NOTE:  Before it became a big topic here in AZ, two of AFA team members told Rep. Michele Reagan  about ballot harvesting and asked that she do something to stop it.  She was at the end of her House term but did run it the first year of her Senate term.  That year, it got mixed in with four other election bills and they all died under the weight of trying to put a 10# load into a 5# bag.  When Reagan became the Secretary of State, these two AFA team members went back to see her in her SOS office.  She was asked to give it another go.  She did.  She got it through the House and  Senate and into law.  Thanks to Michele Reagan, we have that ballot harvesting law on the books!!

So, what is ballot harvesting?  In some areas of the state, operatives hold "ballot parties."  The entry fee is to hand over your early ballot and signed envelope.  In exchange, you get a night of dining, drinking, dancing, cavorting and whatever is available to you.  The operatives then vote your ballot, slip it into the envelope and they drag boxes of them to the polling places and dump them in the boxes!


A divided federal appeals court rejected Democratic challenges to two Arizona voting laws Wednesday, upholding a lower court that said the rules put a minimal burden on voters and there was no evidence they were aimed at minority voters.

A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the Democratic National Committee could not produce “a single voter” to testify that it was harder for them to vote because of the state’s “ballot-harvesting” law, which limits who can turn in another person’s ballot.

The court also said that the state’s rule that eliminates ballots cast outside a person’s assigned precinct does not impose a burden on voters, and that it is outweighed by the state’s need to conduct orderly elections.

Judge Sidney Thomas disagreed in a sharply worded dissent, saying the laws in question “serve no purpose aside from making voting more difficult and keeping more African American, Hispanic and Native American voters from the polls than white voters.”  [So, who is the racist here?  No mention of ethnicity in the language. No mention of color.]

He said that under the majority’s reasoning, literacy tests and poll taxes could stand, even though they disenfranchised minority voters, as long as they were evenly applied across racial and ethnic lines. [And all other lines.  All people.  All voters.]

The ruling was the latest in a case that began before the 2016 elections, when state and national Democrats sued over the out-of-precinct rule and HB 2023, which was passed earlier that year by the Legislature.

HB 2023 makes it a felony for anyone other than a family member, caretaker or postal worker from collecting another person’s ballot and turning it in to election officials.

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This is really great news. I have heard about the ballot parties for several years.  I find the DNC argument to be racist, too.  And foolish.  They say not letting someone else carry ballots is burdensome.  People are in rural areas.  Let that sink  in.  They get their ballot through the US mail.  They are expected to give it back to the US Mail.  Just drop it in your own mailbox or at a collection box.  The easy way is to return it just like you got it.  It wasn't dropped from a hot air balloon.  It was delivered with all other mail.  Send it back the same way.  the postal service drives dusty rural roads, too so they don't have to.

I am pleased that ballot harvesting law prevailed. At sometime in the future with AZ moving purple and G-d forbid would go Blue -- courts changing flavor the Democrats will take another stab at overturning, count on it.

I am a mail-in ballot person. My mate retrieves the mail, assist me in filling out my ballot and then drops off the completed ballot.

As required my mate fills out the required info for election office that she assisted.

Neurological condition I have been beset with prevents me from driving and marking the right candidate I want to vote for. I affix my signature but even I can not recognize my written signature.

Grateful that I can still participate in casting a vote. What we and my mate have to do for me to cast a ballot is so long away from voter harvesting.

Patricia: we are not politically correct here. It's fine for you to say God!  One suggestion about your signature: if your signature has markedly changed since you last registered or requested to be on the PEVL list, you might want to update your signature.  It would be a shame if your ballot was thrown out because the signatures don't matche.  Every election season, hundreds of early ballots are thrown out due to different problems.  Yous signature is there so it can be matched to the  one on file.  It may not be a problem but wouldn't you sleep better at night knowing it will not be one of those tossed?  Maybe you should call your country recorder to check that out.

I am a far cry from the PC crowd but thank you for pointing out that its ok to say God. When I post I try to put some brakes on my own words choices. 

Thanks for the tip about the signature issue on file. One day when I am with my mate and we are near the election ofc I will take care of.

The only question remaining at present is will the Recorders Statewide see to it that the Laws are strictly enforced? We also need to find a way to update the signatures of the 2,000 ballots not counted in Maricopa County, I know we collected some signatures that were hard to read due to the ages or medical issues of the signors, and also believe the Recorder should set something up to fix this as they seem to use this each election cycle and are also the responsible for updating records between elections.

That is the question. Being an observer over time of the problems reported in Maricopa County alone tells me the answer to your question is NO.

Being a volunteer poll watcher and one that went through training to win certification I polled watched  at a very busy polling place in PV and I did not observe the ballot harvesting and if I had I would have broken my silent observance and stood up and loudly proclaimed the observance of. I would have broken protocols to call the republican roving lawyers, report to the polling place officials.

It would have been immediate actions on my part. Just who I am.

This article goes with the original one as a warning:

Election Fraud Unit Obtains Jail Sentence, Deportation For Non-Citizen Charged With Voter Impersonation And Voter Fraud

San Marcos Corrider News



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