Common Core Fighters,

As you may have heard the 2016 Legislative officially started yesterday. We are compiling a list of bills we want to support 
or oppose. Below is a brief summary of the bills we are following. We are still waiting for numbers to be assigned in the House for the Menu of Assessments bill and also the two Title 15 bills to deregulate Title 15. If you have any other bills that you would like to add to this list, for our members to oppose or support, please contact me ASAP.

Vote Yes
HB2056- Parental Opt Out. Requires a form to be developed by the State Board of Education that parents can submit to their principal or teacher to opt out of statewide assessment. Lack of assessment results will not affect school district achievement ranking, school report card, a pupil's ability to be promoted from third grade or his/her ability to graduate from high school. An alternative other than a statewide assessment can be used to determine whether a pupil should be promoted from from third grade and/or if they have met the requirements for graduation. (

HB2044- Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Prohibition. Establishes procedures for the administration of surveys to pupils and the distribution of PII that is collected. Parents are notified in advance of surveys collected on your child and provides the ability for parent to "opt in" if they choose to participate in such survey only if written permission is obtained beforehand. This bill requires full text of the survey to be outlined, purpose of the survey, and outlines restrictions that the survey cannot be distributed beyond the school. Includes disciplinary procedures, including termination of employment for teachers or administrators that violate these procedures. Prohibits the distribution of Personally Identifiable Information it collects on a pupil, including non-cognitive data, beyond the school district or charter school. This bill does not prohibit a school district or charter school from distributing aggregated cognitive data and assessments to the Arizona Department of Education, the State Board of Education, the United States Department of Education or any other governmental entity. (

Vote No
HCR2002- Appointed Superintendent of Public Instruction. Moves the Superintendent of Public Instructions office to be an appointed position by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate, and would require this officer to serve at the pleasure of the Governor. ( If this effort were to succeed, it would remove from the state board of education the only direct input from Arizona citizens. Defeating this effort should be a very high priority endeavor.

Please read all of this legislation in their entirety these are only brief summaries.

This session there has been a change on how to e-mail our legislators. There is now pop-up form linked to each legislator for contact instead of direct e-mails. As far as we know, member's individual email address are still viable. Those are the e-mails that consist of the the member's first initial, followed by their last name, followed by However, once this new mail system is fully implemented, Arizona citizens will have the same communication restrictions for Arizona legislators as we have for our federal Senators and Representatives. I highly suggest you to create a "Request to Speak account" if you haven't done so already so you can have another avenue for contacting our legislators. Attached is more details on the "Request to Speak" system and this new Arizona Legislator mailing system.

For our children,

-Jennifer Reynolds

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