Unmoved by the legal decision of the Republican bare majority and representative of the majority of the people, Maricopa County Recorder and all around sleazy lawyer, Adrian Fontes, crafted the idea of bypassing the legislature.   That is one wylie guy.


E.J. Montini

Opinion: The Republican-controlled Legislature refused to allow for all-mail voting in the upcoming election. Other officials figured out the next best thing.

The Republicans who control the Arizona Legislature ignored the pleas of Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and the Arizona Association of Counties for the option to go to all-mail voting in the upcoming elections.

Hobbs wasn’t asking lawmakers to make such a system permanent, although that would be a good idea. She just wanted the option in case the coronavirus crisis lingered into the fall.

In a letter to the Legislature Hobbs said, "We need to prepare now for any eventuality. Before the Legislature adjourns, it is vital that we build more flexibility into the law — even if only on a temporary basis — to allow elections officials to adapt to the circumstances on the ground to best protect voters' health while also preserving the ability to exercise their right to vote."

This is what good elected officials do. They don’t wait for disaster and then react. They make a plan in case something should occur.

Jennifer Marson, executive director of the Arizona Association of Counties, echoed Hobbs’ comments, saying, "If there are going to be continued health concerns with some big elections coming up, we need as many tools as should be in the tool box to deal with that.”

If lawmakers won't do their jobs ...

She’s right, but as I said, Arizona lawmakers punted.

Source: azcentral.com

Click link to see how they believe they can get an all mail-in ballot.  Is this legal??

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By August this will all be over.  Mail in ballots are not necessary even "temporarily".  It is just the best way to cheat with NO possibility of oversight.

Never let a crisis go to waste. Fontes and Hobbs show their true colors by their actions.

I appreciate the reporting on the dem move. No thank you Ms Hobbs. I view the idea as ballot harvesting on steroids. Another way to view this is in no way are the dems promoting personnel responsibility to teach the young ones that in life that there are preparations one must make to do our patriotic duty as citizens. My goodness same day registration not needed-- it is simple to register to vote. If you move easy to update SOS.

No the dems looking for ways to steal the election.





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