The elections in Arizona may well be as crooked as any banana Republic.  A few years ago, we would never have said such a thing.  The deep state has risen its ugly head in government at all levels today.  Obama made it fashionable to hide bad behavior, spit on the Constitution, break the law and now we the people are getting covered by the byproduct.

The Arizona Republican Assembly has decided to fulfill our mission on two fronts.  First, we are called to influence legislation.  Toward that end, we have launched an effort to run two bills to improve our election process.  The first one will add enforcement language to the 16-1005: ballot harvesting.  Ballot harvesting is the worst behavior that leads to impactful corruption.  It will be hard to stop.  We have taken a first step. 

The second bill surrounds the marshals who work the polling places.  Did you know the marshals are charged to keep order at the polls and to permit NO violation of the law?  They are also supposed to follow the chain of custody of the ballots from 20 days from the day of election and continue on until the ballots are sealed and stored. Even though the reality is that nothing like this ever is done during the elections, even if it did, the marshals are not even required to be trained on the election statute.  You tell us, how can a person "permit no violation of election law" if they are never even trained to detect such violation?

The bill will amend 16-535 and its ancillary sections referring to marshals.  Imagine having a marshal in the polling places, whether early voting, "emergency" voting or day of election, armed with the knowledge to allow him/her to recognize something is wrong when someone brings in a box of ballots and tosses them into the box near the door?  Or has a questionable ID.  Or can't remember which drivers license to use for ID?  All of these were reported in 2018.  That is when a trained marshal can put a stop to behavior that clearly defies the law.

We have sponsors for these two elections bills.  When they are assigned to committee, we, and hopefully you, will lobby the legislature with us to pass these two bills.  And that is just the beginning.  There will be more if we are successful.

We do not have an "election integrity" committee in AZRA.  Every member is charged to help lobby to get these bills passed so we can move on the the next election problem in the next year.

We hope you will realize how corrupt elections invalidate your vote, our votes and all future legal votes unless we rise up and take action.  If you are not registered on Request to Speak, please get registered.  If you can't get downtown to register, contact us at and we will help you get registered if you pledge to act on our action.

That is not the only bill we have proposed for the 2020 legislative session.  We have also proposed a bill to help those addicted to opioids.  This is an epidemic in Arizona.  We are losing our young people out of the productive work force of the future.  This must be fixed!

We are a membership organization.  We are interested in growing our organization with like-minded conservatives.  There is strength in numbers.  If you are interested in participating in self-governance, join us.  Just contact us - and you will get a response.

We can start a chapter in your community so you can join our fight!

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I'm somewhat appalled when something like  this is proposed/reported here and there are only a very few "likes".


These are all good starts and hope getting an enforcement factor for Ballot Harvesting will make it as the GOP didn't put it in the original bill intentionally, I do wish we'd also move the elections to the 1st week of June so the Early Ballots would go out before many Registered Voters in the Senior Communities leave for the Summer months to visit relatives and of course leave the heat. 
I also hope this is expedited so it's law before the 2020 Primary as you can count on Voter Fraud when it comes to the Ballot Harvesting Part of it as proven by the margin that Penzone beat Joe as Penzone got more votes in Maricopa County than President Trump did and even more than Clinton, and so far still haven't gotten a satisfactory answer as to why this happened from any elected officials, and yes should be more people in favor of this bill and hope the LD's push their legislators to push it, as we recall most in the House Voted 4 NPV against what the LD's wanted.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

Patti and I totally support, but we also need to add an "Sequential numbering of ballots" requirement, in every Arizona County, in the Arizona Statutes. That is the holy grail of Election Fraud. It would include electronic machines too...we refer you to the language in the Texas statute: " The ballots prepared by each authority responsible for having the official ballot prepared shall be numbered consecutively beginning with the number 1.”  (and btw, it is also in the Texas Constitution, and was there from the about having the courage and the brilliant idea, Feb. 15th, 1876.) See below...

" Both the Texas Election Code and the Texas Constitution require a unique number for each ballot.2

Can unnumbered ballots (or, in the case of electronic voting machines, unnumbered Cast Vote Records)3 be counted in a recount if the absence of a number creates an illegal ballot?

Ballot numbering, if done correctly, does not violate ballot privacy.

Unique ballot numbering is the primary way to account for all ballots, to ensure that no extra ballots were inserted, and that no duplicates are present.  The numbering requirement helps to make sure that the ballots (or Cast Vote Records) are the real ones. Without unique identifiers for each ballot there is no way to know whether the electronic ballots counted in a recount are faked."

"Texas Constitution: Sec. 4.  ELECTIONS BY BALLOT; NUMBERING, FRAUD, AND PURITY OF ELECTIONS; REGISTRATION OF VOTERS.  In all elections by the people, the vote shall be by ballot, and the Legislature shall  provide for the numbering of tickets and make such other regulations as may be necessary to detect and punish fraud and preserve the purity of the ballot box.

Texas Election Code:Chapter 52 – Sec. 52.062.  NUMBERING OF BALLOTS.  The ballots prepared by each authority responsible for having the official ballot prepared shall be numbered consecutively beginning with the number “1.” 

We are working on a separate bill to require "Sequentially numbered ballots" in every county in Arizona, but the requirement could possibly be including in the "Ballot Harvesting" statutes...

Don and Patti Woolley

Sahuarita Tea Party

Wooleys: We support this option.  However, it needs to run separately from the 16-1005 bill we are running.  We have several other amendments for that bill next but the current legislature are loathe (read: scared to death) to vote for any amendments regarding elections.  Election suppression, you know!  We made the strategic decision to go with one item at a time.  We already saw what happened to the Ballot Harvesting bill in 2015.   We don't need to make the same mistake twice (it wasn't our mistake!!)  If you don't have a sponsor for your bill, you'd better hurry.  The lawmakers we are seeing are already closing their agenda to more bills.

There were many irregularities during the last general election. One of the thing I thought of was the handling of the unused ballots at the end of the night. We were suppose to count all the unused for both the precincts we had on hand and put them inside the machine at the end of the night. The County or one of their subcontractors picks up the machine and all the unused ballots at their convenience I guess. Since none of these should ever be anything but paper pulp again I think a large paper drill should be used to "Hole" all the unused and spoiled ballots which should never be counted in deciding an election. Second is that any precinct or county that comes up with more ballots than voter registered to vote should be disqualified and the entire process audited to see where the errors, fraudulent votes, came from. Any place that has computers that are reprogramed during the election should not be counted for voting purposes and the errors investigated and people prosecuted. Anyone that is found to have violated a voting statute or law can never participate in an election again and jail and fines should be part of their punishment.

When the bills come up in 2020 I will be notified Jose Borrajero's updates.  They both sound good.  Thanks for your diligence.



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