Many of you will remember years ago there was a wonderful mining and mineral museum in Phoenix a few blocks from the Capitol- the Arizona Mining, Mineral and Natural Resources Education Museum.  In that museum were priceless objects and one of it's kind artifacts from space or found here on earth that can't be replaced.  Kids on school outings in the range of 25,000 annually had such a wonderful time there, seeing things they never even dreamed of.  Machinery that was used in mining but looked super natural.  Huge meteors from space.  Crystals. Geodes.  Gold mining items. Hands on displays to start the creative juices going in every child. Huge machines used in previous generations dotted the yard outside the building.   It's anyone's guess how many young minds were given wing to science, chemistry or geology or who knows what after an afternoon at this museum.

Gov. Brewer, in her infinite wisdom, turned that museum over the Arizona Historical Society and it was shortly shut down.   The thousands of historic items were moved to storage or to places unknown in 2011.  There was apparently no economic reason to close the Museum because it seems it had no economic impact on the state budget.

Today, teachers, historians, scientists, parents and kids want that museum restored.

Go here to see what has been lost: Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum

Here is what a retired teacher says about this museum:

I can make what I think is the best case of all for restoring the MMM by passing SB1200--science education for students and teachers.  I was part of the fiasco that this bill resolves from the beginning.  Since the closure of the MMM 4-5 years ago, I have been in hundreds of classrooms, teaching thousands of students earth science with hands-on experiences. But my efforts and those of others with me cannot begin to serve the 40,000 students served each year by the MMM..
The Case:
1.  Students actively tried to save the Mining and Mineral Museum 4-5 years ago, getting petitions to support the needed legislation.
2.  Students in AZ have seen science education take a serious back seat to reading and math.  Teachers and students used the MMM to help bridge the gap.
3.  The MMM was a source of teacher kits, information packets.
4.   The MMM had a working display of mining equipment and knowledgeable staff to explain the process.
5.   The displays helped teach information required the state standards, and related earth science to daily life.
6.   This respected museum was free to students and schools--science education was a community project.  
Mardy Zimmermann, Outreach and Education Coordinator, Earth Science Museum

SB1200 transfers the museum and it's artifacts from the Arizona Historical Society to the Arizona Geological Survey as part of the Centennial Museum.  This is the best way to reinstate the museum and this bill is critically important to many people in Arizona: geologists, teachers, kids, parents, museum lovers and others.   The bill has passed the Senate on a bipartisan basis: 20-9-1.  It is been through second read in the House.

Please go to the House list on the Home Page under the waving flag and implore your lawmakers to pass this bill.  This is a win-win for everyone.

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