[Editor: We continue to say: like the U.S. Constitution, as Benjamin Franklin said, [Bylaws] are for a moral people. [They] are useless for any other. You can say the same about rules, policies, etc. Organizations shouldn't have to have cops on site in order to follow the Bylaws and the rules.  We talk about the Democrats but the Republicans are world-class rules violators, in too many instances.]

By Myrna Lieberman, founder Mobilization of Conservatives®

When I relocated from the progressive state of New Jersey to the great state of Arizona, I never realized that “Yavapai County Republican Women” (YCRW) seems to think they live in Australia (not to insult the Australians) because I just experienced my first kangaroo court.

I became a duly elected secretary for the Executive Board of YCRW 2018-2019 on November 27, 2017, was installed as an officer on January 22, 2018, and fired on February 22, 2018 which is an amazingly short tenure.

I was figuratively tarred, feathered and run out on a rail.

The people who wanted my removal were everything: Investigators, judge and jury.
The goal was to derail me from ever getting a seat on the Executive Board starting from the Nomination Committee until the time I was removed. The Nomination Chair did not arrange to have one meeting to interview all the candidates and review our applications. I was the only candidate at my meeting. All the candidates ran unopposed. On Election night, to my surprise the President announced from the podium that I had a challenger and that my challenger was the Chair of the Nomination Committee! The chair never announced my challenger’s intention and seemingly did not possess the technical skills needed to be Secretary not having email, texting or possession of a cell phone.

The most egregious was not informing me fully of the no less than 20 unsubstantiated allegations and denying me due process.

The Board never presented me an opportunity to discuss any concerns. Their decision was either I resign or be threatened with an investigation. I was never informed of all the charges, and not given time to prepare for my defense nor even told the date of the investigation. I was denied copies of recordings and minutes.

As the duly elected Secretary I was responsible for records and to keep a current inventory of club property.  All records were to be given to the successors upon vacating the office. I was accused of denigration when I asked to see the inventory as the records were never received.

One of allegations told to me is that being a member of the Executive Board and a State Committeemen, my Facebook posts “denigrated” Republican candidate for Senate (AZ) Martha McSally.

My Facebook posts were entered under my group “Mobilization of Conservatives®” or my name. The bylaws prevent the clubs from endorsement but there is no bylaw preventing me as a private citizen. Candidates play to a generally uniformed audience and I had the audacity to point to this candidate’s deficiencies. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are “conducting rampant censorships” targeting Conservatives for violation of “site rules”. Why is this club joining forces with them to shut down Conservative voices?

I was described as disruptive and not a team player.

There is a difference between being disruptive and a dissenter. I wanted to address the shortcomings in their bylaws and was passionate in my belief. They wanted to maintain the status quo, I wanted to challenge it. The Board wanted to re-invite two Republican women. One was suspended from another Republican club because she was the campaign manager for the Democrat candidate. The other woman lost the Republican primary and endorsed the Democrat candidate. I was passionate that these invitations not be extended as these women violated the bylaws and I suggested a bylaw be introduced to address that members who endorse or support opposition party candidates face the consequence of expulsion. I emphasized that 2018 was a significant election year for Arizona. I believed taking this action would prevent the disloyalties demonstrated during the recent bipartisan elections. The President would not allow discussion on my proposed bylaw. A vote was taken to re-invite the two women and I was the lone dissenter.

I was told that” going beyond parameters” when I contacted the Federation.
The local Executive Board refused to tell me what was involved in an investigation. I then proactively contacted the Federation who began to provide information until their communication suddenly and unexpectedly ceased. There is no bylaw that prohibits such contact and members of the club are automatically members of the Federation.

One of the allegations is that my shout out at the Arizona GOP meeting in Phoenix was not becoming as a member of the Club nor as a State Committeeman.
This club seems to have two different sets of rules: one for the Conservatives and the other for the Republican Establishment. The ranking Establishment members were sitting behind me at the meeting and their shout out was targeted at the Conservatives. I was told directly that the shout out was tempered because of me.

What were the motivations for this coup to remove me as a duly elected board member?
I have upheld the policies and objectives of all of the clubs of which I was/am a member and I have performed the duties of elected office. I have not violated any of the bylaws or standing rules, nor were there any complaints of ethics violations as a member of those organizations. When there are disagreements or concerns the goal of an organization should be “Let’s all reason together”. This club did not present any such opportunity. Investigations are reserved for only the most egregious of offenses. This investigation was based on very shaky grounds, not limited to actual duties not performed or rules broken but on personality issues and ideology differences. They knew I was a principled Conservative and was not a “go along just to get along” type. They were not willing to even try to resolve or work with a difference of opinion. The club expected 100% harmony but to do that, you would have to harmonize with them, you would have to conform. I am not a “good ole’ girl” and I don’t follow the bouncing ball. I didn’t give up my First Amendment rights when I became a duly elected officer of this club, or did I give them up when I became an elected State Committeeman or when I attend a Republican meeting.

Modern democracy is predicated on principles of due process and the assumption of innocence as stated in the U.S. Constitution. How can these clubs call themselves Republicans when they are so unmoored from these tenets? Do they assume the role of a junta? Who needs elections when they can be nullified by opaque bylaws? My forced vacancy was immediately filled by the board until the next biennial election. Any good Republican should be concerned about this type of action.

The Federation is well aware of the shameful conduct of this club and let’s hope it will have the integrity to force the necessary reforms at the local club level.

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Drain the swamp

Jay, we have  a large swamp here in Prescott and it is growing.   Thank you for your support

Simply appalling.  Complete lack of integrity and, certainly beyond any justice.  It's sort of frightening when these corrupt pols simply dump on those who refuse to simply conform.  Demoregressives in Republican clothing.

I understand that the President of the Federation is well aware of what is going on .  They only care about the money that comes from the bottom up to them.   Thank you for your words of support . I want everyone to know that these Republican groups  are frauds. 

Myrna: the name Mobilization of Conservatives suggests you could be a problem to the RINOs. Though I detest the term "conservative" which by definition is one who wishes to maintain the status quo I agree there is a dire need to mobilize those who believe in lawfully constituted government. Doing so offers the best and perhaps only way to avoid the civil war looming on our horizon.

I suggest there are but three items that should be the basis for "mobilizing" in an effort to regain control of what is clearly a rogue (criminal) government. These are:

1. America's PROBLEM is too many people refusing to recognize the importance of James 4:17 and to honor the passage by doing what is right. 

2. A result of this PROBLEM is Federal action that's exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated people's rights.

3. Every American should be willing to support the 1994 pledge of 30 Republican governors to "restore to the states and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed them under the Constitution;" a GOAL.

If enough people had the common sense to accept these items as the basis for "mobilizing" they could then proceed to identify the objectives lying on the GOAL's critical path, unite on actions of common interest in pursuing the GOAL via a plan that would permit them to retain their freedom to pursue their special interests, and hopefully move a step closer to satisfying the GOAL.  Unfortunately, common sense doesn't grow in everyone's garden. 

Hi Walter, The first thing said to me ( paraphrasing) was that I was a strong Conservative.  I am and that is what they didnt want . Thank you for your support

I question if you are a true "conservative" wanting to retain the status quo Myrna. From your writing I'm guessing you are a radical like myself; one who wants to get to the root of a problem and solve it. Is my guess right or wrong?

This is very disturbing. Republicans acting just like what we abhor in democrats. The lines are officially so blurred that even at this low level, people get drunk with power because they run a minor organization. It might not be minor in a small town like prescott but in the scheme of things, this is despicable behavior for nothing. AZGOP does this garbage. Recently I read in Briefs some really nasty "resolutions" against  someone. I asked a friend I know who is in that organization and she used the term kangaroo court for how the so-called leaders treated their treasurer. Come to think of it, wasn't one of those "resolutions" from Yavapai, too?  Is there an epidemic of ugly republicans in that county?  This is sure not the definition of "leadership." Stay strong, Myrna. Their day will come.

Thank you Pat J. I  want to thank Arizona [Freedom] Alliance and people like you who keep me strong 

Myrna: Please forgive us, but we added the word Freedom to your comment.  Freedom is the most important part of our name.  We hope you don't mind.

Thank you for adding it to my comment
It is this word that makes our country great and gives me the opportunity to share my story

What happened to you, Myrna, was that you were the victim of a drive-by ad hominem attack by the "RINOs-in-charge."  In their little minds, you are NOT one of them. As soon as they ascertained that, your fate was sealed. You, a conservative, have no business influencing their group, because only RINO influences are allowed--PERIOD! 

This is how RINOs see the world. And we are seeing it--are we not--in the state Republican Party, today! They are blocking every single attempt we make to increase our influence in the state party. 

And, at the national level, we find the very same behavior in Congress. Just today, what happened? They passed an obscene spending bill that gave the Democrats everything they wanted, and refused to give a dime to Trump's Wall.  There has never been a more clearcut demonstration of the true nature of our situation: 


Driving home, this evening, I heard Mark Levin ranting about this despicable act by our so-called "Republican" representatives in Congress. We elected those people, because they told us they were for what we are for. Well, they lied. I hear that every senator and representative gets an average of about $4.5 million a year from lobbyists to guarantee their vote for globalism, unchecked immigration, unchecked spending--all the things they need to destroy America. 

We should thank them, because they have finally presented us the a crystal clear picture of two alternatives. Either we keep trying to wrest control of our party, and die trying, or we do a complete "end-around" these RINOs. There are other ways to skin a cat.

Many of us are in our seventies. We are the waning generation that is the last generation that remembers how it was, before the globalists got their talons deep into our culture. The essence of the culture that was still America -- We still carry it. As the carriers of perhaps the most precious commodity in this nation, we owe it to the Founders--and to our grandchildren--to spend our remaining years  passing that culture on, in the most efficient way possible. Let's find that way. The GOP definitely is NOT IT.  





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