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 “I wasn’t planning to respond to all the unacceptable campaigning, misinformation, whining and ridiculous diatribes by Robert Graham and his campaign team – however, enough is enough! Despite all of Graham’s fabrications of doing so many wondrous things since becoming AZGOP Chairman and all the problems he supposedly inherited from me, the facts are -  It was during the Chairmanship of Tom Morrissey that:

ü  We raised $3.8 million 

ü  We retired all debt and left office with $37,000 in the bank and donations still coming in

ü  AZGOP HQ was completely repainted by volunteers led by Kris Morrissey

ü  New carpeting was installed in the large main meeting area

ü  The main air conditioning unit was replaced and the remaining three air conditioning units were refurbished

ü  All new furniture for the meeting room was procured along with new office furniture for several of the offices and a new reception area ensemble

ü  A new computer system was installed completely replacing the old virus plagued system

ü  The National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee returned to a good working relationship with the AZGOP because "they trusted us once again"

ü  There were hundreds more precinct committeemen

ü  Hosted highly successful Republican Party Presidential Debate on 02/22/2012

ü  Presidential Preference Election held on 02/28/2012

ü  There were tens of thousands more registered Republican voters than today  (32,800 lost the past two years, per Secretary of States office).

ü  Our GOTV efforts were much more successful

ü  In 2012, we experienced the most successful election in the history of the AZGOP

ü  Community outreach was extremely successful and doors were opened to many of Arizona’s minority groups  including the Hispanic community.

It’s amazing to me that so many of Graham’s endorsers and precinct committeemen seem to have turned a blind eye to the truth. ” – Tom Morrissey



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Can we get some politically neutral parties to look into the facts rather than just the arguments as presented by Morissey and Graham?  Clearly, at least one side is exaggerating and/or lying.  I would very much like to know what the straight info is.  The cynical part of me thinks that McCain's deputies are more nefarious, but I would like to remain open-minded and see the actual facts.

maybe AzGOP documents, would show debt, money raised for each individual.

You can call the SOS and get valadation on the number of registered republicans in the state for 2012 vs 2013' 2014.

In the case of the amount raised and then cash on hand at the end of every reporting period, please visit the FEC reporting site and search the candidate/committee data and the AZSOS site and search campaign finance and then click the Party tab, search for the party you are interested in.

Mike, I agree with you that McCain has his grubby, dirty fingers in this matter. Can you believe that this traitor wants to run as our Senator again?????


Go here http://arizonafreedomalliance.ning.com/group/arizona-news/forum/top... to read the FEC article and be sure to read to the end and the comments of additional information left in the Comments box by AFA.

Facts are Stubborn Things?



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