We believe in Representative government.  You know what that is: government of the people, for the people, by the people.  No where in any Constitution in the United States of America does it say the people have to cave in to the elected officials who do not keep their oath of office.  This concept makes it all the more stunning when you read the last sentence in the message by T. J. Shope.  Here it is:

Rep TJ Shopes to Archie Dicksion: Thank you for contacting me regarding HB 2012. I appreciate hearing from you. As you may already know, HB 2012 would require political parties in Arizona to limit a precinct committeeman from voting more than two proxies at a political meeting. While the bill is well-intentioned, I have concerns about it. As a conservative, I believe that government interference in the internal processes used by political parties should be minimal and limited. In my opinion, the bill does not adhere to this principle and would micromanage how political parties carry out their responsibilities. For these reasons, I do not intend to consider HB 2012 in the House Rules Committee.(emphasis added) Thank you again for reaching out to me. I hope you hear from you again.” – Shopes is the Speaker Pro Tempore and Chairman, House Committee on Rules Contact: (602) 926-3012  tshope@azleg.gov

Rep. Shopes is an establishment Representative and has consistently shown a profound disrespect for voters in his district and in Arizona.  Every decision the legislators make touches each of us in Arizona, no matter what district they are in.  

If you choose to send an email, you might want to Bcc Archie Dicksion.

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 I called his office and sent my letter to him.  

Dear Representative T. J. Shope,

 As Chairman of the House Rules Committee, I am asking that you bring HB 2012  before the Legislature . Why are you so afraid of doing this?

 This is a Bill to limit the use of  Proxies in political parties in the State of Arizona. This Bill applies to the rank and file members of all political parties of in the state.

 You already know that Arizona Politics has the reputation of being corrupt or being corrupted by a few.

This has nothing to do with being a Conservative. It has to do with the legitimacy of the political party involved.     

Sent Shope the following email and spotted it on the MCRC Briefs:

You already know, HB 2012 would require political parties in Arizona to limit a precinct committeeman from voting no more than two proxies at a political meeting. Natural law or God's law does not allow a group of political operatives to take advantage of an over sight by legislators in defining A.R.S. bills. The original A.R.S. 16-821 should have placed a proxy limitation in the first draft. But we are all human and mistakes are made. It is not meddling Sir. It is correcting a past oversight.

You sir are very far off the normal from being a conservative. You are not a conservative.  I will accept you opinion of yourself but be assured you are not a constitutional conservative.  Nor are you a Christian conservative. If you insist on being referred to as a conservative, I would have to modify that by calling you a political expedient conservative. Natural law or God's law is less understood than constitutional law.  In the past you have demonstrated a lack of understanding the U.S. Constitution.  You voted in favor of the National Popular Vote (NPV) compact which would negate the Electoral College.  The brilliance of ignorance by you and the other 39 AZ Representative voting yes, which included the Speaker of the House, blinded any understanding of the U.S. Constitution.  Had the NPV compact succeeded in growing from the current 165 Electoral College votes, Hillary would be President.

Since you do not understand the U.S. Constitution or the Electoral College or Natural Law, I am attaching a few articles for your education. Rep Shope you should resign immediately due to incompetence. Fortunate for you, I am not in your Legislative District. If I were in your LD, recall petitions would begin immediately. Since you do not understand the U.S. Constitution or the Electoral College or Natural Law, I recommend a few articles for your education:

 9 page Heritage Foundation article on: Joseph Story, the Natural Law, and Modern Jurisprudence; The Honorable Diarmuid F. O’Scannlain.

10 page compilation summary of Natural Law defined as debated by Thomas Aquinas, Plato and Aristotle, Marcus Tullius Cicero, Thomas Hobbes, and Dr Alberico Gentili the founder of the science of international law.

5 page document defining Defining Natural-Born Citizen.


Add Emer de Vattel's "The Law of Nations, Or, Principles of the Law of Nature, Applied to the Conduct and Affairs of Nations and Sovereigns" HERE

Here is what I sent to tshope@azleg.gov:

Rep. Shope,

I was so very disappointed to read your rationale for killing HB2012, that you think you would be micromanaging state political parties, and that a Conservative should not do so.  A Conservative believes in one person-one vote, transparency in election processes, integrity in elections, and not letting RINOs (or anyone else) cheat the system through disproportionate representation so they can maintain their personal power.  A Conservative would also allow a bill like this to proceed to the COW for open and deliberative debate.  Let the GOPe publicly defend their position of allowing one person to cast 5-40 votes, clearly a violation of fairness and Roberts Rules of Order.

If proxies were reasonable, then why don't we allow them in legislative primary and general elections?

Please reconsider and let all sides explain and debate their positions in an open, public format.

thank you, Mike White, Star Valley, AZ

As Speaker Pro-Tem, that means this phony Conservative may well be our next House Speaker.  I just threw up in my mouth.

Is this GOPe front man good buddies with Jonathan Lines and maybe QC by any chance?

We have middle fingers too.  Mr Shopes must feel insulated by the powers that be, as indicated by his response to Archie Dicksion on the Proxy issue.  Now the question for us is "what are we going to do about it"?  Or "what can we do about it"?  The best answer to all of these questions is to somehow make Shopes go away in November.  It may take the pain of having democrats take over the reins in our state for a while, in order to get our message across, and our will represented, by the "Republicans" we send to office.  Looking at it these days I don't see much difference between the Democrats and the GOPe.    If we refuse to help people like Shopes get elected, or even go so far as to work against him and anyone else seeking office who refuses to recognize our will, it will get their attention and maybe help to get our party back.  The power is in our hands if we choose to use it.

When ti comes to "representatives" that refuse to represent, it is definitely time to get another.  Let's remember him come election time!

In fact, let's replace the whole rules committee.  They are allowing this nonsense to go on.

Oh, he's representing, all right.  But just not his constituents, apparently instead favoring the wishes of the GOPe power brokers.

Does this RINO have an opponent in the primary?  If so, it could be his/her lucky day.  I wonder if his Democrat opponent is a leftist wacko or a moderate.  O,r as Tom M noted, we may have to make some painful short-term decisions as Conservatives vis a vis our feckless GOPe state party.

TJ (LD8)was at the Pinal County Republican Committee today, and I asked him if he realized that he was going to run off his conservative base by holding this bill. Honestly his response was a non response. He stressed that he'd been a PC for 14 yrs, he was a conservative, etc, same response he gave to Archie. As many more joined in, he relinguished the mike to Rep Vince Leach (LD11) to defend his position. I was disappointed with Vince's response as well..take it to AZGOP, get more PCs as we have to win, TJ's dem opponent has already raised $70k, Soros' , Steyer's $ involved..blah, blah, blah. Further, Vince stated his voice mail was full to which Bob Moore stated 'Doesn't that tell you something?'. Our concerns fell on deaf ears with both of them. We had one real conservative there, Rep David Cook, who did have two suggestions, striker & discharge. He's done the striker to get it around committees. The discharge has some negative consequences tho. Bottom line, TJ's responses have been illogical about why he's holding the bill. Further, I saw our representative who could not defend his position, but needed another man to defend it for him. Finally, TJ's demeanor during this questioning as he laughed and smiled while we questioned him was appalling. TJ lost my vote today, and my respect for Vince plummeted. Maybe, it's time TJ sat out for awhile as he's forgotten his constituents.
Russell Sias, La Paz County Chair
Understanding that HB 2012 has now died at the hands of the Rules committee, consideration to change the entire committee membership of the Rules committee should be undertaken, for the simple reason that they, through lack of due diligence to represent the people of our state, allowed the chair of the committee to let HB 2012 die within their committee.
I will assume that we all know that HB 2012 was the bill to limit proxies to two (2) for political parties.
While the chair of a legislative committee certainly has the power to hold a bill in committee, it is inappropriate to do so when the chairman ignores approximately 800 contacts/requests to move HB 2012 out of committee for a floor vote.
This action clearly demonstrates that the chairman is not a representative of the people, but instead, represents those that would exercise improper control over state party politics through the process of proxy voting.
The chairman’s emailed reasons given for holding HB 2012 were invalid and contradictory in explaining the chair’s actions of holding HB 2012 in the Rules committee. It was argued that the state should not get involved in private organizations, yet we already have several restrictive codes existing within ARS 16 that already do exactly that, therefore the reasons given were intentionally deceptive, misleading, and inexcusable.
Further, members of the committee DID NOT express adequate concern and support for the bill. They stood silent and let the chairman sit on the bill, therefore should be removed from the position they hold as representatives of the people. They failed to represent their constituents.
All committee members should be considered complicit and share the responsibility for their failure to represent the citizens of the state for allowing HB 2012 to die in committee.
Whereas: Members of the Rules Committee are as follows:
Member Position
Thomas R. Shope          Chairman
Paul Boyer                    Vice-Chairman
John M. Allen              Member
Wenona Benally          Member
Diego Espinoza           Member
Eddie Farnsworth        Member
David Livingston        Member
Rebecca Rios              Member
Kelly Townsend          Member
Therefore: Be it resolved by the voters that when time comes to re-elect the above legislators, whom have clearly failed to represent the people of the State of Arizona, that they all be replaced with true representatives to represent the people of the State of Arizona.

I think we should target the Republicans who sided with TJ Shope by not speaking out against Shope's arrogant move for his establishment cronies.



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