Before we know it, we'll be in the depths of the 2014 elections.  Gathering and retaining data that will help us make informed decisions as to who to elect should already be on everyone's To Do list.  Our memories can get polluted with so much info flying around.

Therefore, please remember these Arizona State Senators who voted FOR socialized medicine and Obrewercare:

Sen. Rich Crandall, LD16, has already said he would retire after this session.  There is a God!  A chance to replace him with a real Republican is at our doorstep.

Sen. Bob Worsley, LD 25

Sen. Adam Driggs, LD 28

Sen. John (Mr. Socialism) McComish, LD18

Sen. Michele Reagan, LD23 who is exploring a run for Secy of State

Sen. Steve Pierce, LD 1, former Senate President unseated this term due to refusing to follow the Republican platform

Right now, today, if you are in any of these districts, please start to look for a citizen candidate who remembers they are bound by the Republican platform, NOT the Democrat platform.  Socialized medicine is NOT included in the Republican platform at any level!


From another Patriot:

Please help me to make this organized and severe.  Do not ask your databases to call every legislator.  You don't need to ask the true republicans to vote the right way.

There is a time to be nice and talk nice and then there is a time to go to battle.  This is battle time. The reason conservatives lose is because they do not fight right.  
5 reps are crucial to this vote and it they receive emails and calls from the entire state it can make an impact.
The moderates and democrats are exerting extreme influence on 
Shoppe, Pratt, and Dial.  They are key.  
There is a chance Orr, Fann and Goodale may change.  But they need influence.  Across the board.
This is WAR folks.  Many, many prefer a Democrat to this.  
Call me if you have ANY questions. 

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What a sorry state of affairs.  Isn't it enough that we have to fight the progressives without having to fight the - never mind.  We have to fight the Republican progressives just as staunchly as we fight the Democrat progressives.  They are all the same.

The key is to write down the names of those who stood shoulder to shoulder with Miss Jan and remember those names during our upcoming elections. Spread the word to your friends and neighbors who do not take the time to follow these important matters. Hopefully they do know the outcome but have no clue as to whom was responsible. We, as partriots , need to get the fire back in our bellies and spread the word about these back stabbers otherwise they will be voted right back into office. Uninformed voters are very dangerous.

Thank you for keeping us informed and involved!! "Someone" recently used an appropriate word for these types of actions. BETRAYAL! Shame on Jan Brewer, these senators, and those that disguise their socialist views and agendas in Republican clothing. How repugnant the deception?!

I wish you would post the email addresses.  I'd like to write a note to each of the six, explaining that I intend to donate money to the campaign of anyone willing to run against them, and will aggressively work for those candidates.  These guys are entirely too comfortable.

Paul - at the top of this page under the banner that says Take Action is a link to ALL of the State legislature.  Click Senate when you get to the site and then when you get the drop down menu, click Members.  For the record and the future, almost without exception (Sen. Steve Smith is an exception), all legislators' email addresses are their first initial and last name  Example: Kelli Ward is

Hope that helps.  There are also links on our Home Page about half way down in the middle column are links to our State and Federal lawmakers, the Governor and Obama.

Can someone help me out here? After reading the AFA newsletter to us I understand everything except the reference to Jeff Dial. Where does he fit into this mess that the Senate has bestowed upon us as he is not a Senator?

Comments appreciated...thanks!

Jeff Dial is on the fence, leaning toward passage.  Send him and the others in the House that are on the list a message, fax or make a phone call to urge him not to vote for Obama care.  Even Democrats are calling it a "train wreck" and AZ taxpayers will foot the bill in the end.  The "free money" Brewer speaks of is YOUR tax money already!


Only 1 other state in America with a Republican legislature and a Republican Governor have approved Medicaid expansion.  Please tell Shoppe, Pratt, Dial, Orr, Fann and Goodale that Arizona does not want to be the second.

Hopefully, enough of us contacted those mentioned as to how we will NOT VOTE fo them should they vote for passage of the Medicaid expansion which will only enhance the illegals in our country...not to mention the out of this world expense which will fall on tax paying legal Americans. Disgusting, and these so called Conservative Republicans need to be removed from office!

How many of you received a big post card from Pandora Brewer extolling her conservative values, complete with endorsements from such conservative icons as Randy Pullen and Fife Simington this weekend?  Probably lots of you because there was a phone number to express your support, and when I called it to express my disgust, the mailbox was full.  Pretty sure I know what it was full of.

And we know EXACTLY what's in the medicaid expansion box, beautifully decorated as it is, and true conservatives don't want our  Pandora-on-the-8th-floor opening it to let all the evils out into this state.  Let her open it in California.  They have much cleaner air there, thanks to their slavish devotion to the EPA, and they can afford to deal with all the federal red tape and poor quality service that this deal is bound to bring with it.

I for one did not receive a post card as of yet...but as always, when I receive anything from Ms. Jan my shredder gets fed. She is definitely catering to Mexicans by taking her stance on the expansion and frankly, I do not believe she is sincere when she says she wants our borders closed. She is a politician first and foremost and they do have a way of acting one way while harboring other re-election.

I have to make a comment on this:  I don't think CA has cleaner air, but they do have a slavish devotion to the EPA.  The Forestry Service in Northern AZ has said the reason there is haze in the Grand Canyon is due to the prevailing winds from CA!  The wind blows their garbage to AZ.  Even the EPA has not figured out how to tax the wind.... yet!



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