In the Goldwater case to overturn Gov. Brewer's medicaid expansion law because it imposed new taxes without the 2/3 vote of the legislative body, Gov Brewer has prevailed in round one of this suit.  The courts ruled today against the people of Arizona and for Brewercare.  This opens the door wide for further abuses of power from this Governor's office.  And perhaps from other agencies as well.

Goldwater Institute said, "this is not over."  Watch for Round 2 in the coming days.

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This is all the more reason to drive out the republican turncoats.

And to get the common law Grand Jury going.

She's just following in her leader's footsteps.

Where does the AZGOP stand in all this?


Since the AZGOP didn't even recognize the effort to get the signatures to put this on the ballot, we don't expect the AZGOP to take any position on this, either.

Just like OBAMA, OBREWER is following the rules for RADICALS.  I hope that justice will prevail.

For the time being, the tyrants and their henchmen are in control.  They understand total power and push it to its' limit because they are accountable to no one ,  certainly not the people. There  have been a few righteous men who stood up to these lunatics,  but at their own peril. Nevertheless, character is always known. And we shall never forget.

May I suggest we follow    Rep. Carl Seel's is a great one...And we owe many thanks to the Goldwater institute. We are blessed by their uncompromising ability to stand up for the good cause..


As for the patriots, we do what patriots do...we fight on.!


God save America

 Evelyn munn

 Can we ever get a break anymore. !!  We have to also look at making changes to our judicial system along with all the other institutions that have been taken over by Liberals.  Well, I am glad Goldwater is not going to stop at this bump in the road. 

Common Law Grand Jury will do that.  This system is being put in place in most states around the country with some states ready to seat their CLGJ.  CLGJ is based on what the Constitution gave to the people but has been co-opted by law schools who do not teach Constitutional Natural Law but teach Admiralty Law.  This is where everything has gone haywire.

Please check out the Events page and attend all or part of the day long CLGJ seminar on Feb 15th.  It's one more thing we the people have given away unknowingly over time.  But we can get it back, if we will.  This fits hand in glove with Self-Governance.





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