You are as sick of hearing about coronavirus every day, all day as we are.  This is the scare tactics needed to keep the fear going among older folks and even some younger ones.  The fact is our citizens should be more worried about the flu that killed 80,000 people in the USA in 2018 than what we are seeing with c-19.  The reason for that, if you really research the facts (hard to find, harder to recognize), is very few people, if any, died of coronavirus.  Many died and some were diagnosed with c-19 but that is not the real cause of death.  Other health issues were the cause of death.  Some died and had no infection but because the CDC created a new rule that anyone over 65 who could have had it or might have had it or may have known someone who had it, they were coded as death by c-19.  It's been said that if someone dies in a car accident, they are coded as a c-19 death!  Gotta keep those scary numbers up!  Read this report if you didn't already:

So now comes a rare voice of reason.  It's a tight rope to walk because a lawmaker risks annoying died in the wool believers mixed with trying to be as factual as possible.  Rep. Finchen managed to do a great tight rope walk  on this issue, as seen in Republican Briefs:

LD11 Rep Mark Finchem says, “For months the media has emphasized the ‘explosion of new cases’ and ‘skyrocketing’ case count for individuals testing positive for the CCP Virus (COVID-19). And for months, I have been asking why that is the focus when the vast majority (over 90 percent) of those testing positive are either asymptomatic, or mildly symptomatic requiring no medical care.

The original premises of ‘flatten the curve’ was to smooth out the usage of critical care hospital beds by slowing the transmission of the virus; the effort was never about preventing the transmission of it.

But that seems to be the new objective. In an effort to better understand the right numbers, and not buy into the hyperbole that has come from the exploitation of the ‘pandemic,’ which is no longer a pandemic according to the CDC, I requested an independent, objective analysis from Anchor-Helm Decision Advisors, LLP. The firm completed a similar analysis for the State of Tennessee. The complete analysis may be found at and downloaded as a PDF. The analysis reads in relevant part, ‘Daily Hospitalizations peaked June 16 and fallen dramatically since. Linear regression analysis demonstrates no association between Case Counts and Hospitalizations (R2 < 0.01). Conclusion: There is no reason to expect a dramatic increase in Cases will be associated with a dramatic increase in Hospitalizations.

The mortality rate has been steadily declining since mid-June. In an attempt to reproduce the work of the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS), I requested the actual data set used for creating the graphs and tables found on the AZDHS dashboard. I was told that the data sets are confidential. It is disappointing that an executive agency would block the Legislature from examining data necessary to provide oversight of the agency’s work. Without the data, we cannot accurately reproduce the work done by AZDHS, and when we are talking about destroying people’s livelihoods, that is a big deal. Transparency is a necessary component of oversight.”

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Maybe someone should mention this to Trump, Gates and Ducey, since they ALL seem Hellbent  on getting EVERYONE vaccinated before the year is out.

It's funny how people don't even refer to Ducey as Governor any more.  Guess he's lost some integrity in our eyes by caving to the loudest voices, those that cry wolf all the time.

Governor Ducey is in bed with the medical cartel. I took hydroxychloroquine off the market and only a doctor can perscribe and in limited amounts. Then promoting a drug not tested and massive testing that is questionable. No statistics made secret. Total corruption with no transparency

He seems to have forgotten his oath of office and the "Uphold" part of the oath to the Constitutions both federal and State. Maybe it is more fitting to discontinue calling him Governor and just call him Ducey. At least it is more flattering than some of the things I hear him called.





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