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This group addresses Arizona Bills and Legislation.  Action Alerts will be issued as necessary.  This is the place to know what is going on in Arizona Government.  Every Bill passed or denied affects every Arizonan.  It is impossible to track every bill. Go to the AZ Citizens Defense League to track firearms bills.

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Bowers Blocked Effort To Keep Twitter And Facebook From Blocking You

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance. Last reply by Patricia Gillenwater yesterday. 1 Reply

Two things need to happen in Arizona state politics in 2020:1.  Keep the House and Senate.  Imagine what bills will be brought up and crazy Ducey, who sucks up to the dems, would probably sign them into law, and2.  Our lawmakers elect better…Continue

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200529 – AZRRT – UPDATE

Started by Jose Borrajero. Last reply by Nan M Nicoll PC Mohave Mesa 02 May 30. 2 Replies

200529 – AZRRT – UPDATELAST COMMUNICATION – 2020 SESSION The second regular session of the 54th legislature has ended in a manner that few people, if any, had expected or predicted.Many of us feared that the school, church, and small business…Continue


Started by Jose Borrajero. Last reply by Angie Anderson May 24. 7 Replies

200523 - AZRRT CALL TO ACTIONSENATE SCHEDULED TO RECONVENE ON TUESDAY The senate leadership has finally decided to come back to work and do the people’s business on Tuesday, May 26. The word in the street is that, with the possible exception of…Continue


Started by Jose Borrajero. Last reply by Angie Anderson May 20. 2 Replies

200520 – AZRRT - ACTION ALERTHB2912 - COVID-19; CIVIL LIABILITY; EVIDENCE; PENALTIESThis important bill is making its way through the legislative process. We must express our opinion via telephone or e-mail, and we are already doing that.But we are…Continue


Started by Jose Borrajero. Last reply by Glenn Helm May 20. 2 Replies

200518 – AZRRT CALL TO ACTIONEXTREMELY IMPORTANT BILL IS PENDING The legislature is back in session to take care of some pending business. But most important, a new bill has been introduced that deals with two sources of concern regarding the…Continue


Started by Jose Borrajero May 14. 0 Replies

200514 – AZRRT CALL TO ACTION FOLLOW UPHello everyone:A few days ago, I sent you an alert about the article I wrote on the AZ Daily Independent regarding the need for the legislature to get back to work.Today I was on the James T. Harris show to…Continue

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Comment by Jaspersgoat on March 9, 2018 at 12:40pm

Archie: I think AFA nailed it today. It probably starts with McCain's machine and trickles down to Ducey then Mesnard and finally Shope

Comment by Archie M. Dicksion on March 9, 2018 at 11:01am

HB 2012 is currently pending in the House Rules Committee. For some reason, the Chairman, T.J. Hope is refusing to bring the bill before the committee for consideration. On Wednesday, I placed a call to his office to ask why he is holding the bill. Patty, his legislative assistant did not put my call through to Rep. Shope and had no explanation of WHY at least that she was willing to share with me. I asked that Rep. Shope give me a call so we could discuss the matter. I have received no call. This morning I again called his office and was advised that neither he or his Legislative Assistant, Patty were in the office today. Seems our legislators and their staff only have a 4 day work week. Perhaps that is why the bill has not come up as the do not have time to consider all the pending legislation with only 4 days of work. Of course, he word on the street is that the office of the Governor has requested the bill be held. Surely the Governor does not favor the unlimited use of proxies in our political party meetings. How could it possibly benefit him? WAIT!!! if he controls the legislature and the AZGOP Chairman - - — not that could not be could it, the Governor working against his own party and interest?

A couple of days ago, our good Chairman in his daily article to the faithful discussed the California billionaire democrat who plans to dump millions in Arizona to help democrats seize control of the state. The good Chairman finished his article with this statement.
I’m betting on you, the men and women who form the backbone of our party. That’s why it is so essential that we stay motivated and active, every single day, to fight back against Tom Steyer and his paid operatives.
Could it be that Mr. Lines is finally beginning to realize that the life blood of any political party is feet on the ground by an active P.C.? Consider, if we have a 1000 P.C.’s state wide and they spend only 10 hours per year walking their neighborhoods and talking to neighbors, that is 10,000 hours per year of free advertising. How much would it cost the party to get that much coverage on television, radios, newspapers etc. By the same token if you have 1,000 proxies just how much time will they contribute? The purpose of limiting proxies is to force the recruitment of P.C.’s that will be active not just a piece of paper.
Perhaps we should let Rep. Shape 602-926-3012, Rep. Mesnard, 602-926-4481 and The Governor 602-542-4331 in on this information so we can move HB 2012 forward.
Alex Meluskey has invited me to appear on his show tomorrow 6:00 am on 1130am KQNA, 4:00p.m. on 1100am KFNX, and at 9:00p.m. on 960am KKNT. to discuss this matter. Please tune in to hear the conversation.
Comment by Vince Ansel on January 20, 2017 at 1:38pm
History was made today with the inauguration of President Trump as the new President of the United States. In regards to Immigration, Trump promised to take control of our borders and more intensely vet those who choose to immigrate here. On the local level our work has just begun in assisting and insisting that Federal Immigration Laws be enforced. Representative Bob Thorpe has introduced a bill that will be heard in front of the "Federalism, Property Rights and Public Policy" committee on January 24, 2017 in room HHR4 @ 2:00PM at the AZ House of Representatives. Long overdue, HB 2121 will in effect place stringent guidelines and establish punitive measures for any Arizona Municipality engaging in Sanctuary City practices. The time has come for Liberal Municipalities in this nation who refuse to cooperate with Federal Immigration authorities to pay a substantial price for helping criminal Illegal Aliens skirt the law. Please, either attend this hearing or log onto the AZ State Legislature web site and give your thumbs up in supporting this Bill by navigating to the RTS (request to speak) link. Everyone of us can help stop the hemorrhaging at our borders by supporting this Bill in any way you can. Please help by sharing this post!
Comment by Michael Alexander on February 11, 2014 at 10:43am

ARTICLE V NOTICE: Today at 2pm, the House Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility Committee meets in HHR 1 to hear further discussion and possibly vote on HB2305, RE: Joining a Compact of States to Propose a Balanced Budget Amendment under Article V of the United States Constitution.

Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on November 4, 2013 at 7:57am

EPA is targeting Arizona again.  Please contact your lawmakers in Arizona.  Ask for legislation again this coming session.  Check out the details here:

Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on October 12, 2013 at 8:36am

The website that can't shoot straight: The website,, was scheduled to cost $98million but now it turns out that it has cost $600+million and it still doesn't work.  Ah, government!

Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on October 10, 2013 at 7:48am

House GOP preparing to give up - expect the Grand Cave-In this afternoon:

Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on October 9, 2013 at 9:56pm

Video of first Governor's Forum at the AZGOP available on Watching the Elections, Governor Candidate Forum - Where's Waldo

Scroll to the end of the article for link to video.

Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on October 3, 2013 at 8:51am

First Gubernatorial Candidate Forum tonight at the AZGOP.  Watch it live here:

7:00 pm

Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on October 3, 2013 at 8:50am

  Joe Borrajero, MCRC 2nd Vice Chairman, is ready to resume precinct committeeman (PC) training with his 20 minute Power Point presentation, followed with a 10 minute Q&A.  Contact: Borrajero at or 602-402-5932.



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