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For the last couple of years Arizona voters saw Kari Lake on their television sets each night, reading the news, conducting interviews, and providing calm guidance on everything from the need to mask up to deal with the Covid-19 virus, to whatever disturbing story might be on the news that night.

Since launching her bid to be Governor of the state, Lake has left behind her lifelong persona and transformed herself into a Trump-style brawler, taking shots at the usual suspects – the swamp, the establishment, the media, etc, all while largely ignoring that until she parted ways with Channel 12 after 22 years, she was a powerful part of all of those things.

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Lake worked for channel 10 news not channel 12. Keep your discussions much more relevant to make any sort of impact. Because I had guessed you would have someone who would be able to noticed such a blatant error, causes me not to finish this article for I will not be able to know what is true and what is fabricated. Art

"I had guessed you would have someone who would be able to NOTICED such a blatant error.." don't mean to be picky but you just made 'an error'.

It sounds as though you are criticizing Jose...

Art -Channel 5, 10, 12, 15, cbs, fox, nbc, abc., same game, just a different button on the remote.

My point is if this kind of error is made then what else can be in error. We need to be as accurate as possible if we want to remove the communists and r.i.n.o.s. from our lives so I am only asking to be sure of that the simple statement cannot be questioned. I do not know if I would support Kari though I liked her on FOX 10 but of course I do not know if we can trust her in the governor's mansion  As for the person who says not matt salmon, I whole heartedly agree. i am a precinct committeeman from Pinal County and have been so since I moved to AZ in May '01 and I have supported all GOP candidates within the State or should I say the Conservative candidates that were available. I know that brnovich in Sep'20 was all behind Pres Trump as he spoke to our Pinal County Precinct Committee meeting but obviously he is a true r.i.n.o. and so he will never get my backing unless he was our only choice in the general elections. I voted for both mcshame and flake only once in the general just to be sure we got a Republican in but after I knew they could not lose I just did not vote for their offices. I wanted to show the r.i.n.o.s in charge of the AZGOP that less people Republicans voted in the general than did in the primary that I was hoping that they rethink their electable and not Conservative candidates should be. I am not criticizing the writer of the Kari Lake, yes or on message but ask to make sure those of us who follow these things to have the best and correct information at our disposal. Art's not a question of "real" or "phony".  It's a question of QUALIFIED!

With all due respect to Kari and her career, is she a Gregg Abbot, Ron DeSantis or Kristi Noem?

Ladies and gentlemen, we can do better.

Well said Jeff. In my 49 years as a registered voter, never once did I feel the need to register with the democratic communist party. Kari cannot say the same. My limited journalism classes in college also came before the walter cronkite school of communism with the alinsky instruction on the side. Also not sure Kari could have avoided that. We will do better, or receive more of the same.

Not Matt Salmon






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