Dear conservative friends that want to keep water affordable for farms, food and families,


We had a great turn out tonight against the EPA and the Sierra Club. (please forward this to your lists.)

A half dozen state legislators took on the EPA tonight at the convention center, this non partisan group did a great job expressing outrage at the EPA's BART plan that would shut down the largest coal fired power plant in the west, and destroy coal mining jobs on the Navajo Nation. Many of the legislators pressed the EPA to stop writing these Job Killing Regulations that raise our water and power rates.

The bi partisan legislators, where joined by Tribal Councilmen, Labor Unions, miners and Irrigation districts in broad support for a "Better than BART" plan that would keep 2 units at NGS running, save 500 million in interest expense for the Central AZ Project, and offer the Navajo Nation the right to get the plant outright at the end of the lease.

Please send thank you emails to the legislators in attendance tonight.


Judy Burges

Gail Griffin 

Frank Pratt,

Bob Thorpe,

Carlyle Begay

Warren Peterson;


And special thanks to Pat O'Malley in LD 12 for speaking tonight and getting a lot of people to show up for the hearing. The Sierra clubbers were in the yellow shirts, wearing "Beyond coal" shirts paid for by the Natural Gas industry that donated 26 million to the Sierra club to eliminate fuel competition from our energy choices.

Sen. Gail Griffin speaking next to Gila River Indian Community councilman and me pounding the table. J

Please submit your comments to the EPA this weekend. Letter attached. By Electronic Mail to:




Mark Lewis, Director

Central AZ Project



PS And because my CAP board members are stifling my 1st amendment rights, let be known that this is not the position of the CAP board, or members like Frank Fairbanks, Carol Zimmerman and Warren Tenney (anti free speech group) and this is my opinion not that of the CAP board, or any other boards. These guys object to me pulling out the constitution in board meetings and reading the 1st Amendment to them.

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State sovereignty - take back our lands as guaranteed by congress - with the land under our control we have power to say NO to EPA and others

Amen to that.

WE don't need to take the land back to say "NO" The legislators need to pass a bill that  just says "NO" ,not a joint resolution that says "please don't make us do  that"-- its called NULLIFICATION .

The State of AZ will not comply with the erroneous regulations that will have NO effect on anything as so stated by the EPA.  Then put the pressure on the Gov to SIGN it or else -- she can be recalled! or impeached.

Seems to me we had a Gov once who said "we will not comply" to the 55mph and you can keep your federal funds for roads (knowing they couldn't).   did we drive 55?? NO!! the speed limit was set to 65, but you could drive 10 miles over and not get a ticket on I-10 or I-40 and the money still flowed. Where is that Gov now??

It is time for all communities to tell the feds to 'KEEP THEIR FEDERAL FUNDS" and stop the federal regulatory invasion into our personal lives.



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