Yes, we activists who dig around the information stream and come up with new details about the deep state ie the Shadow Government.  But few of us can say we have found the details laid out in this video.  As you watch and listen, think about the efforts being put forth that makes us wonder of the sanity of some - many - of our elected and appointed officials, the laws they want to pass, or break.  Think about the Illuminati and how it fits into all of this information.  Think about how this will probably play into a second term of President Trump.  Stop the heavy sighs and the "Why hasn't Trump fired that SOB?" Then, wonder if all of thisl can be true.

Thanks to NJ for digging this up.  Wear a helmet when you watch this to keep your head from expolding!


Go back to the video title - Shadow Government Collapsing - and pray as hard as you have ever prayed that the title is accurate.

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I have absolutely NO doubt, that given the increasing level of people beginning to grasp the "wizardry" of the movers and the shakers within the "deep state" - "shadow government" - the globalist and elitist efforts are finding themselves on very shaky ground.  Far too many people, worldwide - are quickly now - coming to the realization that what you see happening in another country is also happening in ours - and, as such, they are beginning to recognize the features and they smell the evil of the demons and their diabolical plot to subdue the entire planet.  Part of that information that we are now able to decipher is the fact that we aren't putting those we elect on a pedestal any longer and, we are seeing a lot of them resign, retire, or forgo running for re-election.  Indeed, we are beginning to view them for what they are - elected and  appointed public employee's and, we now know, moreso than ever, that they work for We the People.   As we view our own struggle with this "deep state" monster, it pays to realize that we are but one of the Western Nations that find ourselves in the grips of the beast.  The UK, Scandinavia, the EU nations of France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Greece, etc. - Australia and Canada, are all beset upon by a virtual plague of political correctness, diversity, multi-culturalism and a host of practices that lead to full colonization and balkanization - and NO GO ZONES.  As we struggle to throw off these shackles of political anarchy and tyranny, it becomes even more important to do so with the understanding that we are not witnesses to humanitarian migration, but rather we are seeing the cold-blooded and heartless activity of population replacement, where who we are and where we live will be bred right out of existence.  We would be ill advised to reject that which our eyes see and our ears hear and our brain tells us are the facts.

Regulations can not "legally" expand any law they are supposed to serve and to make usable by an agency. Regulations can be tossed out in total at any time to install new regulations. Sure they can be over used and misused but the agency can not write its own "law" and can only make reasonable regulations to define how they do their job.



My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
Thomas Jefferson



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