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It felt like we were heading this direction for quite some time. Well, here we are. Last week, President Biden made an outrageous announcement. Any employer that has 100 or more employees will be required to mandate vaccines. Not only is this a blatant abuse of power, but it ignores the fact that issues like this are supposed to be left to states...

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Thank you for letting us know, Jose. We have to step up and take action if we are going to keep this administration from taking away everything the founding fathers fought for. We are the ones now who must make sure we don't lose our country. It's going to get ugly, but it did when the founders started this whole experiment. We can't let it be lost after all this time. I am praying that we will find a way to keep what we have taken for granted since 1776. God bless America and We the People in overcoming the evil that we are fighting now.

Thanks, Jose.

I view any attempt to "vaccinate" me against my will as an assault with a deadly weapon.

Looking at Biden's lame, imperial decree, it's interesting that he has the companies enforcing his law.  What about all the law enforcement agencies in this country?  They're too busy forgiving criminals I guess to be bothered enforcing Biden decrees.

CEO's, simply refuse.  Law enforcement is not your business.  Nor is what runs in our veins the business of President Biden and his ridiculous, compromised US congress.

Enforcing this stuff can be dangerous too.  One restaurant employee was assaulted after asking a customer for proof of vaccination recently.

The hypocrisy continually amazes me.  Illegal immigrants are being sent all over the country with coronavirus, but Biden is playing his vaccination-mandate game.  Follow the science?  What happened to follow the logic?

The Fourth Estate keeps touting these vaccines as being "safe" and "effective."  If they are so effective, why are vaccinated people getting infected with covid-19?  If they are safe, why have they caused more deaths in one year than all other vaccines combined during the last 30 years?

This virus is here to stay.  Vaccines will not eliminate it.  It will be endemic, like the flu.  Like the flu, it will be worse some years than others.  And now Big Pharma is resisting prescription-drug price restrictions--saying they need their bloated profit margins so they can continue to develop new vaccines as the virus continues to mutate.  Follow the science has led to follow the profits!

And we have no way of knowing what the effects of these vaccines will be on people one, two, five years, or more after getting the Biden jab.  That may be the scariest part of all.

Thank You, I'm in.

 Imagine impeachment and total removal from office along with that jackal  Harris..

 I have had enough of this 50 failed politician and now tyrant..


Just to play Devil's advocate, we would then have  Nancy Pelosi as president.  Pick your poison!  Realistically, I think odds are slim of impeaching and convicting both Biden and Harris.  (And that is assuming huge gains for the GOP in both Houses of Congress after the 2022 mid-terms.  The chances are ZERO now with the socialist Democrats controlling both the House and Senate )

what the hell the country is screwed..

 RED 2022 --- Remove Every Democrat  2022

Purely wishful thinking (wonderful as it may sound).  Most minorities, women, and large urban areas are overwhelmingly Democratic.  We also are saddled with an increasingly ineffective GOP that has grown more and more toothless since they allowed then-Senator Joe Biden and the Democratic Party to scuttle Robert Bork's 1987 Supreme Court nomination.






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