There is a level of diabolical evil at work in the mix of all the political intrigue and happenings in Washington, D.C.  While the release of the recent Inspector General’s Report that dominates the news cycle makes for sensational viewing, along with details connected thereto raising still many additional questions and concerns, there is a level of evil far above and beyond partisan politics also at work.


An FBI Special Agent, David Raynor, was murdered with his own service weapon after being stabbed multiple times.  His wife, Donna Fisher, was also found dead next to her husband, and they leave a young son now without his Mom and Dad.  Special Agent Raynor was expected to testify against Hillary Clinton demonstrating that Clinton actively and illegally participated in the concealment of Fast and Furious covering for the Obama administration.  Fast and Furious was the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry by a weapon which was part of many weapons deliberately released by the Obama administration to flow into the hands of Mexican cartels and other criminals.  In addition to testifying to this heinous act, Special Agent Raynor was going to testify before a U.S. Grand Jury that the Clinton Foundation had committed “sexual crimes against children with the full knowledge of Obama who assisted with the concealment of these absolutely heinous acts.  The recently released Inspector General’s Report stated clearly there is evidence of these crimes, and that they have been swept under the carpet at the highest levels. 


Mentioned below is the article covering this terrible event.  The evil associated with anything to do with Hillary and Bill Clinton is stunning.  Far beyond coincidence these two are closely associated with over two dozen killings.  Then the allegations prior to, and within, the Inspector General’s Report detailing how Obama and associates participated in the cover-up, and went even further colluding to make certain the Inspector General’s (IG) report was not released nor any other investigations were successful, including testimony before a U. S. Grand Jury.  I pray the entire evil House of Cards is exposed, and comes tumbling down!

Lyle J. Rapacki,Ph.D.




Editor:  The news is alive with stories of another dead FBI agent.  Here is another story about Agent Raynor.  Set to testify before a Grand Jury on Hillary's part in the Fast and Furious debacle with damning testimony, Raynor was found dead along with his wife the day before he was to testify.  Law enforcement is calling it a murder/suicide.  Sure!  To believe that, you would have to believe the wife stabbed the husband multiple times and then shot him.  And then turned the gun on herself. Story here  Statistically speaking, it's very rare for a woman to stab someone they know.  Both were devoted to their young son.  Add another notch on Hillary's kill list.

This is very similar to the death of another FBI agent, Michael Brown, set to testify against Hillary the day after he was found dead.  This agent was suspected of leaking Hillary's emails.  Uh, oh, that is a no-no for Hillary.  His wife was also found dead at the couple's home.  Yet another murder/suicide but this time, he shot his wife, set the house on fire and then shot himself.  Story here.

A funny thing always happens on the way to a crime scene of anyone remotely connected to the Clintons.  They all have damning evidence on Killary and the law always rules it a "self-inflicted" wound.

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The people in "Law enforcement" need to be investigated for calling it a murder/suicide.  This is obviously a 'hit job' to keep someone from testifying.  Who are the people in "Law enforcement" who are calling it a murder/suicide?

I'd bet my bottom $ that this 'Hit Squad' is composed of rogue FBI agents and Hillary is on an assassination rampage to stay out of prison.



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