The MCRC Bylaws Committee has met and proposed five bylaw amendments.  These proposals, which will be voted on at the MCRC January meeting, are attached below.

Did you know that we are NOT limited to these five bylaw amendments that were proposed by the Bylaws Committee?  You can propose amendments to the MCRC bylaws at your own LD meeting.  Passing a simple resolution with a majority vote at your LD meeting is all you need to do.  The resolution must contain the text of your proposed bylaw amendment, along with reasons for support.

After your resolution is passed, be sure to send it to the MCRC Executive Board (and announce it here on Arizona Freedom Alliance)  According to the bylaws, the MCRC leadership should then include your proposal with the call letter for the January MCRC meeting.

Just for reference, here is the actual text of the current MCRC bylaws that provide for the process of amending the MCRC bylaws:

Section 1 - The Amendment of Bylaws at Regular Meetings

These Bylaws may be amended at MCRC meetings by a two-third (2/3) vote of members, present in person or by proxy, provided that the amendment has complied with the following two (2) provisions,

(1) The amendment has been proposed by the Bylaws Committee, the EGC, or a District Committee, and

(2) A copy of the proposed amendment and the reasons for support has been sent to the duly elected PCs, with the notice of the time and place of such Statutory Organizational or Mandatory Meeting.

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I have my doubts in this swamp

Rightly so.  But if you let those doubts prevent you from acting, the swamp wins by default.

We have a district chair who does absolutely nothing.  Yeah, a few golden tickets were distributed but she doesn't inspire anyone to want to work.  There is no way our district will get in the bylaw amendment fight.  Members would vote to amend but the chairman, not so much.

Hi Jaspersgoat, the Chair does not have to do anything on this! You have the power as a member.   All the LD's  are supposed to follow Robert's Rules of Order (RONR), and, under those rules, any member can introduce business.  It just takes a motion during the New Business part of the meeting.  Once the motion is seconded, the rules require that the motion be debated (if there is any debate), and voted on.  If a majority votes "yes", it is done!

Unless your Chair actively tries to kill your motion, that is all there is to it.

OTOH, if your Chair does try to kill it, you can overcome that with a little knowledge of RONR.  And I can help with that.

? why does by proxy voting bother me? I assume that a proxy vote has in law something like a requirement that the proxy vote have a notary stamp.

I recall that proxy voting was a big issue.

Proxy's a big issue because, among other things,

  • There are those who use proxy's to "game" the system.  There is a faction in the party that recruits "paper pc's" solely to get extra votes to control the party.
  • Proxy's S-L-O-W D-O-W-N our annual meetings by preventing legitimate voice votes.  Each and every vote must be counted, which effectively prevents any business from being conducted other than that which has been pre-approved by the powers that be.

There are more issues but those are two of the big ones.

Well I'm confused!  When I first read this on the Republican Briefs this AM, I thought it was referring to the AZGOP By-Laws committee making amendments.  Why else would the article call for other LD/Co committees to do the same and submit them for the January meeting.  Guess I am just nuts and wishful thinking that someone would actually call an AZGOP By-Laws committee meeting and propose some changes for the AZGOP January meeting.  Bummer!

Hi Shirley, good point; I'm in Maricopa County, and I was quoting the MCRC bylaws.  So other counties may have different rules.

Regarding the AZGOP, that is an entirely different process, and needs to be addressed separately.  I anticipate more discussion on those as we approach January.





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