201117 – AZRRT/Azpeopleslobbyist CALL TO ACTION

Fifteen Republican legislators have sent a letter to the Attorney General and the Maricopa Board of Supervisors requesting a hand count of votes according to ARS 16-602. We are requesting that everyone contact all 15 legislators expressing support for this action. Read all about at:


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While I applaud keeping the AG and Board of Supervisors apprised of Republicans supporting investigation into this election, recounting votes that were gained unlawfully is worthless in my opinion.  What is and should be demanded is a complete forensic audit.  As the saying goes, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  How does a recount of fraudulent votes accomplish anything?  Please demand a FORENSIC AUDIT and that no certification be given until it and lawsuits be adjudicated!  Thanks.

I also agree that a Forensic Count is the best method.

I agree with Patricia! I also believe that since Fontes says he verified voters via DMV, that's absurd because non-citizens are able to get DL's. Since Trump lost by about 11,000 votes and we know there are 14,099 people who could not prove citizenship, why aren't we going after that issue? Having a mere recount in Maricopa would probably be futile, if we are unable to challenge legitimacy of voters.

Since the Gov., that failed Ice Cream Salesman is in perpetual hiding on this issue and the SOS are playing the partisan game, the Legislature needs to be the Adult in the room and demand that a complete Forensic Audit be called for.  This State is rampant with DACA Illegals with DL's and TENS OF THOUSANDS of Illegal and legal Aliens many of whom checked the Motor Voter box declaring that they were U.S. Citizens.  Not too many years ago the former County Attorney, Thomas, found and published the fact that when cross matching the Jury Pool records with the DMV records of some 3,000 people who responded to a Jury Pool Call - more than 120 plus were found to be non-citizens and that several dozen had voted several times in Federal, State and Local elections, and that was years ago.  Since Obama, unconstitutionally, approved of the DACA MEMO written by then DHS Sec. Janet Napolitano (remember her) - most, if not all have been given legal status, DL's, Work Permits and eligible for HS and Higher Education where further ID's are issued and most certainly, they have all voted in the 2020 election.  Prove me wrong and demand that a forensic audit be conducted.  This Governor is a RINO and a DS pawn.  If we are using Dominion Voting Equipment in Arizona, or other brands associated with Dominion - then there is every reason to believe that the Election Department, the SOS and the Gov. are all part and parcel of this Fraud and have financially, or politically gained from it.  Read the Texas AG's late 2019 report as to why Texas outright rejected Dominion and related company voting equipment.  Surely Doucey must have known as should have the SOS and Election Officials.

Having invested a lot of time trying to dialogue with legislators on election fraud issues, I was told that the legislature has no power (due to what they've written in AZ laws) to immediately handle this matter.  They are only allowed to change the laws in off-election years.  They have thus turfed this to the Board of Supervisors which is meeting tomorrow. You can all join in the session if you desire although I've not gotten confirmation that this item will be on the agenda.  The other two parties who are also accountable are the Attorney General and the Secretary of State.  Both plus the Board need to have their feet held to the fires.

Suggestion:  Call the AG's office and Secretary of State and demand NO CERTIFICATION until a complete forensic audit has been completed.  

Plus, call, email or sit in on Board of Supervisors' session Wednesday morning!  The more we raise our voices, the more likely we'll finally be heard.

I posted something a few minutes ago which has never finished uploading, so wanted to pass on to you what I did in the meantime.  Having already filed two reports with the AG's office on election issues, one as a poll observer and the other as a citizen concerned with the lack of thorough investigation into the issues of the Dominion system and gotten nowhere with those complaints, I called the AG's phone number - 602-542-5025, extension 5 (after pressing one for English) and left a verbal Victim of Crime complaint stating that numerous Arizona voters believe the lack of forensic audit to be criminal negligence therefore making us all victims of crime for which we would like to file a complaint.  Upon recording this, I then asked them to advise whether they agree with this reasoning.  




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