Editor: We are now hearing that the republicans are gaining and have even passed the "blue wave" but who can trust anything we read these days?  We were recently entertained by the following article.  Well, it's not an article but more of a run down on the democrats and what they are up to.  It's pretty impressive and perhaps explains the move for democrats in some of the early primary states where they have gotten more votes in their primaries than the republicans.  This should concern every conservative or lover of our Republic.  This info comes from Gage International and if this doesn't worry you, it should.


Democrat leadership committed to turning America into a socialist nation:

  • Leo A. Giacometto, Founder and CEO
  • AJ Rehberg, President
  • Jim Messina, Senior Advisor
  • Dr. John Domenech, East Coast Vice President
  • David J. Todd, West Coast Vice President
  • Mohammed S. Jameel, Iraq Country Director

Leo A. Giacometto, Founder and CEO of Gage International, has an extensive background in military, political, private and public sector service with a wide-range of applicable experience in the areas of consulting, advising, founding, strategically building, operating and managing private sector companies.

Mr. Giacometto has previously served in all branches of the U. S. Government – the Judiciary, Legislative, and Executive branches. He has overseen large government agencies and directed the operations of Congressional and Gubernatorial offices in both an official and political capacity. He served as Justice of the Peace for Carter County Montana, was elected twice to the Montana State Legislature, and was appointed by President George H.W. Bush and confirmed by the United States Senate to serve as a United States Marshal.  Mr. Giacometto has served in the Cabinet for Governor Marc Racicot as Montana’s Director of Agriculture and in the Cabinet for Governor Judy Martz as a member of the Northwest Power Planning Council and as the Chief of Staff for U.S. Senator Conrad Burns. Mr. Giacometto currently serves as one of the country of Mongolia’s Honorary Consuls to the United States.

In the business world Mr. Giacometto serves in key roles for several corporations:

  • Regional Director for the Riyada Group which is headquartered in Bahrain.  The Riyada Group currently has a customer base of over 400 companies in 33 countries including USA, Argentina, Italy, England, Turkey, Oman, China, Vietnam, South Korea, India, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.  Their key areas of operation are, constructions, oil & gas, finance & investment, consulting, agriculture, telecommunications, manufacturing, new technologies and alternative energies.
  • Senior Advisor to the Silk Way Group, a multinational company based in Baku, Azerbaijan.  Silk Way Group is comprised of 23 companies spanning aviation, transportation, logistics, freight forwarding, catering, insurance, banking, construction, lodging, telecommunications and security.
  • Co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of GN Beverages, the exclusive Pepsi bottling and distribution franchise in Mongolia.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Gemnet, a Eurasian telecommunications company based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia that provides the wholesale internet services in Mongolia and long-haul dark fiber routes from Europe to Asia.
  • Managing Director of the Mongolia Fund which specializes in investing in distressed and undervalued or underperforming businesses and other special situations through debt and equity across sectors in Mongolia.
  • Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors for AVC Global, a mobile cloud computing platform that transforms the current fragmented commodity supply chains into the agricultural value chain by providing finance, training and new market access, while achieving more profit and opportunity for all stakeholders.
  • Senior Advisor to G2 Analytics, an advanced data technology consulting firm that enables audience engagement for any live or recorded content and allows audiences of any size to actively participate in Focus Groups in the CloudTM events through any web-enabled device.
  • Director of International Government Relations for E2i Strategy Group, a defense, security, manufacturing and logistics company, that assists select clients within the intelligence, defense and commercial sectors procure the materials & services they need to support their missions around the globe.

Mr. Giacometto was also the co-Founder of the American Chamber of Commerce (emphasis added because we know about the CoCs) in Mongolia, a former Director of the Tri-State Farmers and Ranchers Cooperative in Belle Fourche, South Dakota, served as the Vice President of Government Affairs of Morrison Knudsen, and as an Executive for Washington Group International, both some of the largest international engineering and construction companies in the world.

Continue to see the impressive credentials of these folks HERE  


Then wonder, where are the same caliber of folks for Republicans?  Answer: they don't spend their money to help conservative causes.  They spend their money on political contacts that make them more money.


From the Arizona Democrat Party:

Our County Grant program is part of our 15 County Strategy implemented in 2017. As part of the strategy we raised and distributed $50,000 directly to our County Parties in the form of direct financial investment and investing in upgrading technology (mostly new laptops and tablets).
In order to win statewide we need to invest in strengthening from the ground up and that starts with our counties in every part of the state. From Nogales to Kingman we need to be engaging with all of our Democrats. 
Our Chair, Felecia Rotellini is traveling all over the state to make sure this happens!
For 2018 we are again committed to making sure our Counties have what they need to educate and engage their voters. We have asked for proposals from all 15 Counties to identify what they need and we have just awarded our first grant.

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I share the view that the AZGOP (includes doing what is needed in all AZ counties) has a lot more work to do, hard work, to maintain keeping AZ red. I do see some changes but not at the level it should be.

DNC folks seem to take a longer view backed by deep pocket wealthy donors and the DNC just keeps chipping away.

The reason Democrats have big donors even still, is they inspire big moneys by their message of low key communism. Every country is the same, all cultures are equal, everybody has no distinguishing positive or negative traits. The only people interested in being a donor to the GOP are weapons manufacturers, because of their support for war. We need to deal with donors that want to invest in sidelined peoples that make amazing inventions but get no attention. Nobodies from suburbia with IQs over 160. They can bring us into a new society. THEY should be invested in.

The GOP is stagnant, and with hatred for Democrats this high, why the hell are they still getting some seats? My GOD man. The GOP has no vision, no reason to vote for them other than preventing HARMFUL change. I want DRASTIC change.



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