When reviewing anything political, it's just human nature to invoke personal biases without meaning to.  We will let you decide if that human frailty came into play.


Now that the dust has settled on the 2021 Arizona State Legislature’s Regular Session, it is time to take stock of the winners, losers, heroes, villains, highlights, and lowlights.

The narrow GOP majority resulted in more Democrat written bills making it through the process, even though most were relatively benign bills, but it is still good for politics when elected officials who agree on an issue make progress on it without scuttling it for partisan purposes.

Election integrity issues attracted a great deal of attention, with often simple measures attracting irresponsible and overheated rhetoric from opponents who were trying desperately to convince the public that every election integrity bill would legalize the disenfranchisement of millions of voters.  These bills were also the scene of quite a bit of gamesmanship and bad behavior, as a few Republican Senators – Michelle Ugenti-Rita, Kelly Townsend, and Paul Boyer specifically – taking turns killing bills related to improving Arizona’s elections, largely as retribution. [We agree totally on this statement.  Townsend has been lighting up Telegram whining about her bills not getting passed but she is equally guilty of killing bills out of spite.  Not good for we the people when our lawmakers dump us in the tank over petty political differences.  The feud between Townsend and Ugenti-Rita has gone on way too long.  It will end after next session as U-R is running for Secretary of State.]

Continue reading HERE how one website sees how our lawmakers did this year.

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Patty: I trust you and Mr. Lindell and many others are well meaning folks who are sincere in seeking action that could result in honest elections. But the question is: would it really matter if we had honest elections?

Throughout the years the reins of government have been given to both major political parties. Both have shown themselves to be tools of those promoting the ten planks of the Communist Manifest; the philosophy by which we are now governed. I haven't been able to identify any elected or appointed official that isn't supportive of the 5th plank of the Manifesto that calls for our present monetary policy that is responsible our enslavement. If you know of an official that's acted to bring us out from under the present policy and into compliance with Art. 1, Sec 8:5 of our Constitution please identify her/him. I'd like to meet someone that isn't guilty of "adhering" to the enemies of our Constitution and who aren't therefore guilty of Treason.

I think all of this "junk" is petty gamesmanship and needs to cease immediately and all of them need to be working on "the peoples' business".  I TOTALLY believe that we NEED to "CORRECT" the November 3rd fraudulent, sham, scam of an election. Where's our guy, Sheriff Joe and his/our Tent City when we need to be stacking folks up in there starting with that lying, crooked secretary of state, Katie Hobbs...

I agree totally with Patty.  Both parties have taken WE the People to a place only the communist's would have understood immediately.   This government is controlled by a group of people who's only goal is a one world government and they have been bringing us to that inch by inch, to that absolute! 






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