Why Did Excomm Strike Chris Campbell's (3rd Vice chair) Comments from the Yuma Minutes?

Not a soul objected, this Saturday, when the executive committee approved the minutes of the June Flagstaff meeting, with little or no discussion. But they should have objected, because, at that Flagstaff meeting someone moved to strike a very important statement from the minutes of Yuma’s March meeting.

The Flagstaff motion passed, so now that statement is missing from the official record. It was a complaint, really, about Chairman Lines’ insistence that the group vote on an estimate, rather than a real budget. I think it’s important that the readers of the Briefs know what Chris Campbell said. So I’m quoting it here, from my copy of the Yuma minutes:

“Christopher Campbell, Third Vice Chair told the committee that he did not feel comfortable accepting a budget that was not clear and why was the committee not given a copy of the budget or why was not a full formal presentation as there has been in years past, so the committee knew what was being approved.”

As discussion ensued, it became clear that Chairman Lines was intent on getting a vote, which would make this budget official. But it was not a budget. It was an estimate of a budget, as someone in the group noted with the comment, “How are we supposed to vote on an estimate?”

In answer, I heard Chairman Lines insist, “I need you to vote on this budget.” I wondered at the fact that it sounded like he needed the vote to make the budget official more than he needed the actual budget. Until Flagstaff, I didn’t give this much thought. But, then, in Flagstaff, someone went out of their way to get Chris Campbell’s words stricken from the Yuma minutes—the official record. Doing that means it’s like he never said those words. Why would ANY words about the budget, by the third vice chair, need to be stricken?

Next month, bylaws changes go up to vote. The bylaws committee that created them is not permitted in the current bylaws. But leadership created it anyway. I believe the leadership cannot be trusted with something as potentially gamechanging as bylaws changes. Bylaws changes can change rules from fair to punitive.  One RINO operative on Saturday stated that the new bylaws WILL prevent all elected officials from removing documents from 24th St. That expressly prevents Gabby ever getting her secretarial documents. She said “WILL,” not "may.” I think they have a plan to pass THEIR bylaws, not ours.

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The corruption obviously runs very deep !
Drain the swamp


You are so right in this article. I was at the Yuma EC meeting and I was one of three that objected to voting on a "proposed" budget. As far as I could see, it carried no weight. To this day, as far as I know, no budget has been approved since Jonathan Lines took office. 

As to the Yuma minutes being amended in Flagstaff, I also objected to the change. Being a Secretary for one of our GOP committees, it is not my policy or the committee's policy to delete what has been said. The only time we amend is when I have not properly documented the information discussed at the meeting. What Christopher Campbell said in Yuma were words that he spoke and I would never have been asked to strike them. They would stand as written! What difference would it have made since the words spoken by Chris certainly can't be "un-heard!" 

Just like the Obama years. No budget means there are no limits, no checks, no balances. We are now hearing that the Pentagon and one other agency spent between $21Trillion and $29Trillion from late 1990s and 2015. Who gave them a check book and or the authority to spend money not voted by Congress. Have we had a budget or maybe just estimates which are vague and a lot like smoke, here one minute and gone the next.

You are so right. It's just like the Obama years. The lesson we must take, here, is that RINOs have infiltrated and hijacked our party, not only with the Mitch McConnells and Paul Ryans at the national level, but with all the people who are slowly strangling the AZGOP from within. 

We now have one more chance, at the Mandatory Meeting, to outvote these @#$%)(*  and to reclaim, reform, reinvigorate, redefine, reconfigure, and rededicate our Arizona Republican Party in the image of the country as founded. We can't sit back and groan, anymore, at what they are doing. We have to simply stand up and open our mouths to refuse to accept the lawlessness, anymore. 

So glad you commented, as we sat at the same table at the Yuma excomm. Both of us heard the same things and we both remember. When Timothy Schwartz stood up to object to the leadership's strange budget gambit, he found that he was the only one, other than Chris Campbell, who had the gumption to do so.  Immediately, the chairman called him out of order. He objected to that. Then, Kim Owens and the chairman tag-teamed Timothy with parliamentary jargon, all aiming at calling him out of order, until he sat down. I was stunned by this, and will never forget it. What I saw that day--the first excomm I had ever attended--did not strike me as the proper way to hold such a meeting. I did not see professionalism. I saw manipulation, rather than facilitation. I saw bullying, rather than respect. I saw signs of an agenda other than assisting the excomm in sorting out important issues facing the party.  I must say, it is farcical for such things to be going on in an institution as old as this party. Or it would be, if it weren't so sad.  I have posted a side-by-side comparison of the current AZGOP bylaws and the NEW Proposed, totally rewritten, AZGOP Bylaws.  I lined up each bylaw, so you can look across from one to the other and see how the new bylaws differ. Go to SpeakUpSaveAmerica.com to see them. It's rather fascinating to see some of the differences. The very first article sets the tone. The new bylaws start with the purpose of the party. The current bylaws do not seem to have one. 

Sounds like hillary, what difference does it make

I missed that.  Thanks for pointing it out, Marianne.

Ann Rand said: “There are two potential violators of man's rights: the criminals and the government. The great achievement of the United States was to draw a distinction between these two — by forbidding to the second the legalized version of the activities of the first.

Our constitutional form of government cannot survive if we continue to allow special interests too ignore our law, hide behind a veil of secrecy, and control our system of government. Presently here in the state of Arizona, we have the Republican party attempting, successfully I might add, exercising manipulative control of its members. They demonstratively show that it is okay to hold closed door meetings, not allow locally elected leaders to participate, deny state level outsiders to not have records adequate to function in their elected positions; they deceive their grass root members, and manipulate or otherwise simply ignore their own rules of conduct.

The above statement includes the ignoring and our state party bylaws by the present bylaws committee! We must think through why.

We must stop this autocratic and authoritarian behavior. We need to ask why a bylaws committee needs to be conducted in secret? Why would a confidentiality agreement be required to participate in the group, when appointed or elected via county chairman or a local LD meeting? Why would a bylaws committee chair prevent someone sent to represent their county or LD from attending? Even more pertinent, why would committee members themselves, be denied the ability to communicate with one another? Who actually is on the bylaws committee? The cabal won’t tell you! Why not?

We must start to take control of our party AND ACT, or it will soon not be “our” party – at all.

Adolph Hitler said: "How fortunate for governments, that the people they govern don't think"!

We must ponder what is occurring. Bylaws that allow the behaviors I have cited have to change. The Republican Party is ours. Of the people. It exists to support republican principles. Not special interests.

If we don’t take control of OUR party, it soon will be THEIR party. Is that what we want?

I have a solution, and I am going to give each of us a chance to change the cabal’s control of our party. First, read/understand our bylaws!  I have submitted a new set of bylaws.  They are posted at https://www.speakupsaveamerica.com/ in a comparison format with our current bylaws.  Go compare the two, and perhaps, we can actually fix them.

What I have submitted is not perfect, but with a new, legally created, bylaws committee, we can fix them the way our grass roots wants them to be.

In any event, we need to end the blatant manipulation thst is going on!





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