The words were …. “I’d rather hear the football game” echoed in my home last night.  Yes, that’s what my wife said as she was cooking our dinner.  That was heard as I broke away from that Green Bay vs NY Giants game during a commercial to view the Golden Globe Awards show. You know what … my wife was right ... in what she told me. 
     Reading the responses in todays news feed, I now wonder why anyone would go to movies, or watch sit com TV shows at all for all they spew is political hate speech and references to the LOSS of their “charming little princess”, Mrs. Clinton. They don’t care about her lies, for they all lie, all of Hollywood does in their propaganda messaging of screen acting, poorly written TV comedies, all for those brain dead sycophants living in zombie land.
     Those who love that kind of bastadarization of our morals, culture, and borders are the very same groups who covet the word … Collectivism. They don’t even care to know what it means nor care, that it is the realization that it includes “hate speech” against a Constitutionally LIMITED government.  They are OK with that, but the heartland of America isn’t, and the majority of the middle class isn’t. 
     These are the same morons who wanted Eric Trump to close down HIS CHARITY foundation for St. Judes Children Hospital, the one that gives kids with cancer a chance for continued life by research. Yet these same idiots destroy human life in the womb, calling it only a “tissue mass” all controlled by a breathing living mother. When the father is only a “sperm donor” in their world of Collectivism, which is a thought process of a mob group and defined by its separate but equal statist ideology. It cannot not, does not, unify a Christian national heritage. It is despicable at best, and is complicit with the evil that is set out to destroy GOD GIVEN life.
     Now for me to jump in the fray of what “advantages” The Clinton Foundation holds for the under privileged, the children or our national moral character, would be to acknowledge them and demean my purposes for writing at all. We know what the are ... scum. All who read this blog know what they have done with their donated cash, we know what their moral “character” is made of, we know what most ALL Democrats think of anything of God, or his Mercy and Grace. They removed in from their party platform in 2012. That is not of anything that gave birth to our Christian national heritage, it is from an evil source just as so many of our alternative sexual movement is made of … EVIL and materialistic … not a spiritual good from His Grace to propagate as our human bodies were designed.
     These self-centered minions just can’t get over the fact that Hillary lost the election … and that places who supported Obama over Mitt Romney in the 2012 election switched their support to Trump … by hefty margins … some as much as by 32 points.  Further details were that those white, blue-collar workers in Michigan turned out and helped deliver the state for Trump, they knew the cost of a Hillary … more jobs leaving the USA.
     So just what does Hollywood not “understand”?? The reality of facts, that the left has only real support in 2 large metropolitan areas … that of LA and that of New York. They LOST the electoral college … and with that the “popular vote issue” is dead meat to those who do care about the Constitution and our Federal Republic. After all the green of a frozen football field makes more sense that a “red carpet” any day of the week.   

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My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
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