We have reached critical mass!  The radicals of the "citizens" army that Obama promised when he took office, aka: antifa, have built that army into a formidable force of young thugs whose only mission in life is to trample on the rights of ordinary citizens.  This is not just happening in Arizona.  It is nation wide.  Erradicating this mindset and the thugs who practice mayhem will be difficult to root out and destroy.  But who is even trying to do that?

Normal people are at a disadvantage.  Normal people do not think like these criminal hooligans.  What just happened on the campus of ASU is criminal but the university does nothing but encourage more of the same radical activity.  Do you know what the president of ASU makes each year? It's a hefty $690,000 at it's base level plus all the perks that go with it.  (Thank you, ABOR, corrupt in themselves for what they are doing to higher education.)   That is one reason ASU has the highest tuition rate in America.  He's been entrenched at ASU since 2002 and is about as radical as antifa!  Our question is - why would parents actually send their kids to a school like this?

And where are our lawmakers on this?  Anywhere?  Hiding in their closets?  At the local watering hole? They, law enforcement and the courts, are also complicit in the rise of the insurrectionist left.  Until this is corrected, and we see no sign of interest in doing that, America is in jeopardy.  When we as a country are at war, we need to bring out the military to fight that fight just as would be done in any other setting.  College campuses should not be exempt from lawful conduct.  Insurrections must be put down in order to have a civil society.

Appearing in Briefs today:

College Republicans United (CRU) Rick Thomas spokesman: On Nov 13 College Republicans United attempted to host Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). We did not advertise the event until midnight the morning before as a security precaution. Despite this, within hours members of the Young Democratic Socialist of America got on social media to contact ANTIFA and other adjacent groups and were able to rally hundreds of protesters to shut down the event. ASU contacted ICE to beg and plead for them to cancel their appearance. An hour before ICE was due to arrive on campus; Julie received a phone call from Rudy Bustamante, Community Relations Officer for ICE, saying they had to pull out due to the growing backlash. Once ANTIFA found out the event was cancelled, they moved over to another meeting by the Jewish Student Association that was hosting the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). They rushed through security, took over the room and kicked out all the Jewish students. They even unveiled a Palestinian flag and had their own rally in the room. See politics-students-protest-ice-and-idf-on-campus and Hillel Jewish Center at ASU.   ASU will do nothing to those students. No one is being held accountable. On Tuesday, Students for Trump had one of their banners vandalized, Julie was spat at by a student a week ago, one of our gay members was assaulted today being called a “queer traitor” for having our sticker on his bag. Maybe when one of our students is shot they’ll start looking into it.

Daniel McCarthy is scheduled to speak at ASU for 11/20 at 6:30PM. 400 E Lemon St Tempe AZ in room BAC324. I have no indication ANTIFA will show up again, but they are able to gather a mob within a few hour once the call is made. Julie will have ASU PD on high alert, Daniel’s security guard definitely needs to be with him. Daniel should probably have a statement ready to go at the meeting to denounce YDSA, ANTIFA, and ASU. I am forwarding this to several of my contacts. If anyone has issues or questions regard (sic) what took place please reach out to Julie Houtman President of CRU or me 480-437-4018. Forward this to anyone you think who can help out. Julie has submitted this story to campus reform. We are at war with the left, RINO moderates can’t sit on the sidelines anymore.


Not directly connected but further proof that colleges are running amok in terms of real education and peaceful college campuses is this video (bring back sock hops and clean fun for kids of all ages!):

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I take this as an invitation to show up on Nov. 20 for the Daniel McCarthy event.  OK, see you there.

Where are the enablers!? The TAXPAYERS of AZ but particularly Tempe and Mesa?! I remember well those communities being particularly of a certain conservative bible-based believing citizens. It's their neighborhood school! We have the DC swamp, state and local officials elections every two yrs. This state is even new relative to statehood!!! It's AZ citizens at fault here for allowing and ENABLING this defiance and lawlessness!!! Attend you citizens of Tempe and Mesa this meeting!!!

Michael Crow makes $900,000 plus perks for a whopping $1.5 million   https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurensonnenberg/2017/07/17/the-top-pa...

If we want to make a difference we better all be available for Jury duty and Grand Jury  and support our side regardless of the Judge's instructions. Other than that we can all buy as much ammo and arms as possible and learn to use them in defense of our Country and the Constitution against the Communist that have taken over in the years since the Globalist first started running things.



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