We have been presented with a great challenge as we proceed with redistricting. The commisssion is demonstrating a clear bias which is neither fair nor good for our party's prospects in the newly evolving redistricting plan.  
There are some things that we can do which will help to reverse the course they are on.  I think it is critical that we have a presence at all redistricting meetings everywhere in the state.  Not only should we attend, but we should also make our presence known to the body. When I say "we" I mean a combination of grassroots and Tea Party working in accord to stand up to the wrong that is presently occurring. One of the tactics being used by this commission is to call their meetings with little more than 24 hours notice.  According to our legal counsel that is not a violation of the Open Meetings Law.  Clearly, they are attempting to reduce the public's input. If these meetings are held without counterpoint it could ultimately provide them with a clear path to turning our state from red to blue.
I am asking each County Chair to create a rapid response "watch dog" team made up of their members and all other like minded members of other groups. These folks should attend all redistricting meetings in their respective communities. Talking points will be available within the next couple of days for your use to assist in this effort.  Further, I have asked Bill Baxter, 1st Vice Chair of LD20, to be the point person in order to coordinate our input at these very important meetings. You will hear more on this shortly.
If you need further assistance please feel free to contact Chief of Staff Thayer Verschoor at headquarters.

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I can attend any meetings the AZ IRC hold in the Phoenix area. I attended the first one in Phoenix and have done research on the project.

Bob Stannard (desertpilot)






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