Current Yuma County/State Chairman Jonathan Lines pulled out all the stops this evening to be sure his hand-picked candidate, former State Representative Russ Jones, would take his place as Chair of the Yuma County Republican Central Committee. Talk show host Russ Clark withdrew his name at the last moment, so it was a contest between me and Jones.


One of the points I was going to make in my stump speech was the dwindling number of PCs, especially from 2014 to 2016. At last count, we had 51 (that's 24% of the seats.)


Of course, a larger crowd collected for the meeting tonight. I didn't recognize many faces, but didn't think much about it until a doctor with whom I serve on a hospital committee signed in as a PC. I didn't recall seeing his name on the PC list before. When asked how he came to be there, he said Jones talked him into coming.


I then noticed the PC list was markedly different from the one on the Elections Office website. I happened to have a copy with me. It was explained the filled in spaces represented newly appointed PCs, confirmed by our Board of Supervisors the first week in May. How convenient.


As usual, Lines was not present. Our 1st Vice Chair announced we had 95 PCs, at which time I spoke out, saying we only had 51 a month ago.


During my little speech, I mentioned this form of "ballot harvesting" as an example of how our efforts can be better spent. Whoever came up with all these new PCs so quickly should have been doing so before the last election and not make our numbers look so paltry.


If Jonathan had put as much effort into updating our website as he did in keeping me from being elected Chair, people wouldn't open it up and see the name of a previous Mayor and Supervisors who are no longer serving.


Had the election been held a month ago (when it should have been, according to our Bylaws,) Jones may still have won, but it would have been a squeaker. As it was, 79 votes were counted (including proxies) and Jones won 52 to 27. Nothing will change in Yuma County.


My best,

Connie Uribe

[Editor: Lines is closely connected to Robert Graham, former AZGOP Chairman.  When Graham heard Jim O'Connor, former chair of LD23, the largest and most conservative district in the state in terms of registered Republicans, he hand-picked Lines to run against O'Connor and then finessed the vote for Lines.  If Arizona Republicans ever get serious about taking their party back from John "I'm confused, Help me out" McCain, they are going to have to adopt the same process the Dems use.  They are going to have to stop the moaning, get organized, stay together and vote as a block.  So far as we know, the Arizona Republican Assembly (AZRA) is the only organization in AZ equipped to do that. But it means Republicans must get off their collective sofas and join the movement! Follow us @TeamFreedomAZ on Twitter]

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Right on, AFA. Everyone, hook up with AZRA and let's get organized.  What happened to Connie in Yuma is happening in other districts and so long as McCain buys paper PCs, the real republicans will be left sitting on their hands.

The "good old boy" syndrome is in full force in Arizona!  Business as usual. Disgusting!!!!

As of this moment, Yuma County still hasn't updated the list of PCs on the internet. For Trump's election, there were 51, and Lines didn't make much effort to recruit more, even with McCain up for re-election. And then along comes the prodigal Russ Jones, who hasn't attended a meeting since losing to Darin Mitchell in LD13, and a bite from the need-to-serve bug restores his ambition to maintain the status quo. Jones mentioned in his speech he wants to be "inclusive," whatever the heck that means. Me? I want to drain the swamp. The following week I joined AzRA and I'm starting a chapter down here in Yuma.

While I'm against anything that resembles a 3rd party, but your ideas make sense. We MUST change this Grand Old Party from the inside-out. The younger generations need to know what integrity and ethics are. The young seem oblivious to the reality .. that a fight needs a weapon .. that being information which is dangerous to those who want to enslave us all. 

“Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.” - John Adams.

Judge the state of our state party by the outcomes we are seeing. The outcomes show a pattern, thus, an intent. The pattern that has now become positively glaring is that grassroots conservatives are being deliberately and systematically blocked from holding leadership positions. This has not only been the case at the very top of the state party administration. 

Legislative districts are increasingly becoming battlegrounds between the two sides of the party divide--RINO vs, grassroots conservative--all-too-often resulting in the active blocking of PC appointments, when the nominee is conservative.  The result is an increasing number of LDs that are so solidly RINO, that conservatives who live in those districts have little chance to participate. There are now many cases of  existing conservative PCs being unelectable, as state committeemen, in their districts, because RINOs enjoy a manufactured majority in the LDs. This can only be described as a serious disenfranchisement of duly registered Republicans who have taken an interest in working toward the goals of the party.

Meanwhile, did anyone notice what a truly wonderful platform was written at the Cleveland convention? But there is another question: How many of our elected officials, at any level, are actually following that platform? A different "P" word should probably be used for our platform. That word is "pablum," by which I mean it was intended to pay lip service to the conservatives among us, with never any intent to actually follow it--as we have seen.


Did you know that statewide, the K-12 School system has 45% Hispanic, 43% white and the rest "other"?  In Maricopa Co, the % is much higher.  That is a huge growing population!  We need to stop the bickering and fighting amongst each other.  Just keep fighting to register conservative US Hispanics and build up the conservative PCs without letting people know you are far right conservative.  If we can act as if we are united we can win.  If we keep bickering and showing ourselves as anti-RINO we will be attacked and loose.  We can get along and quit criticizing Lines and his staff and just each LD and County do the best they can to recruit real PCs, not just paper ones.  Remember, the more you criticize the more they dig in, resist, and attack.  I want to spend my energy working in my county to register voters, recruit the best PCs and candidates, get out the vote, and get them elected!!!  Of course we will not neglect the statewide offices next year too.  Will you join me in just doing the footwork and leaving the results to God?  This is what needs to be done!

I understand what you're saying, Shirley, but this is not about criticism. It's about accountability. All Republicans need to be held to the same high standard, but people holding office should to be held to a higher standard. That's a given. There is no room for the kind of sneaky, underhandedness that went on before this Yuma election. There is no excuse for leaders of our Party to divert from our core values. There's no reason our elected officials should sacrifice the constitutional rights of the American people. We must speak up. When President Reagan said to speak not ill of another Republican, he meant not to make personally slanderous remarks. Any actions harmful to the good of the Party are suspect and the members have every right to hold those responsible accountable. That's how we got in the mess we're in -- no one holds anyone accountable.

When we walked out of the meeting after the Yuma election, a fellow PC said, "Well, we just became Democrats." And he was right. The Democrats never criticize each other. They all get along and do whatever they please, violating one rule after another, as long as it gets them what they want.

Shirley;  "Stop criticizing Lines"  Connie has it right.  This man has knowingly committed an illegal act.  Is that what you want in the Republican party and as Chair?  Graham before him committed several illegal acts.  So why don't we  be the Illegal Party and be done with it.  It takes two to "get along" but I refuse to lower myself to cavort with criminals like Lines and Graham. If that's your values, that's your choice. This party is dying because of ppl like these two and McCain. 

"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."

I've had this poem tacked to my wall since the 70's and it all too true. So count on me to speak out!

God, I can assure you, did not mean turn the other cheek to criminals here on earth.  WE are God's hands and feet, we work through Him, not people like Lines.  Remember, when you stand for nothing your will fall for anything.  Looks like you  have done that.

I am not saying we should not hold them accountable.  It just seems like some folks are expending so much energy on AZGOP staff that they are not doing productive things.  Not that holding them accountable is not productive, it is just that so many outsiders are hearing the complaints that it turns them off.  We just have to register and recruit more conservatives than the McCain folks do.  The reason so many are fed up with the Republican Party and we have lost PCs is they do not want to be part of a back biting organization,  I haven't fallen for their song and dance, I just do not want to participate.  I have better things to do and our actions in our LDs and Counties will have more benefit ACTING LIKE WE ARE UNITED and keeping the holding them accountable more privately.

@Shirley  You seem to be saying that AFA should not reveal the facts about what is going on in AZGOP or that Connie should not be telling us of the chicanery in her district.  Let's just live in a bubble and ACT LIKE WE ARE UNITED when we aren't .  Where has that gotten us over the years?  It leaves us totally defenseless with no plan to restore the party that bad chairmen have ruined for a long time with two exceptions.  And look what the McCain crowd did to them.  You go ahead and ACT like we are united and I'm going to live in the real world and fight against idiot thieves as long as I am able.  It's not like we can ruin the republican party because it is already the swamp.  Name me ONE honest Congressman or Senator.  Thinking. Thinking.  MATBE Biggs will be the first but it's too soon to tell.

My deepest concerns with all that is transpiring these days within the party here in Arizona is the impact it is having on party registration.  After talking with many people who, until recently, were registered republicans, I can say without reservation that they are disgusted with party leadership.  I am asking them to stay the course within the party and work to take it back from the Establishment, as we have done in recent history. The sentiment seems to be that despite their efforts to dislodge those who do not represent them, their efforts don't bear fruit.

My experience as chairman of the AZ GOP was that of constant resistance from the Establishment Elite who fought not only me, because I was not one of them, but also the Grassroots, for the same reason.  Yet, we prevailed and for "one shining moment" had control of our destiny.  Then, it was gone, as the Establishment regained control of the state party.  

There is a lesson we can all learn from this.  It is, that we, the Grassroots, have the numbers. They the Establishment, have the money and the media.  We can win without them (and the election of President Trump proves that).  They cannot win without us.  (The election of President Trump proves that).

Please add the name of Congressman Paul Gosar to the list of Grassroots Conservatives who truly represent us. He is a proven patriot.  Just look at his congressional voting record.  





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