Editor:  The Progressive Socialists know they have Arizona voters right where they want us.  Most voters, as we all know, are busy playing mahjong or golf, millennials are dancing the night away at the local pick-up club and teachers are busy being led to financial slaughter for our state by a millennial who could not get a teaching certificate because he couldn't answer simple questions about the Constitution.  The only shocking thing about this tale is that there was a Constitution question on the test!

Now, the organizers who stay hidden in the shadows of the deep state are going to the next step of their well laid out plan with this ballot measure.  They have the money to burn and they are willing to burn as much as necessary in this effort to kill off conservative or Constitutional thinking in Arizona.

What are the Republicans doing?  This is a party that deserves to die on the alter of apathy.


A coalition of teachers, parents and education advocates led by the Center for Economic Progress, a progressive public policy group, launched an effort Friday to raise income taxes on wealthy Arizonans to pay for the state’s public education.

The proposal, dubbed the Invest in Education Act, would increase the state’s 4.54-percent personal income tax rate to 8 percent for those who earn more than $250,000 or whose household income reaches more than $500,000, and would double the rate to 9 percent for individuals who earn more than $500,000 or whose household income is greater than $1 million.

Under current law, someone with a taxable income of $600,000 pays $25,162. That same individual would pay $14,200 more if the measure is adopted.

Consultants for the campaign estimate the proposal would generate $690 million annually in new revenue.

The coalition announced the ballot initiative on the second day of Red for Ed rallies at the state Capitol as schools statewide remained closed during mass walkouts.

Center for Economic Progress Director David Lujan and teacher Joshua Buckley, who will chair the Invest in Education Committee, refused to take any questions on Friday. They told reporters questions would be answered on Monday.

“Rather than lead, the politicians who run the state Capitol have spent years causing this crisis, choosing to serve donors and lobbyists while ignoring our students,” Buckley said in a brief statement after filing the initiative. “And when we the people have forced them to confront this crisis from time to time, we have only ever gotten half-measures and promises they never intended to keep.”  [Read the next article below to see that is a proven statement.  Few Arizona Republicans lead the way in anything except blackmail.  This gives new meaning to the term "give them an inch and they will take a mile."  In this new world we live in, it's "give them an inch and they will take a state."]

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Bills in Ducey veto frenzy given new life

The Legislature is working to revive 10 House bills that Gov. Doug Ducey vetoed last month as he played hardball with lawmakers over his teacher pay raise plan.

Rather than attempting to overturn the vetoes, which would take a two-thirds vote in each chamber, the House and Senate instead chose to reintroduce the bills. Both chambers had to suspend their rules to allow for the late introduction of bills, given that the deadline to introduce legislation was in early February.

Lawmakers anticipate that Ducey will sign the revived bills, given that his veto letters stated that he only rejected them because he wanted his teacher pay boost plan on his desk.

[This is closed to all except those who subscribe but you get the idea of just how this all came down.  Ducey was all too willing to throw Arizona citizens under the legislative bus in order to kow-tow to the leftist progressive socialists.  That is just what he did.]

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We the People pay for all the Politics of those in office, they aren't responsible citizens recall PROP 123 which was suppose to take care of all of this, Promises Made, Promises Broken. I don't intend to Vote for any Incumbents or Promote them to Higher Office who supported PROP 123 or NPV.
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

I am thinking that top wage earners in Az is most likely a relative smaller percentage within the total population. By the time the higher earners actually file income tax I can imagine what they actually dish out becomes a smaller amount. 

While going after this pool sounds politically righteous for those on the left I seriously doubt that the pool of $$'s the state actually can count on makes the take dependable for overall budget help.

I had a LOL moment when tax reform was passed as the wealthy in CA (and other states) owning property in CA scrambled to pre-pay their property tax in advance saving $$'s. 

Tax of all types hurts the middle income and the working poor.



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