HB2012, a bill that is offered to amend ARS 16-828 to limit the use of proxies at Arizona Political meetings is scheduled for hearing February 8, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. in Hearing Room 1 at the Arizona State Legislature 1700 West Washington , Phoenix.

            You are all urged to attend this hearing and make your voice heard that it is time to bring an end to the use of unlimited proxies to control party meetings. The legislators that support this legislation need to know you stand behind them.

            If you cannot attend, let the legislators know you support the bill by giving them a call or send them an email. The legislators can be reached as follows:

Todd Cloddfelter    Tclodfelter@azleg.gov 602-926-4850

Doug Coleman       Dcoleman@azleg.gov 602-926-3160

Drew John               Djohn@azleg.gov 602-926-5154

Bob Thorpe              Bthorpe@azleg.gov 602-926-5219

Michelle B. Ugenti-Rita     MUgenti-Rita@azleg.gov 602-926-4480

Please call and or email them requesting they support the Bill HB2012. This is important so that we can keep the effort to limit proxy use to a minimum.

[Editor: if you send an email, put Yes on HB2012 in the subject line.  Legislators don't always read an entire email message.  Keep your message short.]

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Thanks to Timothy:

As you may know, yesterday was the day at the State Capitol that the Bill regarding limiting proxies was heard in Committee.
"With so many things taking my time, it was not convenient for me to attend. But having the recent memory of our January meetings in sight, I resolved to make the sacrifice.
It was apparent from the start that Committee members wanted to question even the need for this bill. It was then confirmed of my need to attend.
"There were about 8 persons in the gallery who spoke in favor and one who spoke in opposition (Petsas). Being given 3 minutes to speak and 3 minutes to answer questions, I felt we gave the committee valid reasons for support.
Very pleased to announce that this Bill was passed out of Committee! The hard work now begins, please call or email supporting this needed piece of Legislation."

Anyone who thinks this is a small thing, consider that proxies, not real people, elect party leadership.  Party leadership drives local elections, such as district legislators. District legislators often run for statewide or federal jobs and win.  When we beg for better lawmakers, the solution often rests with the massive number of proxies carried and voted by one person at the party elections.  Let that sink in!

NOW, we must put the pressure on in both Houses of the legislature right through the final vote.

Thank you, all of your who worked so hard to get this to committee over the 50 yard line.  Still aways to go.  I hope you get more people during the rest of the process to victory.  Then the really tough one: getting Ducey to sign it since he knows McCain would not want this. Maybe now that McCain is just a bad memory, Ducey can throw off those shackles.

Actually the real thank you goes to Archie Dicksion and Russell Sias, Chair La Paz.  These guys are persevering and I thank them.  Archie brought to my attention the extent of the proxy abuse in LDs within Maricopa county.  Russell drafted a complete AZGOP bylaw re-write and submitted it to the elected Secretary.  I was inspired by that usage of the bylaws and submitted a proxy limit of 2 bylaw change to the Secretary and to cover all the possible basis the same amendment to the bylaws committee and the a resolution to the Resolution committee.

When there people such as Matthew Kenney recruit Vietnamese who do not speak English as PCs to get their proxy = the proxy abuse goes way beyond the pale of dignity.  Mark my words the GOPe and McCainites will wage a proxy war at the statutory meeting in January 2019.  We need to pray and work hard to get HB2012 passed in the legislature an signed by Governor Ducey - reminding him his re-election hangs in the balance.

There is no reasonable argument to support multiple proxy carrying. Our Republic is based on Common Law.  Common Law is based on Common Sense.  Common Sense has been absent of late in the Republican Party, and anyone carrying multiple proxies to our meetings is a perfect example of same.  However there is more than a spark of life being brought to Common Sense in the Trump Movement. Our President has actually resuscitated Common Sense and the Never Trumpers (Establishment Elite Ruling Class) are in full attack mode against him and it.

Bruce , Russell and Archie you are getting the job done and leading the Resistance against the Establishment tool of multiple proxy carrying and it is up to us to stand with you as you go about restoring some common sense to the way the AZ GOP functions.

Tom - you once posted in the MCRC BRIEFS that the limit on proxy holders be ONE.  AS you know it is more than "common Sense" as WTP -We the People are fighting to prevent the destruction of America as a Republic.

I just heard on the FOX Business channel that immediately after signing the latest budget bill from Congress that his next focus in a complete reform of the federal civil service system.  The protections built into the federal civil service is what keeps the IRS, FBI and DOJ payroll filled with deep state operatives.

Maybe - just maybe - the democrat party is in self-destruct mode.



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