Some of our more liberal cities in Arizona foolishly play identity politics that would make any democrat/progressive proud.  Ordinary citizens often don't even know their city councils have passed such ordinances as decreeing LGBT citizens can be "protected" under city or state anti-discrimination laws? What is it they needed to be protected from?  Until their little girl goes into a public restroom along with the homeless guy who hangs out in the area, most people believe it's little girls or boys who need the protection.  Tourists or snowbirds even more rarely know that the council of any particular city has passed such an ordinance and maybe tourists staying in local hotels don't go into public restrooms very often to find out.

The citizens in some cities have just said NO to identity politics completely and that includes NO to LGBT ordinances.  We are already a divided nation but for whatever reason, city councils, undeterred by the wishes of their taxpayers, pass ridiculous ordinances designed to label us and divide us even more.

Such is the case with the City of Scottsdale.  Councilwoman Virginia Korte, a member of the LGBT community herself who hates being called "councilwoman" and prefers "councilperson," has been pushing for an LGBT ordinance as long as she has been on the council.  For the same time period, Scottsdale taxpayers have said, not on my watch, and that includes some LGBT members themselves recognizing identity politics in the maneuver.

Not content to accept the wishes of the citizenry in Scottsdale, Korte has the bright idea to push legislation statewide to add LGBT people to the state nondiscrimination statute.  She has written a letter to be sent to the House and Senate imploring Sen. Yarborough and Rep. Mesnard to run such a bill.  She claims that it would 'significantly aid economic development" and make all cities competitive for outside business.  I don't know about you, but when you decide where to go on your next vacation, do you check the city ordinance or state statutes to be sure they have an LGBT nondiscrimination policy?  Didn't think so.  Korte claims to represent 238,000 Arizonans with her request.  Who are these  238,000 Arizonan ghost people who asked her to push such a bill?

So, what kinds of labels have been put on groups and individuals already?  Try "white privilege" "white skinned privilege" "black lives matter" "homophobes" "racist" (yes, always that) and on and on.  Do we really think identifying people by their lifestyle or skin color or any other personal trait is a good idea?  Is that "inclusive" or divisive? Check out The Nation for four opinions on this.

Please keep an eye on your lawmakers to be sure this attempt to label everyone for any reason does not go anywhere.  See Korte's letter attached.  Note the names of possible signatories.  Only Councilman Guy Phillips is against this.

Korte Letter to Legislators attached below.

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Councilwoman Virginia Korte is nothing more than a "useful idiot" who is attempting to force down our throats the divisive Communist strategy of "Identity Politics". She's more than likely unaware that she does the dirty work of those who are enemies to this nation and our Constitution. This Councilwoman and her ilk need to be run out of Scottsdale by educating the voters that these divisive kind of politics belong in San Francisco or New York City and not in our back yard!

Only one disagreement with your assessment of Korte: she is VERY aware!  It would be a mistake to underestimate her on this issue.

If you think Ms/Mr Korte - whichever she prefers - has a great idea to turn all of Arizona into a gender neutral zone or are good with cross dressing, transgender surgeries, etc, take a look at this video and then tell us if you agree with Korte:

The video is titled Europe is Finished. Nothing can save it now.



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