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Arizona Legislators Have Bickered, Rehashed and Delayed Bills since the session started. Yesterday we heard high praised from the Governor for the fastest, shortest session in 70 years.  We have also heard about the 1 am Senate shut down and the 3:45 am House sine die arizona-legislature-session-final-hours When leaders decided they were going to shut things down Thursday evening, Arizona-Legislature-Ends-2015-Session-After-Senate-Signs-Out), it thumped out the bills with the speed of a “wham, bam, thank you mam” road salesman.

Listed below are some of the bills that were approved between April 1 (April Fool’s Day) and the wee hours Friday, April 3 --  before some of them walked out from exhaustion or frustration – or both. Never mind that bills that should have been addressed lay discarded. Snow cones and stray cats took priority over ballot harvesting, gun laws, etc. Some of these discarded bills will resurface next year. Others are probably forever dead. These lawmakers are the same people who campaigned on promises to represent the citizens of this state. Little did we know that finishing session before Easter was more important than finishing business started in January. Some House members are angry that the Senate opted to shut down before the House was done voting (Arizona Legislature Ends: Senate Adjourns While House Still Voting). Taxpayers aren’t happy with the shenanigans either. We criticize the US Congress when they bail out of DC to catch their flights home for the holidays – leaving unfinished business.  Now we are seeing it on the home front. Legislative Final Hours:

ü  Legislature Denies Ducey Request For Inspector General Plan to find fraud and corruption was too vague, lawmakers say.

ü  Arizona Senate Votes To Kill Weights And Measures  The Arizona Senate voted Wednesday to abolish the Department of Weights and Measures — but not in the way sought by Gov. Doug Ducey.

ü  Arizona-Bill-Lets-Landlords-Evict-Tenant’s-Guests

ü  Lawmakers Extend Gas Tax For Environmental Cleanup

ü  Theme Of Legislative Session: Less Regulation  But lawmakers aren't shy about telling cities what they can and can't do.

ü  Arizona Senate Votes To Extend 1-Cent Gas Tax   In other developments, proposal to create state inspector general appears to be failing.

ü  No Liquor Near Schools, Churches

ü  Lawmakers Reject Election Changes, Alter Speed Limit  The 2015 state legislature ended with a downgrade of speeding under 10 mph and rejection two more election law change

ü  Counties Get Leeway On Stray Cats

ü  Lawmakers Reject Ducey's Effort To Create Inspector General Post

ü  Final OK For 'Revenge Porn' Bill  Arizona lawmakers gave final approval Thursday to legislation designed to cut down on so-called “revenge porn.”

ü  AZ Legislature Approves Real ID Driver's Licenses   Bill authorizing optional Real ID compliant drivers license goes to governor for  signature.

ü  Uber, Lyft Drivers Could Face New Rules In Arizona  This legislation mandates at least $250,000 of liability coverage.

ü  Bill Forbidding Plastic Bag Limits Goes To Ducey  Sen. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, said landfill space is not a problem in Arizona.

ü  New Law Frees Builders From Affordable Housing Requirements Cities and counties are going to be prohibited from requiring developers to provide affordable homes or apartments.

ü  Ducey Officially OK's School Snow Cones  Bill OKs sweets at fundraisers, gets around federal food guidelines.

ü  House Vote Would End Public Campaign Funding  If measure passes, voters would be asked to appeal 1998 law.

ü  Gov. Ducey Signs Anti-Begging Measures Into Law   One measure outlaws holding up traffic to ask for money.

[Editor:  Nice that they had time for cats but not for kids!]

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We the voters allow these "establishment" RINO's in ... and its time we voiced our complaints that Conservatism in NOT in the Democrat party for a reason.  Representatives work for us, yet it is we who are betrayed by them. 

This cancer of liberalism is a clear and present danger to the host, and some in the "establishment" wing of the GOP are the "OZ" lying in wait behind the curtain of deceptions ... all for power and control over "We the People" who elected them.

Its time to take off the gloves and kick somebody's BUTT. 



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