After a truly grueling 2019 session,  the Arizona Legislature finally adjourned sine die.  For the neophytes reading this, that means they adjourned until the next scheduled session.  We are safe again until they reconvene in January 2020.  But that may not actually be true when some of the new laws kick in.

What we learned is that two or maybe three Senators control legislation in Arizona until at least 2021.  Kate Brophy Magee, Heather Carter and Paul Boyer threw so many temper tantrums this session to get their way, someone called for a diaper service be brought in.

Magee and Carter managed to foil SB1046, the Ugenti-Rita bill that would simply require ballots mailed to voters to be returned the same way they were delivered.  If the mail is good enough to get a ballot to a voter, why is it not good enough to use for the voted ballot?  It's statistically and anecdotally proven this is the easiest way to corruptan election. How California Dems won election in 2018  It happened right here in Arizona, too.  The bottom line is so transparent as to be laughable, but apparently Carter and Brophy MaGee have no sense of humor.

Then we have the bill that Sen. Boyer wanted passed.  It would have allowed someone who was sexually abused at some time in their life to go after the perp until death.  Most of us can't remember with accuracy what happened last year so we wonder, how could a genuine victim have perfect recall after 40-50 years?  A stupid idea.  That got resolved and the budget was passed.

The worst outcome in this 54th legislative session was the killing of bill HB2759 that would have provided funding a program to urge and inform women not to have an abortion.  Enter Brophy Magee and Carter again.  Is there really an excuse for ditching this bill?  Couldn't problems with it have been resolved as on  the Boyer bill?  Money for Planned Parenthood Abortion Mill but no money to save babies?  A moral structure in these people who made one excuse after the other is AWOL.

The next most important last minute action was to pass a budget of $11.8Billion, a cool $1.4billion more than last time.  Yes, we are going to be putting $1Billion more in the Ducey "Rain on your Parade" fund.  That wipes out your tax decrease from the Trump effort.  Education also got a boost of income, about $54million.  We see new beautiful teacher lounges and landscaping cropping up at some schools next year.  Teacher pay raises?  Who needs them.

In the end, Gov Ducey got most of what he asked for months ago.  The plan is to stall until everyone just wants to go home and will vote for anything to get out of there.  Maybe we should call this the "Get Out of Here Budget."  

Republicans and democrats both agree, this was one of the most contentious sessions in recent memory.  Lawmakers we talked with looked downright weary three weeks ago.  The democrats did what they were instructed to do: drop the most bodacious/audacious bills they were told to drop.  Just to say they did it.  Let's remember when they had a bill to kill babies out of the womb with a fetal non-resuscitation attempt.  The committee Chairman put that bill to a vote and 100% of representatives voted against it, proving this was just for show.  Democrats cried foul for actually having to vote on a bill so sordid they didn't think the Chairman of the Committee would actually bring it up for vote.  Thank you, Chairman  John Allen!

Welcome to mature legislating.

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The "Rain on your Parade" fund is the rainy day fund.  You would have to be dead asleep not to know it's already got a billion and now 2 billion.  Let's see: at 4% what earnings are we missing out on?  Seems to be more than $40million a year unless it's invested.  If in a money market account, it's earning about 10mil maybe. Chump change and a waste of $





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