive Director. Several weeks later, the unexpected happened; Kelli Ward decided she was going to run for AZGOP Chair and to formally announce on 11/26. There would then be TWO candidates running on the Non-Establishment side, putting it in a position of being divided and then conquered at the election. 
Before that announcement we had an original meeting of the Ward and Thorwald camps on 11/24/18. We all reviewed where we were and determined that neither side was willing to stand down at that time. However, it was agreed by both sides that we would meet again on 12/28 and at that time, whichever campaign was behind in committed votes would fold into support the leading candidate so as to avoid split complications for the Non-Establishment. We subsequently held that scheduled 12/28 meeting. Disappointedly, Frank did not attend, nor did he offer a reason why. The obvious low campaign activity level and no provision of data on commitments added up to a very negative picture. But there was good news from that meeting; Kelli reviewed and stated her support for every one ofthe 17 points in ONEgop©.In addition, she is working hard to get elected, and has garnered an impressive committed list of voters. So, for the sake of having a single selection for my Non-Establishment colleagues and for mitigating our Party differences to assure our success in the coming election, I am doing what I agreed to do in November and folding in with the Ward campaign. I urge everyone from the Non-Establishment AND Establishment sides to get behind the Ward campaign to Chair our Party and combine us into a Team for Victory in 2020! 
. ////The original plan was that we would run together, but I have never been asked to any public meeting by Frank./////

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Snake from day one

Do you have a copy of these 17 points?

Yes.  I will ask the author if they can be posted here.

Kelli Ward is my choice.

I met Lines and as they would say back in the Southern Coalfields of WV where I was born and reared "That boy reminds me of a used car salesman Monday through Saturday and a preacher on Sunday who then fleeces his flock".

As requested, here is the ONEgop© Position Paper.  Please note: this is a copywrited document.


We have asked Tim Horn to address two very important additional issues in this document or in the campaign he will be working with:  Proxies at the AZGOP that control leadership and are controlled by current and past leadership.  The other is the AZGOP leaders in office the past six years have failed to address the coming Redistricting of our state.  You can search "redistricting" on this site.   We documented the shenanigans of the last Commission and lobbied Chairman Robert Graham to start immediately to recruit some true Independents to serve on the next one.  The Independent member is the Chairman of that Commission and has great power.  That never happened. In a search, you will find how that power was wielded to get democrat-heavy districts and stacking of Republican districts.

Thanks, AFA, for this list.  I'm particularly interested in the two issues you raise that are not included in the 17 points.  One, the proxy issue is acute now.  Can you verify a rumor I heard from an LD23 PC?  That Tim Horn voted 10 proxies, every single vote in his entire precinct?  If true, is he going to be interested in limiting proxies?  The proxy issue is part of statute but I bet our legislators never envisioned the extreme proxy use.  If no one in your precinct is interested in attending such an important meeting, why are they PCs?

Second, we saw the so called independent Chairman of the Redistricting Commission break the open meetings law (or so it seems) or at least, skirted around it in a dishonorable way. She was a big time democrat donor from Tucson pretending to be independent. That needs to be fixed in 2021. The dems have no scruples.  Thanks for your efforts in reporting on this in 2011.  At least we know that stacking created a majority in AZ and not a lot of new dem voters.

Just an addendum to our original post of the 17 point list, one of our team also alerted Kelli Ward of the need for paying attention to the proxy and redistricting problems. 

Okay, people. I'm not a state committeeman and Baby Jonathan will see to it I'll never be. If you read my note in Briefs, he and Yuma Chairman Russ Jones manipulated the SC election last month before anyone could catch their breath. I bet the same will happen at the state meeting. If I could be there, I'd be making demands before they had a chance to start their evil plan. They'll have control of the proxies and they'll have control of the parliamentarian. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Connie, Some of us will be on alert and yes we are afraid of the shenanigans that are in motion. Lines can not be voted in -- he may very well succeed but not without a fight.

I was just elected SC.

I'll be praying, Patricia. Give it all you got. I'll be praying.

Connie, I promise you I will give it my all.





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