...for charter schools benefiting her own Snowflake George Washington Academy.

[Editor: this is not the first time Sen. Allen has tried to use the legislature to pass bills that would benefit her family.  Is there some reason the entire state system has to be changed to give Sen. Allen a personal benefit for HER school?  We think NOT.  She has been twisting in the wind ever since her charter school got a big fat F on the rating scale. Typical Sen. Allen.]

Senate Bills 1055 and 1056 amendments just passed the education committee on Jan. 11th. Unanimously.

The hearing was interesting to watch ..... seems Chairman Sylvia Allen was dead set on "tweaking" the absenteeism clause in the bill under " schools, letter grades, absenteeism & Illness from 'severe illness" to "chronic health problems and mental illness".

Why would the chairman of the Senate Education Committee want to do that? She says because her constituents wanted her to. Really?

You'll recall Senator Allen's charter school " George Washington Academy" (part of the Sequoia Charter Schools system) in Snowflake, Az received an F rating last year (AZcentral.com) and her comment in the paper was the A-F grading system was fundamentally unfair and should be changed to a State accountability model. CEO Mark Plitzuweit of EdKey Inc. (i.e. Sequoia Charter Schools) testified at the Jan. 11 Senate Education Committee meeting on behalf of the EdKey Inc. and in favor of the changes to 1055 and 1056.

The A-F grading system determines the amount of money received per student based on attendance. If the attendance from year to year differs negatively, the school doesn't get the points which affects the amount of dollars the school receives.

Sean Rickert (sp), Superintendent of Pima Unified schools district and Executive Board member of Rural Schools Association disagrees with Senator Allen's amendments. "The chronic absenteeism in the provision is already pretty carefully weighted.... its a couple of points in an overall 10 point system. If you have more than 20 students, is one sick student really going to make that much difference in your letter grade?"

Senator Allen was very concerned about remaining Chairman of the Education Committee, as evidenced when she refused to switch seats with Rep. Brenda Barton in the upcoming election because Rep. Barton was termed out, as promised earlier, but Senator Allen denies it today. [Editor: Allen did indeed make an agreement with Barton.]

Nepotism should never be a factor in our elected officials' decisions, much less laws or rules they make that effect all the people. This however, seems to be the case with Senator Allen and it is not the first time she has done so. The following is an excerpt from an Arizona Republic article:

“Why would an Arizona conservative push a union-friendly bill? Maybe for family revenge!”
“One of Arizona’s most conservative lawmakers — who pushed for a state militia that would fight “illegals” — is now championing a bill that would benefit some of the state’s union workers.
But as the Arizona Republic‘s Laurie Roberts reported, State Senator Sylvia Allen’s (R) bill is not only questionable because it seems so uncharacteristic for one of the Legislature’s most right-leaning members. Allen’s measure is the latest chapter in a clash she had with Navajo County Sheriff K.C. Clark last year, when she was a Navajo County supervisor.

The measure, Senate Bill 1467, would benefit police and corrections officers accused of crimes — just as her son-in-law was when Allen ran afoul of Clark.

“She was interfering in the investigation,” Clark told Roberts. “At one point, I had to go to the county attorney and say if she gets in my way, I’m going to book her for interfering in the criminal investigation.”

Clark’s dispute with Allen began last spring, when he commissioned an independent investigation into allegations that her relative, corrections officer Tim Hunt, was trading sexual favors with one female inmate in exchange for cigarettes and matches, and making “sexually suggestive remarks and gestures” toward six other women being held in the county jail.” Go to link below for complete story.
Raw Story.

Lets make sure these amendments to the Bills (SB1055 & SB1056) do not pass. Contact your legislator (www.azleg.gov/) and email Senator Allen (sallen@azleg.gov) with your disapproval of her obvious manipulative actions that benefit her own charter school in Snowflake.

Karen M. MacKean, President
White Mountains Conservatives
President, AzRA Navajo County Chapter
Steven Slaton, Chairman NCRC

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Sen. Allen is no friend of the AZ Constitution, as she voted for both the Ward amended HB 2184 and the Biggs SB 1469 both stripped the Supt. of PI's authority and both votes violated the Constitution, but then your 1st duty as an elected official in AZ is to take orders from the Leadership and yes this includes Ducey on this one just like the PROP 123, these legislators must be retired statewide, so get busy and find and support Constitutional Loving Candidates to defeat them, yes this will I'm certain include some you may not like much, but then this isn't about popularity, it's about FREEDOM.
God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk 



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